StormViews Review

In-Depth Review of StormViews’s YouTube Services


Location: USA
Founded 2018
Services: YouTube views, subscribers, likes, comments
View Source: YouTube Advertising
Price: $9 and up

Customer Ratings

4.8 / 5 Stars

Editors’ Ratings

5 / 5 Stars

StormViews offers amazing high-quality YouTube views with a great support team. We never had problems with any tests.

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StormViews – Our Review in a nutshell

Founded in 2018, StormViews is a newer but proven social media marketing company that sells promotional services for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, Google+, SoundCloud, Pinterest, and Tumblr.

We tested their company by buying 1,000 YouTube views. The views all came inwithin 2-days after ordering. Their retention rate was an above the industry average at 60%, and it seems all the views were directed via YouTube advertising.

They don’t have live chat or phone support, thus leaving yuo with the only way to speak with them: the famous contact form. We think this is not ideal for any company – especially for time-sensitive concerns. Nevertheless, StormViewsis a good YouTube views provider with a solid 7-day money-back guarantee and no-drop refill policy, but even so they do respond fast. Click the button below to order one of their highly recommended packages.

Click Here to Visit StormViews

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YouTube Views

StormViews does offers high-quality YouTube views implementing safe methods to send your order so they aren’t going to damage your account. When we tested their services, we analyzed the analytics and it was positive and effective.

We got 1,000 views, which arrived two days after the order was placed. The average technical retention was an above the industry average at 60%, and we didn’t have any drops at all, which is always a great.

Per their site, their arrival time can vary from 6 to 36 hours depending on the specifications and size of your order. Our order was done two days time, which is awesome, and which was longer than expected for 1,000 views. As a bonus, we got a bonus 575 views. It seems all of the views were sourced from YouTube advertising, and were from a diverse set of geographies. Their payment methods include PayPal, credit/debit card, and cryptocurrencies.

YouTube Normal Views Prices

  • 1,000 views: $9
  • 5,000 views: $25
  • 10,000 views: $36
  • 25,000 views: $75
  • 50,000 views: $135

What Does It Include?

  • Fast delivery time rate
  • 100% safe delivery methods
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • High retention rate
  • Quality customer service

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YouTube Subscribers

StormViews offers subscriber as well, to expand your overall appearence on YouTube. They say all their subscribers are real, and that they will start subscribing to your account in 24 hours or less. Their most affordable plan is 100 subscribers for $25.

YouTube Subscriber Prices

  • 100 subscribers: $25
  • 300 subscribers: $59
  • 500 subscribers: $99
  • 1,000 subscribers: $169
  • 5,000 subscribers: $499

What Does It Include?

  • Real subscribers
  • 100% safe delivery methods
  • Fast delivery time
  • 7-day limited money-back guarantee

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Other Services

StormViews has services for YouTube comments and likes as well, which is convenient.

All things concerned, they say YouTube likes are the fastest to deliver. It can be done within a few minutes after placing your order. You can get 50 YouTube likes for just $9, which is a generous offer, or go nuts and hype your video with 1,000 likes for $89. They are one of the few who offer refunds and insurance on their likes.

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Customer Support

StormViews doesn’t have the worst or the best customer service. We contacted their customer support using the only option: their contact form. They referred us to their knowledge base, which did anwer everything we wanted to know.

Their knowledge base has almost every relevant question they have been poked over. Their wide knowledge base, and huge FAQ area make up for their slower customer support.

One (1) Type of Support

  • Contact Form – The only type of customer support StormViews has is their contact form, which is a little bit hard to see. You have to go to the “Support” section, then click on their knowledge base, then again on the “Here” hyperlink, which will bring you to their “Contact Us” form. This is might be hard for non-English speaking potential customers, especially in a rush to contact a customer team member. Nonetheless, we did get a response just under 6 hours after sending our inquiry, and were referred to knowledge base for the detailed answer.

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Policy Highlights

Money-Back Guarantee

StormViews offers a 7-day money-back guarantee. The refund policy applies in cases where orders weren’t received from third party issues. You could also request a full refund if anything bigger happens or you just aren’t happy or regret your purchase.

Anonymity & Discreteness

StormViews obviously has to ask you to disclose personally identifying information, like email addresses or social profiles to deliver results to them. They guarantee that this information won’t be sold to anyone.

StormViews obviously has cookies to enhance the purpose of the site based on visitor preferences. You can always opt out in your settings.

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StormViews is an amazing and newer YouTube views provider. They offer both normal and high-quality YouTube-related serviecs which can help everyone’s social media budget. They even have a 60% viewer retention rate for their high-quality YouTube views, which is very important to certain industries and analytics measuring people to ensure the growth of the accounts.

Also, they have great protection policies, which will save you if your views drop, the order is not delivered, or if you’re not happy with the services you got.

Their knowledge base is huge and answers all important questions about buying YouTube views. Their only issue is in customer support as the contact form isn’t good for some people. This is non-issue for most people as they are a quality vendor and use safe tactics of sending their offerings to ensure that you get what you bought. Click the button below to visit their website now.

Click Here to Visit StormViews