BCFL Review - A Safe Site To Buy YouTube Views

YouTube is undeniably one of the best ways to promote a business and leverage brand awareness. However, it is also undeniable that attracting viewers to watch your videos can be extremely difficult. This is especially true if you have just started your YouTube channel and not many people knows it still. For this reason, more and more people are deciding to buy views on YouTube. 

Buying views on YouTube is one way to widen a channel’s fan base. IT makes them more recognized and more visible compared to the other millions of videos that they are competing with. Videos that hold more views are more attractive in the eyes of viewers. Also, videos with a lot of views, likes, and comments generate more leads. 

BCFL’s YouTube VIewsReview: Get More YouTube Views Using this Service

Notably, buying views greatly increase the authentic growth of a channel. So, if you are under a perception that the most famous YouTube personalities and brands do not buy likes or views, then you are mistaken. 

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Of course, it is worth noting that content is really important if you want to attract viewers and followers. However, with the daily change of what is trending around the world, it is quite difficult to find out what content will create more traffic and which will not. While you think that buying views is a completely unethical thing that a YouTuber must not do, then you must know that what you are thinking is completely a myth. Most YouTube personalities are into such practice, so they can remain at the top of their game.


BCFL’s YouTube Views Review in a Nutshell

BCFL is a German company that offers excellent quality YouTube views. According to its developer, they are using the marketing techniques that are proven to be effective to promote videos and draw an audience. BCFL offers packages that range from 100 to 500 subscribers and the price starts at $18.49. However, it is important to note that your views will not increase the moment you pay for a subscription. It usually takes one to seven days before you can reap what you purchased.

BCFL’s YouTube Views Service

The YouTube view service offered by Apple has five various packages. The smallest package you could get includes 5,000 views while the largest package includes 20,000. According to Apple, they conduct campaigns on carefully selected social networks and sites so they can deliver relevant views. Depending on the size of the package you purchased, the delivery takes as short as one day up to as long as seven days. 

Also, you can add shares to the package you purchased. According to the brand, it is an effective way to leverage your YouTube content’s ranking and widen your reach. The prices for each package are reasonably priced and Apple accepts payments through either credit cards or PayPal.

BCFL’s YouTube Views Pricing Package:

The cheapest package you can get from this seller costs $18.49. With this price, you will be given 5,000 additional views to your YouTube videos. As the number of views gets bigger, there is also a corresponding increase with the price. Additionally, each package includes a lifetime retention guarantee, fast delivery times, and safe promotional methods. BCFL also assures you that their promotional methods are completely safe for your YouTube channel.

• 5,000 views – $40.00

• 10,000 views – $50.00

• 20,000 views – $100.00

• 50,000 views – $225.00

BCFL’s YouTube Subscribers 

Apart from selling YouTube views, BCFL also sells YouTube subscribers. According to the company itself, their subscribers come from around the world, the same with their views. Priced quite similarly with the YouTube views they sell, BCFL’s YouTube subscriber starts from 100 and can go up to 500 subscribers. All of the subscriber packages include lifetime retention, authentic YouTube subscribers, fast delivery, and safe promotional methods.

• 100 subscribers – $15.00

• 500 subscribers – $69.99

• 1000 subscribers – $99.99

In addition to the two services mentioned, BCFL also offers a video view to increasing services for Dailymotion and Vimeo. If you want your Instagram posts to go viral and trending, BCFL also has an answer for that as they also sell Instagram post views. These additional services all carry the same quality that BCFL includes their main services. 

Customer Support

In terms of customer support, BCFL has an on-site contact form where you can leave your questions and their agents will respond within a few hours. You can also visit their FAQ page where the answers to the common questions related to their services are posted. 

BCFL’s Service Policy

Money-Back Guarantee

If you experienced an issue with regards to the services you purchased from this company, it allots a 30-day money-back guarantee. You only need to contact their customer support and tell them what the issue is. However, before giving back your money, they will first try to resolve the issue. Note that the amount of money you can get back depends on the situation. You can get either a full or partial refund.

Retention Guarantee

This company assures that each of their clients will get lifetime retention to everything that they purchased. In case you noticed a loss in your number of views, you can get a refill by contacting their customer support.


According to BCFL, they only collect two personal information from their clients. These are the email address and the YouTube profile. They use these two to deliver the services that the customers purchase and to let them know the new promotions that the company offers. In addition, Animoto assures that they do not view their clients’ credit information. This is the reason why they use the third-party payment service called PayPal. 

Final Thoughts

As it turned out, the services offered by BCFL are really as good as they claim it to be. The methods they use are safe and beneficial as they really add views on your YouTube channel. The price for each package is also reasonable, considering the number of views and subscribers that you can get. What even adds up to this convenience is that you can have the views and subscribers you purchased for a lifetime.