Ranked: #1 Best YouTube Provider
Location: United States
Company Age: 3 Years
Services: YouTube, Twitter, & SoundCloud
Methods: High-Traffic Network & Social Media
Price: $10 and up

Customer Ratings

4.8 / 5 Stars

Editors’ Ratings

5 / 5 Stars



Reliable Service, Superb Customer Support and an unbeatable 100% Money-Back Guarantee.


Quick Summary

Devumi – Our Review in a nutshell

Devumi ReviewDevumi (USA-based) was founded in 2010, and is one of the most popular Social Media Marketing companies, with over 50,000 Customers and services from YouTube to Twitter.
We’ve used and tested Devumi’s YouTube Views service for over a year and overall, we’ve been extremely satisfied all across the board. Their services delivers YouTube views with a high-retention rate of about 90% on average (this means, viewers actually watch your video). They also offer additional options for Country-Targeted views, as well as Video Likes and Comments. We found their Customer Support (email-based) to be very good and responsive compared to others providers (avg. response time: 2 – 4 hours). Devumi is an 3-year-old company founded on Social Media Marketing and they definitely know their stuff. A true top-grade Social Media Marketing Provider, and highly recommended!
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Service Quality

Service Quality

Devumi offers the best quality YouTube views we’ve tested. They deliver 5,000 – 10,000 YouTube Views within a few days, with a high 80% viewer retention rate, and from familiar traffic sources (Suggested Videos, Embedded Player, & External Websites). The views we’ve received have always been organic and many times will lead to more views, as well as some likes and comments without adding any of their options. Larger orders such as 100,000 Views to 1,000,000 Views usually take a week or so, and produce similar results on a larger scale!


Tip: Always add the extra Likes and Comments. Even though you may receive some natural likes and comments, the “Guaranteed Minimum” of hundreds of likes and dozens of comments adds more credibility, likability and encourages discussion on videos.

Pricing and Discounts

Pricing and Discounts

We love how simple Devumi makes their services and pricing. They offer 7 different plans, based on the number of views you want: from 5,000 to 1,000,000 (though, you can order more if you contact them). Pricing is One-Time, you can order multiple times for the same video and they offer multiple payment methods, including Credit Card, PayPal, and BitCoin.


YouTube Views Prices
5,000 Views – $25
10,000 Views – $49
50,000 Views – $199
100,000 Views – $397
250,000 Views – $999
500,000 Views – $1,799
1,000,000 Views – $3,497

What does it include?
High-Retention YouTube Views
✔ Optional Country-Targeting
✔ Optional Likes & Comments
✔ Superb Customer Support
✔ 100% Money-Back Guarantee


Customer Support

Customer Support

Customer SupportWe rarely had to contact Devumi’s Support, but w
henever we did, we always received quick and thorough responses to our questions or issues. They are very transparent to their methods and the only issue we ever had (if you want to call it an issue) was receiving a few thousand more views than we ordered. Overall, a very satisfying experience.

Two (2) Types of Support:

Email Support (Recommended) – We found email to best method to contact either their sales or technical team for support, because it’s much more organized, you can keep everything on record and their response time is usually within a few hours. They can also address more complicated issues or questions in detail through email.


Live Chat – This is great if you have a quick question about their service. However, their Live Chat is only available 12 hours a day.

Unfortunately, Devumi does not offer Phone Support at the moment. Though, we don’t see it as much of an issue, as most other companies that do offer it, never answer.

Policy Highlights

Privacy/Refund Policies

Money-Back Guarantee – Best in the Industry!
Devumi offers a 100%, 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee on all of their services. While we have not needed to request a refund, we have received positive feedback from users who have, with no issues (usually receiving a refund within 3 – 5 days).
Anonymity & Discreteness – Top Of Its Class!
Devumi claims to provide a completely anonymous and discrete service, and it stands by that. We’ve ordered for multiple videos and clients, and we’ve never had any issue. Views are organic, and comments are always relevant and engaging. Beyond that, a Spokesperson from Devumi clarified their “Anonymity” policy:

“Our service and results is 100% organic – all we’re doing to helping videos reach their audience more effectively through proven marketing techniques. Nonetheless, we make our customers privacy a top priority and never disclose any personal information. Everything is under lock and key, and customers are free to request removal of all their information from our servers.”

The Conclusion


Devumi tops our list for a number of reasons, including amazing service and very positive user feedback. Their service is quick and provides high-retention views (Worldwide or Country-targeted), as well as guaranteed Likes and Comments. Their customer support is quick to response and very friendly. They also provide one of the only 100% Money-Back and Satisfaction Guarantees in the industry.
We would Recommend Devumi for almost anyone looking to get more views on YouTube and business looking to boost their credibility and sales online.

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Average rating:  
 20 reviews
by Krish on Devumi

I bought views from DEVUMI looking at the reviews from some websites. Its all BULL SHIT. They didn't give me the views that I bought and their Region based views is CRAP. Paid extra bucks for 5K views and got 70 views from that region. Tried to contact them and no response. DONT FALL INTO THIS TRAP. DEVUMI IS FAKE, FRAUD. Find an alternative and save your energy, time and money!

by Blank. on Devumi
The best!!

I kept seeing so many positive reviews for Devumi that I just had to try them. I bought 5000 views and within a day I was starting to get views, likes and some comments. I was still skeptical whether they were real or fake, or if it was somehow going to damage my reputation or YouTube account, so I waited for a few more days. I received my 5,000 views on the 3rd day and it kept going up. On the 5th day, I had about 7,800 views and 143 likes. I checked out the analytics and the views came from multiple sources, mainly Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube Suggestions with a 70% of the viewers from the USA.

I seriously went from a hard core skeptic to a returning customer with Devumi. They actually work so well, I HAD to write this review.

by Andrew on Devumi

I ordered views from devumi a week ago and they delivered them just as promised. looks like all the good reviews were true.

by Mike on Devumi
Incredible Support Team walks you through everything!

The service is pretty good, but the support that Devumi provides is really what makes them better than all the other companies. They just walk you through the entire process and are always there to help out. I've ordered from the on a number of occasions and they're not afraid of giving refund if there's any problem. That struck a cord for me. I wouldn't buy views from any other company!

by AgedCookie20 on Devumi
Awesome service

I haven't had any issues with Devumi for the past few weeks of using them. No dropped views. No fake comments. No losses in subscribers. So far so good.

by lowlycrow on Devumi
Finally, real views!

Excellent service. They delivered views and likes within schedule and they were organic. Very happy with my purchase.

by Ali on Devumi

Devumi is a great company for all social media. I found them when looking for Twitter Followers and after having a great experience with that, I tried their YouTube service and was not disappointed. These views are definitely 100% legitimate. Their likes and comments service is always a great way to increase social spark and help videos convert better in terms of clicks. I also ordered 5,000 YouTube subscribers from them a few months back and haven't had any issues. The subscribers were definitely inactive, but they stock around and help me grow my subscribers further - after they finished my order, I had about 9,800 subscribers. Today I have over 17,000!!

Would I recommended Devumi to others? Yes.

by Vincent on Devumi
Choose the best. You get what you pay for!

I will be honest. I first thought Devumi was too expensive for their services, but seriously. When you buy views, you get what you pay for. Devumi's service has kicked every other companies ass.

I've tried tons of places, from Fiverr to QQTube over the past 6 months and EVERYTIME, my videos got removed (usually a few months afterwards) to the point where YouTube deleted my channel completely. That was my turning point. I started a new channe; and decided to test out some of the premium guys. I tried Devumi and FastFollowerz, but decided to stick with Devumi because of their support and higher retention rate. So far, I've bought over 100,000 views without an issue. Devumi is SLOWER than other providers (they do 10k views in about 1 month), but it works without fail. I'd recommend it! You surely get what you pay for when paying for views. High quality isn't just a nice thing to have anymore, it's REQUIRED!

by Fred on Devumi
High Prices, but 10x Better Quality!

So I discovered Devumi about six months ago, but decided against ordering from them because their prices were particularly high compared to other companies. I decided to buy views from cheaper companies and the end result: my videos were removed. Sucked. Big time. Some of them did give me my money back and others didn't want to. It was such a big headache, I left YouTube because of it.

Fast forward 3 months later: I'm back on YouTube and decide to try out Devumi (my last hope) and they delivered like a boss. The views trickled in, but it stayed there without issue. I've been able to boost over 10 videos, each with an average of 11,000 views, plus tons of likes and comments.

I 100% recommend using Devumi to buy views. The quality makes ALL the difference and you won't have to worry about getting your videos removed. Their prices are a little high but there's a very good reason for it. Don't make the same mistake I made before.

by Nick on Devumi
Pretty damn good

Not bad at all.. provided me with the exact service that I expected.

Only issues were that I emailed them a question prior to buying and they didnt respond within 24 hours. I decided to buy anyway.. which was a good job as it really helped with my video. Thanks.

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