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Mission Improbable: The Quest for The Most Liked Comment on YouTube

There are times that I forget that I’m even watching a YouTube video and I just delve into the insanity and fun that is the YouTube comments section. It’s a bit unfair that all those Internet-winning comments never receive the respect they deserve. Unless you do proper research, like I did, you can’t really find out what is the most liked comment on YouTube easily – the site doesn’t make them sortable. I managed to find some really interesting examples that might just be the the all-time best!

Most liked comments on YouTube: Symphony

The most liked comment on YouTube that I could find was from the music video “Clean Bandit – Symphony feat. Zara Larsson.” The comment was written and pinned by the official channel, Clean Bandit, and has over 131,000 likes.

The song received very positive reviews, and fans expressed their appreciation by liking a comment from the channel owner. The comment was written over a year ago and is to date one of the most liked comments on YouTube.

most likes on a youtube comment all timeWith that many likes, Clean Bandit don’t really need to wonder whether their fans like the song anymore.

Most liked comment on YouTube: NigaHiga – How to make mumble rap

Next on the list of most liked YouTube comments comes NigaHiga with his video “How To Make Mumble Rap.” NigaHiga is recognized for his goofy character and engaging relationship with his audience. Given that his content revolves around a sarcastic note, the nature of his comment section is pretty much the same.

NigaHiga’s “Dear Ryan” series is where he creates a video based on an idea given in the comment section. This is pretty smart as it motivates his audience to directly engage with the videos. In addition, NigaHiga also rewards other creative comments by pinning them.

comment with the most likes youtube nigahigaThis comment that is pinned and hearted by NigaHiga received over 77,000 likes in just over a month.

Most liked comments on YouTube: Casey Neistat – Do what you can’t

The video below, “Do What You Can’t,” is a video by the Casey Neistat that holds one of the most liked comments on YouTube. The comment is actually written by Casey Neistat himself, and has garnered over 76,000 likes.

Casey pinned the comment so that it appears at the top of the comment section indefinitely. He pins comments on almost every video, but this one got the most attention. Why? Well, if you watch the video you will see that the nature of the context is to follow your own path and believe that you are capable of doing great things.

youtube comment with most likes casey niestatWith this comment, Casey refers to his 7th-grade Vice Principal who told him that he wouldn’t amount to anything. After succeeding in life in a truly legendary way, this comment was Casey’s way of responding to all the haters.

Most liked comment on YouTube: NigaHiga – “IT” parody

Another NigaHiga video has produced a massively liked comment, demonstrating his commitment to his audience paying off. This comment, from his “IT” parody, garnered around 53,000 likes and is a pretty funny one indeed.

Ryan was cool enough to pin this comment even though it is meant to tease him. Maybe that was one of the reasons why the comment went viral and got so many likes.

most likes on youtube commentWell, I know that you might have expected a comment more profound than that to receive over 53,000 likes, but a little bit of humour can go a long way on the video of a YouTube superstar like Ryan Higa once he pins it. You can think of Ryan’s pinning as YouTube optimization, in a way, as it helps great content stand out even more.

Most liked comment on YouTube: Alan Walker – Alone

Norwegian record producer and DJ Alan Walker is responsible for one of the most liked comments on YouTube. The comment that he pinned on his video for the song “Alone” received over 33,000 likes.

The comment represents his initials. This was more than enough for fans to give their approval by clicking the like button.

most liked youtube comment alan walker

Now his fans can show support for him by copying and pasting that logo anywhere!

It seems that more and more YouTubers are utilizing the “Pin” feature on YouTube. By highlighting their favorite comments, YouTube uploaders even achieve a viral effect and receive an extraordinary amount of likes. This can be helped even further by using a YouTube likes service for your videos, making them appear very, well, likeable overall!

The mystery of the most liked comment on YouTube

YouTube doesn’t provide information about the most liked comments, which makes it extremely difficult to find a definite answer. Luckily, the Internet is a big community and with a little luck, you can find just what you were looking for. After looking through many popular videos, and reading around, I may have a definite answer on what the most liked comment on YouTube ever was, the bad news is that the comment seems to have been deleted by the owner of the channel.

The, allegedly, most liked comment on YouTube is the comment which was left on the video above from PewDiePie. According to several sources, the comment had accumulated over 274,000 likes. However, the comment can’t be found as it appears to be deleted. The buzz over that comment seems to be real, as people are commenting on the video all the time “looking for the most liked comment.”

What’s equally interesting is that comment comes from an account which may not exist. There are two accounts listed with that same username, one has 3 subscribers and 1 video, the other has 2,074 subscribers and 1 video. PewDiePie’s audience, the largest on the Internet, continues to be the oddest on planet Earth!

most liked comment on youtube

UPDATE: Two New Contenders Emerge!

As you’ll see pointed out by our eagle-eyed readers in our comments below, two new contenders have emerged as the most like comments on YouTube! The first, at over 395,000 likes, is from the Kanye West & Lil Pump music video. The comment itself was made by Grandayy, a popular music video creator and meme sharer.According to his bio, he’s also a medical doctor:

most liked youtube comment kanye west lil pumpThe most impressive thing? He got all of these likes in a week! He must’ve made some sort of push on his YouTube channel for his fans to go and like that comment or something, because that is remarkable.

The other contender is for most liked comment is on a Rick and Morty Evil Morty Theme Song Remix by the Trap City channel. The comment was made by what seems to be a throwaway account with no connection at all to Rick and Morty, no original content, and just 4,500 subscribers… 206,000 likes though:

most liked youtube comment evil mortyThis comment being popular can, in my mind, only come down to the fact that Rick and Mort fans are kind of weird.

The importance of comments on YouTube

Comments can be a powerful tool that generate social proof for any channel. All successful YouTubers want to have an engaged comment section with thousands of comments. That is the dream. These are the aspects in which comments can influence a YouTube channel:

  • Social proof: People often engage in those videos that produce viral comments with hope that their comments can get many likes as well. Numbers, including views, subscribers, and comments, are huge on YouTube as a means of conveying whether or not content is worth the time. This is basically what social proof is all about.
  • Community: Forging a community is one of the best things a YouTube creator can do. If you succeed at having your fans comment on your videos, like NigaHiga with his “Dear Ryan” series, you will have a more successful YouTube channel. The YouTube algorithm takes into account the level of engagement a channel generates with comments in all aspects.
  • Visibility: Commenting on other videos is very important. As you can see from the examples presented in this article, creators will single out those comments that deserve a place at the top. Those comments that get pinned have more visibility.

A single comment can affect the whole trajectory of a YouTube channel. As we have seen from the example in this article, it is indeed possible to create a viral comment that will impress people. Most of the time it is by accident, but it seems like pinning the comment is one way to launch it on a viral journey.

What the most liked YouTube comments have in common

Each of the most liked comments we went through in this article had one thing in common – they have all been pinned by the owners of the YouTube channels. Ever since YouTube introduced the ‘Pin’ feature, users have been using the opportunity to highlight a single comment and have it appear at the top regardless of the chronological order of the comments. They want it to go viral and attract attention!

The nature of the comments is of little relevance to the owners of the channels. NigaHiga pinned a comment saying “ryans just a giggly bitch lmao,” and that comment exploded with 53,000 likes. This proves that users don’t need to write something profound in order to be pinned. It can be something as menial and absurd as the comment above, and if it catches on… Watch your notifications blow up!

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