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2020 Virtual Youtube FanFest Best Experiences Amid Pandemic

2020 Virtual Youtube FanFest Best Experiences Amid Pandemic

YouTube has started as a simple video-sharing website where anyone posts different content about lifestyle, self-introduction, travel, sorts of tutorials, and more. Started from just a simple platform, it has now transformed into a community with international personalities who have inspired the lives of many in various ways.

Now that the technology is fast-moving, the creation of videos and content continues. Many known young artists got the chance to share their creativity and talent with everyone and were recognized by Youtube during Youtube FanFest.

What is Youtube Fanfest?

Youtube FanFest is the most awaited event in the Youtube community that happens annually. This event gathers different content creators, musicians, and all other personalities in Asia-Pacific and worldwide since 2013. From then, millions of fans continue to excitedly join their Youtube biggest idol in celebrating their talents to live stages across different countries.

During the Youtube FanFest, the fans can meet their favorite YouTubers in person and experience the fun and excitement on the live stage. From small screens on their gadgets, even the famous artists who actively engage and create Youtube content are personally present to entertain their fans and inspire more.

Also, it is the annual Creator Camp. It has always been a gateway and opportunity to engage creators and give them a spirit of community, influence, and knowledge on how they can thrive and succeed as a Youtuber. FanFest is not just a fun experience but a camp to inspire, uplift, educate the future of Youtube stars by bestowing ways to advance and strengthen good video quality content.

YouTubers Buy Views To Boost Their FanFest Reaction

Though everyone is anticipating the Youtube FanFest as held yearly, the 2020 celebration happens to be different. Given the current pandemic situation, Youtube FanFest is one of many physical events that are canceled to keep the utmost priority of the health and safety of everyone.

In addition, while Youtube is not able to hold a physical event this year, they can not just let it pass. Youtube FanFest goes virtual for the first time. It might be different from the previous Youtube FanFest celebration but still brings the same purpose to gather all together and enjoy performances and positivity with the Youtube community.

2020 Virtual Youtube FanFest Best Experiences Amid Pandemic

Just like past Youtube FanFest experiences, the year 2020 was still a memorable fun gathering for many fans.

Here are the Youtube FanFest experiences that fans are happy to talk about. In fact, many say these YouTubers are buying YouTube views to boost their success from the campaign.

Best of the Best Artists Seen On A Screen

Over hundreds of best-performing content creators from Asia-Pacific are featured in the Youtube FanFest 2020. The top global artists and Youtube stars that amazingly performed are Alex Wassabi, Matt Steffani, Merrel Twins, Mike Chen, HRVY, and ITZY. Some even looked back on their favorite YTFF moments.

Powerful Performances

FanFest favorites across Asia-Pacific never failed to give out their best performances to cheer fans from the comforts of their homes. It may best be described as a powerful and explosive performance. Though the participation of fans is not as wild as before, each performance is an undeniably perfect shot.

Creative Collaborations

One thing that fans loved to witness during FanFest is the creative collaborations of their favorites with their fellow Youtube creators from other countries. Not only do fans see the best performances but unity as well with the Youtube community.

Birth of New Online Creators

Given that most people are staying at home during the pandemic, the FanFest also showcases the birth of new online creators. Most of the content made is in line with the Covid-19, baking, learning how to cook, planting, and even working at home. It is good to know that everyone is spending their time learning new things and sharing them with the world.

Despite celebrating only with a live stream, fans, and Youtube creators, and artists are enjoyably gathered together from different parts of the world behind every screen. But still, there are barriers to doing a live stream compared to a physical event. With a virtual event, the following several cons are undeniably challenging to everyone.

2020 Virtual Youtube FanFest Best Experiences Amid Pandemic

●     No face-face interaction – Nothing beats the unique part of meeting your favorite artist in person and jam with them throughout the event. But virtual events have limitations, as attendees didn’t get a chance to have one on one conversations with each other or meet their favorites personally.

●     Distractions – While fans are actively paying attention to the artists’ performances, attending virtually from the comforts of their desks can also display a lot of distractions, whether due to the internet, other persons, pets, etc.

●     Less Excitement – Compared to physical events where you feel the excitement of seeing a live performance on stage, the virtual event can be different.

Conclusion on YouTuber’s Buying Views For FanFest

Youtube is aware of these instances and has prepared something for the fans beforehand. Weeks before the Youtube FanFest 2020, Youtube has decided to explore with an element and formed the YouTube FanFest Dance Movement. To make fans look engaged with the show, they invited fans to record themselves dancing along with Matt Steffanina via a custom web experience. They let fans choose among the three dances of Matt Steffanina. The filmed dance video of every fan is downloadable and will show as if they are dancing alongside Matt but on a virtual stage. It might just be a myth, but many YouTubers are still buying YouTube views to this day.

Using an AI technique called body segmentation, the fans’ body from their filmed video is attached to the virtual scene alongside Matt. This technique has required some artistic design solutions to enable changes in device performance, lighting, and recording quality. The best fan-submitted videos are selected and shown directly during the show with permission. 

Nowadays, where most people spend time alone, Youtube FanFest has become a shoulder to lean on. To inspire and encourage people to showcase their talents, Youtube FanFest has been a ground to unite with the community. Whether physical or virtual, the message of the event never changes. It gathers everyone, both creators and fans from every corner of the world, despite the situation brought by the pandemic outbreak.


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