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Five Useful Tips for Watching Your Favorite Videos On YouTube

With billions of people using YouTube, it seems only fitting for the platform to develop it further to meet the needs and demands of users.

Five Useful Tips for Watching Your Favorite Videos On YouTube

YouTube has a global community of more than two billion users. This is the reason why the video-sharing giant is constantly seeking ways to make it easier for users to not only watch but also interact with their favorite videos. 

You might have not heard it yet but this video-sharing giant has a lot of cool features. For instance, are you aware that YouTube has its very own virtual reality feature that lets users watch any video in 360 degrees? Indeed, YouTube has a lot to offer.

With billions of people using YouTube, it seems only fitting for the platform to develop it further to meet the needs and demands of users. Now, below are the updates that the video-sharing platform has integrated to make the user experience better. 

Tips and Tricks For Watching Videos On YouTube

Tip 1. Use Video Chapters to Find What You are Looking For

The Video Chapters feature of YouTube allows users to navigate videos better. It does this by giving uses the ability to jump forward to a particular section of a video. In addition, you can also use this feature if you want to rewatch a portion of a video. 

Moreover, the video-sharing giant decided to extend the Video Chapters feature to include a new list view. Users can find this new update by clicking or tapping the chapter title in the player. By doing this, you will be able to see an entire list of all chapters of the video that you are watching. Each of this chapter has a preview thumbnail, allowing you to see what the chapters will play. Now, you can save time by quickly jumping into a part that you are interested to watch.

Tip 2. Player Page – More Streamlined For Better Access Buying YouTube Views

YouTube moved the captions button to a more visible location in order for users to better access it. In addition, the autoplay toggle has also been relocated so that it would be easier for users to turn autoplay on or off while they are watching a video. For YouTubers who want to buy YouTube views, this tactic works like a charm! 

Five Useful Tips for Watching Your Favorite Videos On YouTube

YouTube is looking to integrate this feature into the desktop, too, soon. 

Moreover, you will notice that there are small improvements to the player. One of these improvements is the re-arranged buttons that simplify the player’s look. Another one is the snappier controls, making any action made by users easier and faster. 

Tip 3. Use Gestures If You Want YouTube to Become More Efficient For Buying More Views

One of the most efficient features of YouTube is its ability to rewind or fast forward for 10 seconds when users double tap to the left and right respectively. This allows for highly-targeted marketing, akin to buying YouTube views with precision for optimum impact.

Now, the video-sharing platform is also making it easier to enter and exit full screen mode. Users simply need to swipe up to enter full screen and swipe down to exit. 

On the other hand, if you want to see how much time is counting down versus the time that has elapsed in a video, all you need to do is simply tap the time stamp in order to switch back and forth. 

4. New Suggested Actions For A More Enhanced Experience

YouTube announced that it will begin to roll out suggestion actions these suggestions will tell you to play a video in VR or rotate your phone when the platform thinks that you will have a better experience by doing that. 

In addition, the video-sharing giant also announced that it is planning to introduce more suggested actions in the near future.

5. Go to Bed At Night With YouTube’s Bedtime Reminders

Not too long ago, YouTube has introduced the bedtime reminders feature to its users. This feature is a new tool for digital wellbeing. It works by allowing to set reminders at particular times to stop watching YouTube videos and go to bed. 

In addition, there are other YouTube features that help users manage their time on the platform. 

6. Turn Any Video Into A GIF

There is no denying that everyone loves GIFs. however, knowing how they can create their own one is not common knowledge. But thanks to a particular YouTube URL trick, making your very own GIF out of any YouTube became very easy.

Five Useful Tips for Watching Your Favorite Videos On YouTube

To create a GIF out of a YouTube video, the first thing you need to do is to choose the video you want. Next, navigate to the video’s URL at the top of your browser. After that, simply add the word “gif” right before the video’s domain name. The URL will then read. “”

By doing these steps, you will be navigated to There, you will find your video already uploaded and ready for editing. You will also find a series of options on the left side of the page. On the bottom of the video is the timeline bar where you can find the timestamps for your video. Now, the next thing you need to do is to set the duration of your GIF, crop the frame, add captions, and whatever options that you want. 

Once you are done with your edits, click “Create GIF” at the top right of the screen. This will lead you to a page where you can set a GIF title and your own set of tags. After setting the title you want, click “Next” and it will prompt you to a handy landing page that you can use to share your very own GIF. However, it is important to note that you will only be able to download the GIF you created offline if you sign up with


Without a doubt, YouTube is a platform of many features. In fact, a lot of people are not even aware of the things this video-sharing giant can do aside from playing videos. Thanks to the creators behind this platform, there are now a lot of cool features available to make the user experience better and more hassle-free. You just have to research for you to find out what features and tricks this platform offers.


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