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How to Succeed by Buying YouTube Views

Are you struggling to build a solid following on YouTube? If so, you’re definitely not alone. Millions of people are trying to make a name on YouTube, and it’s nothing short of difficult. You’ve likely thought about buying views to help get started, as most YouTubers have. Although this can be an effective strategy, it’s also a risky one if you don’t know what you’re doing. 

Understanding how it works

youtube-viewsPeople are cautious about buying YouTube views because of things they’ve heard. These things include banned accounts, spam received afterwards, and that the views don’t help. While the first two can be a real concern, you can easily avoid them. The third is false. People will say the views don’t help because they’re fake, and though that is true, they do bring you real social proof

Let’s go back to the first two accusations, it comes down to one simple principle: certain providers of YouTube views and other related services are worse than others. To actually succeed buying YouTube views, you’ll need to find a reliable provider. Shady vendors will often send views, likes, and other signals from low-quality accounts. These low-quality signals throw up red flags on your account, and may also sell your information to other shady vendors, hence the spam.

Reading reviews is a good way to find out what to expect before you make a purchase. It may come down to some trial and error as well, but reviews will help you avoid getting banned or spammed. Make sure to look at the guarantees offered by providers you’re interested in. If they don’t have any sort of protection policy or satisfaction guarantee, you should look elsewhere.

Social Proof at work

buy-youtube-viewsThe idea that buying views for your videos don’t add any value is completely false. Yes, a fake view won’t generate any ad revenue, and it won’t bring in numbers of legitimate followers. Still, several thousand fake views will can lure in organic traffic. This happens as a result of social proof, the idea that people are more likely to view popular content. Social proof will bring in more people from search engines who would usually skip a video with 25 views.

However, you also need some likes, shares, and comments to make this work. Buying views might get someone in the door, but they won’t stay if nobody else is engaging with the content. They’ll either realize the views are fake, or assume the content was boring. The good thing is, almost all top-rated providers offer packages with these services to back up views you bought.

Developing a strategy

Before you start loading up a video with views and other metrics, come up with a plan. Create a video that you know you’ll be boosting, and put extra work into making that video great. Research appropriate keywords and use them in the description and title. You also will need a catchy thumbnail to complement those thousands of views.

Make sure your video is engaging so that all your work doesn’t go to waste. Buying views, good keywords, and having an eye-catching thumbnail will get people to watch your video. It’s up to you as the content creator to get them to subscribe and stay for more.

High-quality content helps, but there are a lot of little things you can do as well. A strong call to action is vital for getting legitimate followers, likes, and comments. Most throw in a short outro asking viewers to “like, comment, and subscribe” if they enjoyed watching. This is a nice touch, but counts on viewers watching the entire video to receive the call to action. Something you can do in addition to this is add a quick call to action near the start of the video. Tell viewers you’ll upload a new video if this one reaches a certain amount of likes. Try to get as creative with this as you can!

Putting it all into action

One of the biggest struggles people face with any type of marketing plan is action. It’s easy to think about everything you need to do, and it may seem easy to get piece of cake to put it in place. However, people often fail to realize there’s still a lot of work that goes into online marketing. Regardless if you’re promoting a YouTube channel, a product, or a website — it’s tough.

After you’ve uploaded the video and boosted it’s metrics, share it! Post it on forums related to your niche, but don’t spam. It will help tremendously if you have a good reputation on the forums you share on, so try to contribute as well. Reddit is another great place to share, but is often more strict about self-promotion. Again, building a reputation on the sub-reddit is usually the way to get around this.

The important thing is to stay motivated. Don’t get discouraged and allow all your hard work to go to waste. So many people put in half of the effort needed to succeed, and then give up. If you aren’t seeing the results you expected, keep trying until you see them. Find new places to advertise, change up your video style, or maybe switch niches. As the old saying goes, where there’s a will, there’s a way.

youtube-viewsRinse and repeat

Once you’ve actually figured out your method for success, it becomes much easier. At this point you should know which vendors to buy views from, and you know how to make a killer video. You also know the best places to share your particular videos. Through dedication, hard work, and some fake views — you’ve succeeded on YouTube! Now it’s a matter of repeating the process with all your new knowledge.


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