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High-Quality vs. Low-Quality YouTube Views – What’s the difference and why you should care

High-Quality vs Low-Quality YouTube ViewsYou just uploaded your latest video to YouTube and are waiting for the views to come in. You check back later in the day, but the only view you see is from your best friend. People are naturally drawn to watching videos with more views and comments, so you need a way to get people viewing your videos and leaving comments.

Start with a Great Video

The best way to get views on your latest upload is to start with an interesting, original video. High-quality videos, with great content, tend to gain a lot more views compared to boring, poor quality videos. You want to get people engaged with and commenting on your videos, and sharing the video with their followers, which will result in even more views. But what if you’ve got the most awesome and creative video on the planet, but still aren’t getting views?

Low-Quality vs High-Quality YouTube Views

Buying YouTube views is a great way to cause social buzz, increase your social proof and get your videos seen by hundreds or even thousands of users. But all YouTube video views aren’t created equal, you need to choose wisely when choosing your YouTube marketing company.

Before you buy here are a few ways to learn the difference between high-quality YouTube views and low-quality YouTube views.

Low-Quality YouTube Video Views

Low-quality views look spammy and come from either foreign people or automated software. . YouTube has even been know to remove videos that have a lot of low-quality views.

  1. Low Retention
  2. YouTube takes a close look at video retention, or the amount of time viewers spend watching your video. If your video is 1 minute long and viewers only stick around for 10 seconds, you’d have a really low retention. YouTube will see this as either you’re video is bad or irrelevant to viewers, or your views are fake. Viewers don’t stick around to watch the entire video. They either didn’t like your video or didn’t mean to watch it in the first place.

  3. Random Countries
  4. Viewers originate from countries that don’t matter to the uploader. For example, if you are an eCommerce retailer and only ship to the United States, it doesn’t make sense to target viewers from another country. Similarly, if your video is  in English and you only get viewers from Asia or Africa, it

  5. No engagements
  6. With Low-Quality YouTube views, viewers don’t typically engage your video. You’ll have tons of views with little to no likes, dislikes, comments or shares. It’s going to start smelling pretty fishy.

  7. No Sharing
  8. Another con of low-quality views is the lack of sharing and social buzz. Your viewers aren’t sharing the video with their friends, family and followers. No one’s linking to your video on Facebook and other social media sites. This lack of sharing limits your video’s future growth.


High-Quality YouTube Video Views

High-quality views are real and genuine. These YouTube views are from real people who genuinely want to watch your video and may engage and share with their friends or followers. Some characteristics of these views include:

  1. High Retention
  2. With High-Quality views, viewers actually stick around to watch the video. They are interested in the content of your video and usually watch it to the very end. Of course, this is dependant on having a good video in the first place.

  3. Relevant Countries
  4. High-quality views typically originate from countries and areas the video is targeting. If your video is in English, you would expect viewers from mostly english-speaking countries such as the United States, Canada, UK, Australia, etc.

  5. Higher Viewer Engagement
  6. Viewers from high-quality services are more engaging with your video. Seeing more likes, dislikes, comments and even subscribers is commonplace.

  7. Active Sharing and Links
  8. When you gain viewers that actually want to watch your video, you can expect them to share it with the people they know will like it too. From their friends on facebook, their followers on Twitter or the strangers on Reddit. With more sharing you’ll also gain more links and social signals that can help your video rank higher on search results.


We’re sure you’ll agree that it’s always better to get high-quality, not low-quality views to your YouTube video. We’ve reviewed the top YouTube providers to help you choose the best service plan for your YouTube marketing needs. If you are ready to buy high-quality views, check out our list of the Top 10 YouTube View Providers.

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