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YouTube Expands Music Experience for Televisions

With YouTube Music for smart TVs, you will be able to get a hold of the updated visuals. This allows you to see albums and playlist.

YouTube Expands Music Experience for Televisions

YouTube is no doubt a significantly large platform. It houses all the videos that its users need. In addition, the video-sharing giant is aware that a lot of its platform’s users are heading there for music. This lead to the birth of YouTube Music.

Regardless if you are staying at home to relax or taking a long drive, YouTube Music has got all the best soundtracks and songs for you. In fact, of the many myths of buying YouTube views, music videos do get the most views of all!

Not too long ago, YouTube brought a number of new integrations to YouTube Music. Such include Google Maps, smart displays, Waze, Google Home, and Net speakers. Yet, the video-sharing giant is well aware that this is not enough. This is the reason why it thought of bringing YouTube Music to televisions. 

YouTube Music on Smart TVs: The Features

Find Your Favorite Tracks

With purchasing real YouTube views in Music for smart TVs, you will be able to get a hold of the updated visuals. This allows you to see albums and playlist artworks in their best form. With that being said, it will be easier for you to find all the tracks that you love. 

Enjoy Your Music Library

Using the YouTube app on your smart TV, you can easily access all the playlists that you saved, as well as the songs that you liked in your library.

On the other hand, here are the additional features that you can access if your TV is running the TV OS and Chromecast with Google TV:

Have Access to Your Uploads

Now, you can upload songs to your library on YouTube Music using your phone or computer and access them anytime on the big screen.

Listen and Watch On Your Smart TV

YouTube Music for smart TVs has a new playback interface. It includes information such as the song title, the artist’s name, as well as the progress bar as the music is playing.

Use Your Home Screen to Explore Tunes

On devices that have the Android TV home screen, you will be able to see all the fresh YouTube Music row. This will help you find the next song that you want to play, may it be classics or new hits. 

YouTube Expands Music Experience for Televisions

Moreover, these new features are just the start. The truth is the video-sharing giant is working to bring more cool features to its music streaming service. In the months to come, those who are subscribed to a premium account on YouTube Music will be able to resume playing their favorite songs in the background after they have exited the app. This is similar to what you can do when you are using the app on mobile.

YouTube Music: A More Useful Replacement for Google Play Music

Before YouTube Music was born, Google, the largest search engine on the internet and the company behind YouTube, has Google Play Music. But since the app was beaten by other emerging music streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud, Google decided to take it down and thought of replacing it with a better one.

Over the past months of 2020, Google has been welcoming Google Play Music users to YouTube Music. The company made efforts to help users effortlessly transfer their saved tracks, music libraries, and playlists to the new music streaming application. 

After helping users migrate, the company then announced that YouTube Music will replace Google Play Music by December this year. After replacing the old music platform, people will no longer be able to use Google Play Music and stream from it. Still, Google ensured that people who use Google Play Music will not lose their saved tracks, playlists, uploads, and purchases until they make the transfer to the new music streaming service. However, they have to make sure that they make the transfer before December 2020. 

Moreover, to help you familiarize yourself with YouTube Music, here are the features and functions that it offers:

Assertive Playlist Creation

Through YouTube Music, you will be able to easily and quickly create your own playlist by adding songs that the app recommends based on the existing songs in your playlists. It will also read your watch history and likes in order to identify the songs that fit your liking. 

New Programmed Playlists

The music platform allows you to access its newly launched programmed playlists such as Caribbean Pulse, Highline, Conditions Underground, and many others. 

Collaborative Playlists

You can also collaborate with other music fans so you can make shared playlists. 

Explore Tab

YouTube Music’s Explore Tab is available for both web and mobile users. This feature allows you to find new releases such as singles, albums, as well as music videos. In addition, it lets you browse YouTube Music’s large catalog of different playlists through the Moods & Genres section. 

Player Page Redesign 

Google has also updated YouTube Music’s player page The updates provide a more modernized design, allowing more playback control, and some features such as song lyrics. These are available for Android mobile users. 

YouTube Music on Android TV

An update for smart TVs will bring YouTube Music to the big screen. Through this feature, listeners will be able to enjoy watching their favorite artists’ music videos and live performances.

Google Maps

Thanks to YouTube Music’s integration into Android, users can now seamlessly listen to music, as well as get personalized music recommendation within the interface of Google Maps.

YouTube Expands Music Experience for Televisions

Discover Music using Google Assistant

Listening to new songs has been made easier with YouTube Music. If you want to discover new tracks, then you can ask your Google Home, as well as your Nest smart speakers, “Hey Google, play recommended music from YouTube Music.” After that, Google Assistant will share with you some personalized recommendations based on your favorite genres and artists. 


There is no doubt that Google has worked hard to provide a better user experience for YouTube Music. Now, Google Play Music users will experience listening to songs better than ever. Needless to say, YouTube Music will become one of the best music streaming platforms in the future.


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