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The Best Ways of Getting More YouTube Views that Actually Work

With all these figures proving how large the YouTube community is, you may think that it is quite easy to grow your channel’s views.

The Best Ways of Getting More YouTube Views that Actually Work

YouTube is the second largest search engine next to its parent company Google. There are more than two billion individuals who use YouTube on a daily basis. In addition, 73 percent of adults who live in the US, prefer watching videos on the platform. 

With all these figures proving how large the YouTube community is, you may think that it is quite easy to grow your channel’s views. However, the number of people who have a YouTube channel is also significantly large. This makes the competition tough.

If you want to grow your YouTube views, then here are the best tips that actually work.

Identify Your Niche

This is a step that successful YouTubers never skipped. If you are planning to optimize your YouTube marketing strategy, you need to be precise about your goals. In addition, you also need to be ruthlessly selective. Not only that but you also need to be selective about the content that will get you to your goals. 

Moreover, you cannot make videos for everyone. So, you need to make sure that you have chosen the niche that you are comfortable with in order for you to cater to the right audiences. 

Conduct Research and Improve the Search Ranking of Your Videos

Apart from being a social platform, YouTube is also a search engine. For this reason, optimizing your videos for search is one of the best strategies to get more views. 

Search for the keywords that are relevant to your content. This way, your videos will appear when your target audience search using your chosen keywords. As a result, your videos will get more views since they will appear on the first page of search results. 

You can add your relevant keywords to your video titles, tags, subtitles, and video descriptions. 

Moreover, ranking in search results is one of the best and most effective ways to get new viewers. 

Use Metadata So Your Video Will Get Recommended Next to a Popular Content

If your goal in mind is to get more views, then take a look at the most popular videos in your chosen niche.

First, check out the most popular video of your top competitor. 

The goal of YouTube is to keep viewers on the platform for the longest time possible. For this reason, its algorithm has the job of feeding viewers with one excellent video after another. So, it will be great if you will use your metadata in a way that will both attract audiences and please YouTube’s algorithm.

The Best Ways of Getting More YouTube Views that Actually Work

Customize Your Thumbnails

When your target viewers are randomly checking for videos to watch, they will likely skim through recommendations and search results. This is the reason why you need to make sure that your thumbnails are catchy enough to get their attention. 

Thumbnails are a major part of how people decide what they will watch on YouTube. So, you need to make your videos clear and accurate to the content of your video. Misleading thumbnails will negatively affect your watch time because YouTube will see that your viewers are not sticking to your content until the end. 

In addition, your thumbnails must stand out, YouTube’s color scheme is red, black, and white. You need to use a color scheme for your thumbnails that does not blend with YouTube’s. This way, your thumbnails will be catchy.

Create Playlists For Your Videos and buy them YouTube Views

Another best way to ensure that your viewers will not move on to a different video after watching your content is by organizing your videos into a playlist. This is because when your content is in a playlist, the next video will play as soon as the one you are watching ends. And if you have an excellent intro, you will be able to make your viewers stay and watch the next video. These are ideal videos for you to buy real YouTube views on to give them a

You have already attracted the attention of your audience to your channel and had them watch your video. For this reason, it only seems fitting to guide them towards the next content that they might want to watch. And even before they know it, your viewers have already binge-watched the entire playlist. While buying YouTube views is an old and misunderstood practice, be sure to know everything about buying YouTube views before you make your mind up!

Use Cards and End Screens to Direct Traffic to Your Videos

Other than playlists, cards and end screens are great ways for YouTubers to bypass the platform’s algorithm and directly influence the next video choice of their audiences. 

Basically, cards are clickable and interactive pop-ups that appear during a video. They can be in the form of polls or a link to another one of your videos or playlists. But since cards are pop-ups, it is critical for you to ensure that they value. This is because you do not want to make your audience feel as if they are being spammed. If you are going to link another video or playlist, you need to make sure that it is relevant to the one that they are currently watching.

The Best Ways of Getting More YouTube Views that Actually Work

On the other hand, end screens are a form of visual call to actions. As the name suggests, you add this tool at the end of every video to encourage tour viewers to take a new step. Moreover, it is important to note that you need to add a couple of extra seconds at the end of your video when you are editing it if you are planning to add end screens. 

More Than Just How-to Videos

When you are searching for keywords, there is a great chance that you will see a lot of terms that have the “how to” phrase. The reason is that there are a lot of search volumes for how-to videos. 

However, it is important to note that how-to videos are not the cure-all. It may be important to attract new audiences, but it is also important to make your audience stay on your channel. So, make sure that you are also creating videos that are catered to your old audiences. 


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