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How to Choose a YouTube Profile Picture?

Want to learn how to choose a YouTube Profile Picture that will almost guarantee your future success and stay in the mind of your audience?

Your first picture should be of you in a neutral pose. If you want to show off some work, think of someplace calm. Try and stick out your arm, as it’s more striking. This is a key foundation for ensuring every video is optimized going forward with your profile.

You can upload a photo of yourself, and in return, you get several choices:

  • Upload your profile picture from your Facebook page and upload it to your Google+ page.
  • Another option: upload your photo from your computer
  • Alternatively, upload a photo of yourself to your YouTube channel and upload it into one of our broadcast channels.
How to Choose a YouTube Profile Picture in 2020

Choosing Your YouTube Profile Picture in 2020

For most users, choosing a photo is straightforward, and we suggest that you add some unique flair to your profile pictures, some users may prefer to take a less detailed approach by using cropped or blurred photos.

Colored backgrounds: For images that are very dark in color, we recommend adding a saturated blue, orange, or green hue to their environment. For darker, vivid colors, consider using color scopes.

When images that are very dark in color, we recommend adding a saturated blue, orange, or green hue to their background. If you have darker, vivid colors, consider using color scopes. Still images: Color scopes also come in handy for still images as they help provide a baseline.

The YouTube Avatar of Yourself!

You can choose a profile picture from a variety of styles. Make sure you select an image that’s at least ten characters long, so you can easily format it and share your avatar.

By the way, we understand that you don’t want to miss a single video. You should add the URL to your clipboard, open it in a website editor like Sublime Text, and start editing!

Your YouTube Live Stream looks the same as the video, but users can catch your act live on YouTube! You can watch your video from anywhere, even from another device.

YouTube Profile Pictures Are Key to Your Branding

You are choosing a unique YouTube profile picture that will help you stand out among all the other ‘invites’ and influencers on YouTube. It should suit your personality and represent itself as an image of you. YouTube profile pictures should not be excessive but should be personal.

Here is the most critical question when it comes to choosing the right picture for your YouTube profile picture.

Different Versions of Profile Pictures

You’ll probably want to use the “first version” as the profile picture: it is the most traditional in appearance, has the most exciting and engaging video features and a consistent style throughout.

You may choose to use the “second version” as your profile picture so that your photos will show up more prominently on your blog and elsewhere.

You’ll have to decide which features of the video you want to include as personal information and which as contact information. Also, this will help with the consistency of your branding.

Choose a YouTube Profile Picture

Creating A Custom YouTube Profile Picture

To create your custom profile pic for your YouTube channel, you’ll need to choose the correct image for your description. It must be of a type that is recognizable by YouTube’s matching algorithm. If you chose an image from Instagram, the image would appear on your channel’s logo in the status and settings tabs, along with your hashtags. It won’t be visible in your videos or playlists.

You can choose a variety of backgrounds to use as your profile picture. Each one is a much more substantial image than the one displayed on your default profile picture, which, depending on what happens with your profile picture, might change at any time. Backgrounds don’t change how the profile picture appears in your posts, but it will affect how it looks in your notifications and your profile thumbnail in the share bar.

Your active audience, your reach, and how that relates to your business is relevant. For most successful YouTube channels, their engaged audience and scope are the most significant slice of their channels and could be the difference between millions in revenue.

Most people will choose a profile picture that reflects your personality. However, you can change your profile picture at any time by using your profile picture settings page and your social media pages.

YouTube Profiles vs. Facebook and The Rest!

A Facebook profile picture is a simple and clear way to show your friends who you are as a brand. YouTube (or any other social media service) can use it to distinguish between you and a competitor easily. Once a profile picture is chosen, you’ll be happy!

You’ll probably get this one first, but it’s also one of the most common. So, if you can find the time and energy to make it, make it.

Choosing the perfect YouTube profile picture is not a simple process. First, your image must be large enough to make it easy to notice and remember. It needs to stand out in a crowd so that your friend will see it and recognize you.


The straightforward answer is: You have to let a part of your personality out. If you’re stuck in the ‘nicer’ type of image where you show your goofy side, or if you’re stuck with an animated image that doesn’t showcase who you are, you’ll come off as ‘shallow’ in some way. We want the average, average, average guy to recognize you and to recognize you when you post your YouTube profile picture.

Consider choosing a profile picture that incorporates your personality through some style. By selecting an image that shows your personality through some fashion, you can help your branding down the road!


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