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How to Tackle YouTube Dislikes and Negative Comments

Do you have a video on YouTube that’s getting mixed reactions, with some viewers liking it and others hating it? If the dislikes on your video are starting to outpace the likes, you might be wondering what you can do to improve the situation.

Videos with more likes and positive comments, tend to get ranked better and shared more often than those that don’t. Having too many dislikes or negative comments has shown to not only cause less favorable ranking on search results, but also decrease the reputation of the user or company. Never fear though, there are ways of tackling bad press and mixed reaction on your video following a few simple tip.

Tips To Improve Your Video’s Reputation:


1. Ignore Trolls

The first rule of thumb on social media is knowing when to respond and when to ignore. If you’re receiving negative comments from Trolls or users that just cannot be reasoned with – responding to them won’t help and may even make the situation worse.

Unless you can actually fix something or respond to trolls in a way that makes at least readers side with you, then just ignore it.

2. Address Legit Complaints Head On

If users begin commenting or disliking your video for a legitimate reason and you can actually sympathize with them and perhaps fix it, do it. You can respond to negative comments directly as a reply, edit your video’s description to clarify the mistake and solution or even add video annotations to your video if the negativity is arising from a particular section of your video. Here are the three steps to responding:

  • 1. Acknowledge The Mistake or Criticism
  • 2. Apologize to your readers
  • 3. Fix the issue or problem
responding to negative YouTube comments

3. Don’t Delete Negative “Legitimate” Comments

While removing negative comments from trolls is perfectly acceptable, if users are leaving negative complains that are legit, removing them can really backfire. It will look as if you’re not willing to fix the issue and don’t care about your viewers, customers and fans.

A little reminder that even if you delete something, it’s never really gone from the internet. Users can always check website’s like WayBackMachine to see what comments were deleted, the commenter may leave a more negative comment on your video, or even worse, they may complain on other websites or social media. You wouldn’t want to be on the shitlist of 4Channers or Redditors.

4. Buying YouTube Likes and Positive Comments

If you can’t tackle the negative feedback head-on or you’re attempts to respond to them have failed, you can always take the indirect method and throw more love at your video than hate. You can purchase YouTube Likes and positive comments from Social Media Kickstart companies such as Devumi. Purchasing an extra 500, 1000 or even 5,000 Likes and a few dozen to a few hundred positive comments can definitely change the perception of future viewers and drastically overshadow the negative comments and dislikes.

Devumi Buy Likes and Comments

5. Disabling Likes, Dislikes and Comments

Your final option for dealing with negative feedback from users is to disable their ability to do so. This will fix the problem on YouTube itself, but essentially strips the social from social media. While out user interaction, your video is less likely to rank well or be shared by users.

One of YouTube’s biggest stars, PewDiePie (35 Million Subscribers), was in the spotlight in September 2014 when he disabled his YouTube comments due to spam, trolls and negative comments. His case was completely justifiable and with his massive success, it didn’t hurt him much. The same can’t be said about a smaller YouTube channel or small business channel. We recommend keeping this option as an absolute last resort.
Those our five tips for tackling negative feedback on YouTube and helping you take control of your video and online reputation. You’re always going to get negative feedback from viewers, sometimes it’s small enough to ignore and other times you’ll need to tackle it head on. Hopefully these tips have opened your eyes to solutions within your reach.

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