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6 Things To Know Before You Buy YouTube Likes

To get into the suggested videos list on YouTube and rank high on YouTube searches, your video must excel in a number of areas. YouTube factors video engagements heavily into its ranking algorithms, including likes and comments. Buying likes can be a good tactic for boosting your video, and is often used to complement bought views or drown out the ‘”Debbie Downers,” people who leave undeserving negative comments on your video.

Here is what you need to know before you buy YouTube likes:

It influences perception

Buying YouTube likes allows you to shape your viewers’ perception of your video. Normally, people’s behaviors are influenced by the behaviors of other people in the same situation. This is known as social proof. For instance, if you were walking down a busy street and suddenly everyone started running in one direction, you will do the same without thinking why they are running. It is an evolutionary trait that we developed to keep us safe in the jungle. However, the same concept applies online. When you buy likes for your video, it gains the perception of popularity. New viewers will see your video more positively and will be more likely to like it as well.

It can be risky

While it helps you boost your video, buying YouTube likes from the wrong provider can make it a risky tactic. That is because YouTube has algorithms in place looking out for this kind of activity and will eliminate any bought likes if they find them. If you buy likes from low quality-providers, you will get likes from fake accounts. These kind of likes can easily be easily detected. Instead, you should buy likes from high-quality providers who will get you likes from real and active accounts.

Don’t use with Google AdSense

If you monetize your videos with Google AdSense and are part of the YouTube partner program, you should not buy likes for your videos. It is against their terms of service and could get your videos banned, or worse, you could be expelled from the platform if they catch you. Basically, if you are part of the YouTube partner program, you should avoid any method that artificially increases the number of likes, either by using automated systems or by coercing viewers to like a video.

There are a range of services available

Not all providers of likes are made equal. You should know the difference between high-quality providers and low-quality providers. Before you choose a provider, evaluate them to ascertain that they are the right one for you. Do they sell high-quality likes that are worth buying? High-quality likes normally have a high retention rate, are delivered naturally, are sourced from real accounts and are geographically spread out from all over the world.

Check that your chosen provider is a known company with an established reputation. Do they have customer protection policies in place? These include a money back guarantee and a good privacy policy. Do they have good customer support in case you need to have some issue sorted out? You can find all this information on their websites. You should also read reviews from previous clients to make sure that the provider lives up to their word.

It works best when you buy views

If you buy a bunch of likes for a video that does not have any views yet, it will look fishy to visitors and will be a dead giveaway. People cannot like a video without having watched it. To make your bought likes look like they were gained organically, you should buy them as part of a package that includes views, subscribers and possibly comments. Fortunately, many of the YouTube service providers have packages that include all these.

It’s not guaranteed to make you go viral

Though buying likes will help boost your video, it is not a magic bullet that will deliver you instant success on YouTube. Not every video you buy likes for will go viral. There is more that goes into creating a viral video. In addition to buying likes, views, comments and subscribers, there’s more you can do to increase your video’s chances of success.

Include calls to action in your videos. These are words that encourage your viewers to take certain actions on your video, for instance, liking your video, commenting or subscribing. This will increase your video’s engagement rate. Respond to your viewers’ comments on your video. This will help you build a loyal audience around your channel. Upload your videos at strategic times when most of your target audience is likely to be online. Include keywords in your title and include thorough descriptions to increase the chances of people finding your video through searches. Promote your video using social media and on your blog or website. Take advantage of influencers in your niche to widen your reach.


Making videos that go viral takes a lot of time and effort, but by buying likes for your video and combining this with the other techniques shared above, you will increase your chances of achieving success on YouTube.

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