Ranked: #1 – Best YouTube Provider
Location: USA
Company Age: 5 Years
Services: YouTube views, likes, dislikes, subscribers, favorites, shares, and comments
Methods: Social media campaigns and promotions
Price: $5 & up

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Customer Ratings

4.8 / 5 Stars

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Editors’ Ratings

5 / 5 Stars



Reliable Service, Superb Customer Support and an unbeatable 100% Money-Back Guarantee.


Quick Summary

MediaMister – Our Review in a nutshell

MediaMister Review

Media Mister is a full-service social media marketing company with a packed inventory of services for major networks like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. They claim on their website to have had over 50,000 satisfied customers.

We tested their YouTube views and subscribers service by ordering 1,000 views and 100 subscribers. They provided 1,459 views and 239 subscribers, over-delivering by 459 views and 139 subscribers to make sure that we were satisfied. Their YouTube views service has an average retention rate of 58%, which is above average.

Media Mister offers quality YouTube views packages at reasonable rates. They also have services for likes, dislikes, shares, and comments. With a fast turnaround time, a good retention rate, and over-delivery of services, the company is at the top of our list of exceptional providers.

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YouTube Views

MediaMister’s YouTube Views

Media Mister has a solid YouTube views service. Within 24 hours of ordering 1,000 YouTube views from them, they delivered 1,459 views with an above average retention rate of 58%. 553 of these views came from unique viewers. Vietnam, Peru, and the U.S. were the top countries where these views originated from.

This was a good delivery speed for a package of this size. Larger orders, such as their 1 million view package, can take up to 25 days to deliver in full. This is in line with all other providers in the industry. They accept payments through PayPal, credit cards, and American Express. Media Mister also accepts select cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

YouTube Views Prices
1,000 Views – $5
5,000 Views – $25
10,000 Views – $47
25,000 Views – $112
50,000 Views – $220
100,000 Views – $430
500,000 Views – $2,150
1,000,000 Views – $4,300

What does it include?
✔ 100% Money-back Guarantee
✔ Views from Real People
✔ Views from across the globe
✔ Fast turnaround time

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YouTube Subscribers

MediaMister’s YouTube Subscribers

Media Mister claims to provide 100% real and verified subscribers from across the globe. For as low as $8, you can start growing your YouTube channel and get 100 subscribers. We ordered 100 subscribers from them, and they delivered 239 subscribers. Most of the subscribers came from Turkey, the USA, and India.

Media Mister offers six YouTube subscribers packages. You can get started with just $8 for 100 subscribers. Their biggest package is at $349 for 5,000 subscribers.

YouTube Views Prices
100 Subscribers – $8
250 Subscribers – $19
500 Subscribers – $38
1,000 Subscribers – $75
2,000 Subscribers – $145
5,000 Subscribers – $349

What does it include?
✔ 100% Money-Back Guarantee
✔ Real and Verified Subscribers
✔ Subscribers from around the world
✔ Fast Turnaround Time

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Other Services

MediaMister’s Other YouTube Services

The other YouTube services offered by Media Mister include likes, dislikes, shares, favorites, and comments. It is rare to find someone who offers comments, shares are even more rare, but we can’t think of anyone else who offers favorites. With these other services related to YouTube, Media Mister may be the most comprehensive provider of YouTube related services online today.

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Customer Support

Customer Support

Customer SupportYou can reach Media Mister’s customer support via their live chat, or by filling out their contact form. You can also email them at Their support team is available Mondays through Fridays from 9AM to 6PM, and on Saturdays from 9AM to 1PM. No one is available on Sundays.


Two (2) Types of Support:

Email Support – Their email support responded to our inquiry within 18 hours in a concise and professional manner. While they provided answers to all of our questions, some answers weren’t satisfactory.[Email Content]


Live Chat – We tried reaching out to their live chat support multiple times during the day but there was never anyone available to assist us.

While their support responses were adequate, we feel that there’s still lots of room for improvement. They need to get someone on their live chat portal, and their contact form wasn’t useful.

Policy Highlights

Highlights of MediaMister’s Policies

Money-Back Guarantee
Media Mister offers a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee for orders that are not delivered within the specified timeframe. You could get a full refund of your initial order if the turnaround time was not met due to errors or inaction on their part. No refund will be provided when Media Mister are unable to meet the deadline due to circumstances they can’t control, and they reserve the right to withdraw their refund guarantee anytime and without notice.

Retention Guarantee
The company does not have a retention guarantee. Their 100% money-back guarantee, however, gives you the confidence that you will receive exactly what you ordered from them.

Anonymity & Discreteness
All information collected by the company is used to help them provide and improve services to their customers. You expressly consent to give accurate information and ensure that any changes in your personal information will be brought to their attention immediately. Failure to submit any required personal information may prevent you from accessing their services.

They will never sell or distribute personal data to vendors and other third party companies for promotional purposes. They use the latest technology to protect your data and secure all payments made through their website.

The Conclusion


Media Mister offers a wide range of services for YouTube, perhaps the widest range we’ve ever seen. They have fast turnaround times and a decent audience retention rate. Their over-delivering of services is a plus, and definitely takes care of any possible drops which could naturally occur in the future.

With a 100% money-back guarantee, and views and subscribers from real people, Media Mister is a highly recommended provider of YouTube views, subscribers, and other services. Click the button below to visit their website and get ready to make the purchase which will change the course of your YouTube channel for the better.

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Average rating:  
 25 reviews
by Joe antiscam on MediaMister
Verified Social Media Boosting Review of Claim Social Authority [Rating: Good]

Throughout the month I've been doing social media boosting website reviews and have completed nearly 25 different services in total. Media Mister has provided good service at an affordable rate, speedy delivery, and fast customer support.

This service earns a [5/5] on the Official Social Media Boosting Review of Mediamister.

by Camila on MediaMister

The quality of their views is just up there with the best. The average retention rate was 80%. The views were delivered pretty fast. We actually didn't expect to get the views that fast. it is a service I will definitely recommend.

by Kelvin on MediaMister

I made an order for 2000 views and got an extra 1000 views which was an awesome gesture from them. The customer support was very informative and it was easy reaching out to them. This is certainly a service that i would recommend to anyone looking to grow.

by Beckie on MediaMister
Quick delivery

I got my views delivered on the same day i ordered. The quality of views was exceptional going by the 98% retention rate i got. The customer support team was great. They were brilliant in answering my questions and guiding me in getting what i wanted.

by Harriet on MediaMister
Super service

The views that we paid for came in quickly, in fact as soon as we paid the views started streaming in. The customer support team was impressive. They were quick to respond every time we got in touch.

by Julie on MediaMister

I was impressed by the quality of service that these guys delivered. The speed of delivery was pretty quick. The retention rate averaged 70%. Customer support did a great job. Most importantly, they were quick.

by Julie on MediaMister
Great work

My order for 2000 views was delivered on the same day with 800 extra views, in total i got 2800 views. The retention rate averaged about 70%. This is a service that i can recommend to anyone,

by Alvin on MediaMister

I made an order for 3000 views and got 4250 views delivered. They sent me an extra 1250 views 😉 . The retention rate was 70% for me which is the main reason i am going work with them.

by Caroline on MediaMister
Great job

Our order of 5000 views arrived in full within 2 days of us making the payment. We not only got the 5000 views but over 1500 additional views on top. Customer support was very impressive. We got answers to our questions quickly. Its an amazing service.

by Peter on MediaMister

I have used this service for the last three years and each time they deliver as promised. I made an order for 3000 views and got them in the time we agreed. The retention rate was averaging 80%.

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