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Top 7 Educational Channels on YouTube

…if you’ve got time to spare, YouTube has the videos to make it worth your while.

There’s always something for everyone on YouTube. It’s a great big place for all kinds of content and if you’ve got time to spare, YouTube has the videos to make it worth your while.

In this post, I’ll be talking about some of the most popular and most recommended channels on the platform for their informative and educational content. Some of their subscribers are students, some are professionals who are into intellectually stimulating content, and all of them swear off the value of each. Let’s take a closer look, shall we?


Do you love math? If you do, you’re going to love it even more when you watch this channel! If you don’t, you should give this channel a chance. It makes math less intimidating and easily digestible you’ll be wondering why you thought it was difficult before.

OK, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but Numberphile does make mathematical concepts easy! The channel also explains cool stuff like the scientific way of cutting cakes so every slice remains fresh, moist and yummy! Watch this!


It’s an old video but it’s one of the channel’s most popular videos of all time and it tells you exactly why they have 2.3 million subscribers!

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If you’re into computers or you just want to learn more about computers and the technology in general, you should check out this channel.

Computerphile is actually a sister channel of Numberphile. Each episode stars different experts and topics range from the history of various everyday technologies, how-to guides, hack prevention tips and video editing, to the more nitty-gritty stuff like encryption and decryption, programming loops and more!

Their explanations, while detailed, are very engaging especially if you like discussions on historical technology events and technological advances. Tell us what you think of this video below!


It’s Okay To Be Smart


This channel attempts to scientifically answer some of the most interesting questions that you probably asked at some point in your life too. It’s Okay To Be Smart by Dr Joe Hanson publishes awesome videos every week on subjects like space and the universe, physics and many other questions in life, all explained in simple, easy-to-understand language.

This is a great channel to watch with your kids as it’s both entertaining and educational. The video below is definitely one you should watch with the family.


Brain Craft


One of the most talked about channels on YouTube for its quality content and ingenuity in explaining the concept of neuroscience and the human behavior.

If you like psychology combined with knowledge about brain functions that affect our feelings and behavior, look no further than Brain Craft!

Here’s a video by Vanessa Hill of Brain Craft, about the most fascinating and mysterious organs in our system.

Asap Science


Another well-known YouTube channel that produces videos every week about all things geek is Asap Science.

Biologists Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown, the creators behind Asap Science, make videos about scientific studies, psychology, biology and other scientific concepts and theories. The colorful animations, clear diagrams and easy explanations are what make this channel extremely popular to all lovers of science. They have a pretty interesting way of presenting provocative topics, kind of takes the bite out of wrapping your head around some pretty serious topics like chronic stress and cannibalism!

Image credit: Asap Science via YouTube  


Check out one of their most popular videos below!


Crash Course


Crash Course is an educational channel started by brothers Hank Green and John Green who cover topics like humanities and science.

Today, in partnership with PBS Studios— a YouTube network of channels that distribute original educational web content— it’s co-hosted by different experts on different subjects.

Short courses can be anything from world history and Greek mythology, astronomy, psychology, philosophy to physics and more!

They have 7.1 million subscribers and their massive views show how much people love their content. Take a look at this video’s great storytelling and animations!

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The Great War


Historian Indiana Neidell runs The Great War YouTube channel, one of the most successful history channels on the platform. It talks about WWI and II and other great historical events.

You’d think history is something most people would find boring, but the channel actually has some of the most engaged viewers on YouTube! Indiana’s passion jumps off the screen and resonates with his audience.

If you love history, I recommend subscribing ot his channel today. Neidell recounts history in great detail with videos showing actual images and footage from famous historical events.

Have a look at the video below to get a taste of The Great War channel.

Philosophy Tube


Olly Lenard, the host of Philosophy Tube makes videos about philosophy, including idealism, concepts and real questions in life. If you’re crazy about philosophy, you’ll find people of like minds on the channel.

He offers answers to questions that science can’t answer. It’s an ideal channel for those studying philosophy and for everyone who loves a healthy discussion. Catch Olly every Friday on Philosophy Tube!


Stock Up On Your Stock Knowledge!


The most interesting and informative educational channels on YouTube are hard to find, so if the subjects here are right up your alley, I’m urging you to give them a watch, you won’t be disappointed.

Go a fave educational channel on Youtube? Tell me about it.

Happy watching!


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