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YouTube & Ticketmaster Partner: Your Ticket to Celebrity Events

You may have experienced trying to book a ticket to watch for your favorite artist perform on stage, but just to your dismay, all the tickets are sold out. Or it could be that you really wanted to follow your most favorite performer on his world tour but buying tickets mean lining up in a really long queue. These are just some of the most likely really frustrating experiences just to get close to your favorite stars. But wait! YouTube has found a way to help you get through it with much less stress.


YouTube & Ticketmaster Partnership

Now, YouTube in partnership with Ticketmaster helps you get away from all these hustle and bustle. Ticketmaster is an American ticket sales and distribution company based in Hollywood, California. This distributing company has operations all around the world. Ticketmaster does not only help you build a connection with your favorite celebrity, it also helps the celebrities themselves connect with their fans. While YouTube as widely known as a portal where you can upload and download videos- from hottest music videos to whatever is trending.

YouTube now begins featuring upcoming artists’ US tours on their YouTube videos. In addition to that, should you want to buy the tickets worry-free, all you have to do is click the ticket button which will route you to Ticketmaster.

The Google-owned video network connecting fans now contains concert tickets and tour information directly on artists’ YouTube video pages.

And there’s more to that. Here are more features that you can enjoy from YouTube’s partnership with Ticketmaster.

YouTube and Ticketmaster’s integration isn’t an easy feat. Accordingly, YouTube had been experimenting with a way to offer a ticketing experience on its site before coming up with this interesting collaboration.

For the meantime though, the ticket button directly routing to Ticketmaster webpage is only with artists who have Ticketmaster shows in North America, but the plan is to expand this globally going forward.

This new partnership has expanded the pool of connection between artists and their fans.

Here are more amazing features about this joined forces of two behemoths that would thrill your inner celebrity fan:


1. Get closer to the stars.

While watching a music video of your favorite artists’ channel or VEVO channel on YouTube, you can find a description below as to where the artist is playing or having some concerts next.

This generally gives the fan in you an insight as to the next activities of your followed celebrities without stalking in their Twitter or Instagram accounts or waiting for forever to hear updates regarding their next events through various news outlets.

How does it feel to be of up head about your favorite celebrities’ whereabouts? With the new collaboration of this famous video portal and distributing company, you get to know more about their shows and gigs.

Imagine getting a feel closer to Selena Gomez, The Weekend, Justin Bieber or Lady Gaga!

Fans would more want to relate to artists now through a personal connection. And there’s no better way than this new collaboration to realize this intention.

2. Getting concert tickets has never been easier!

The fact that you get to watch the artists’ video on YouTube plus you get a general information about their upcoming events is a pretty interesting thing. More than that, you can book your tickets without any hustle by clicking the ticket link.

This new experience actually works both in web and mobile phone, though you may notice a slim difference, depending on the platform.

With this technology queue, you get to stay away from long lines and massive ticket sales that is considered too much of an ordeal. You get to book firsthand, on your own time and your own space.

3. Booking through this portal is considered as a cost-efficient scheme.

Expectedly, although no official confirmation from either party yet, there is some profit sharing agreement between YouTube and Ticketmaster. YouTube presumably has some shares in its generated sales.

However, despite this presumption, it can be said that there is no difference between the official ticket rates in traditional ticketing outlets with that of YouTube x Ticketmaster or if there’s any difference, it would not be that significant.

But come to think of it, unless you use other online ticketing outlets, going to and from a regular or traditional ticketing outlet might cost you more. Not maybe of the ticket’s prize itself but with transportation and effort, plus the hustle never comes free.

4. Not only beneficial for the fans but for artists, too.

Apparently, YouTube has the ability to monetize from ticket sales. With this, the artists will most likely generate more traffic to their official videos. Generating more traffic is of course material for artists for it may also mean more followers for them. Gaining more followers would mean the number of prospective fans, more people to expect during their gigs, concerts, and shows. And it is indisputable that the artists’ fan base is fatal and so to speak the lifeblood of their job, literally.

This expectation could cause artists to be more proactive in flagging unofficial channels and have the content taken down. This then creates a community of less pirated music video content on YouTube.

5. Ticketmaster and YouTube Give You A Safe Experience!

Buying tickets involve monetary value hence it is really important that one is careful in selecting the portals to which they entrust their money. Take note that scams and fraud activities are everywhere.

In YouTube X Ticketmaster, you can assure that you got legitimate sources. YouTube requires you to log in to your Google or YouTube account so as Ticketmaster requires you to sign up before you can complete the purchase. You then need to register your billing information so that the next time you buy tickets online you just have to enter your email address and password. With a Ticketmaster Account, you can check the status of your orders online.

With the distinctive features of YouTube and Ticketmaster’s new collaboration, the artists and fans connection is brought in a meaningful and safe nest.


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