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Tips in Boosting Views on Your YouTube Creative and Music Channel

Have you ever asked yourself on how to grow up your views? Get some soild Tips in Boosting Views on Your YouTube Creative and Music Channel.

Have you ever asked yourself how to amp up your views? Don’t worry this post will be about how to focus on boosting views by the sense of outreach. You may want to practice your communication skills as we will be using it for contacting particular people to help you in getting more views. But to whom? That’s what we are going to find out.

Tips in Boosting Views on Your YouTube Creative and Music Channel

Reaching out for a promotion of content on YouTube is indeed a great method. But before reaching them out, make sure you have a marketing video about the company or what products they sell, the video can be used as leverage as social proof. Just keep in mind, this marketing strategy needs a lot of courage and enthusiasm and it all plays well in the end.


So the question is, Who do I need to contact? Your main objective here is to find a subject who will get involved in the content you make. It’s a great strategy to keep your views and subscribers volume up!

Contact Companies or People You’ve Tagged in your Videos

Having connections is an advantage in the Marketing world of YouTube. Contacting companies is a gamble, but a good one. They may even give you tips on how to improve.

Contact Companies or People You’ve Tagged in your Videos

Complimenting any product or method a company uses is a good way to have a chance of landing the promotion. 

You may even create a jingle or a song for the company, send it and it may have a result. The news may be a good or a bad one, but hey, it is worthwhile to at least try. But do not think of it as a sellout, think of it as a way to flatter the company. 

Always remember to be friendly to others. Always give a kind response to attract other people who can help you in the long run.

Reaching the People you Lookup To

Do not worry if you have less social proof videos to back you up. What you can do next is look for another medium to leverage views for your videos. That’s where the people you look up to come in the scene. The challenge here is if they will be willing to participate with you. Learning something new is always laid on the table.

Come to think of it, the worst thing that you may receive is a “no”. But it would be a great reward if you tried to and they say “yes”. Just keep in mind that the person you will contact is connected and has the expertise to the niche you are doing.

Connect with People who Makes the Same Content

Of all things on the internet, there is “fan-base” present, and some of these fans also do reviews on YouTube. These are the people you would want to connect with to widen your range of viewers. You may want to work as a team and have a great collaboration. Collaboration is popular in YouTube Videos, especially in covers of a song.

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You may want to send an email to a certain person who writes blogs and use it as another tool for more viewers. All you need to do is be friendly and ask politely if they can do any write-ups of your video. It’s worth a shot. The purpose of this is to attract the subscribers of the other party to be your subscriber too.

If you are not on a tight budget, you may consider paid methods. It is faster and can be accessed easily. But if you don’t want to spend, you need to persevere to achieve your goal. 

Get the Artist Involve 

Get ready to shoot for the stars, my friend! But as they say, you will never know unless you try. How about you try to get the artist involved in your videos? Maybe your dreams can come true?

This is crucial whenever you are making a cover of a song, make sure that you possess the right of covering the song. An alternative way if you don’t want to contact the artist, is to contact the people that surround the artist. It may be the producer, the manager, oven people from the technical side, as long as it is the team of the artist. They may even like it or better yet give you the recognition you deserve on social media.

Try to request precise feedback on your work, let them enlighten you with what should you improve in the cover and seek advice on how to improve for future projects. It is innate for people to help others in need. This is why people buy YouTube views to increase their metrics.

Take note that contacting the team of the artist or even the artist comes with restrictions. Do not send multiple messages now and then, as this can be viewed as harassment. In any entertainment industry, you should always be professional and friendly at the same time.

Wrapping it Up

These ways of how outreaching other people may seem overwhelming to you. You may think it is a lot of work and you may be too pressured. But one thing is for sure, if you can land even one contact, there is a great chance that success will follow. 

You may also create a spreadsheet of the companies and people you want to get in touch with, for the order of not contacting them twice.

Always put in mind to believe in yourself.

Everything happens for a reason, but not trying to be successful is as good as failing. There is no harm in trying, so why don’t you try until you succeed. But always be patient. Good luck!


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