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How to Use YouTube for Customer Service

You probably know about using YouTube for your marketing campaigns, but have you thought about using it for customer service?

According to a study conducted by Mediapost, 87% of consumers say that watching a video about a product makes them feel more confident about purchasing. If videos make such a significant impact on customers, it only makes sense that you utilize them to improve their overall experience.

While largely unexplored, providing customer service through YouTube can be the simplest way to improve user experience and customer satisfaction, by delivering easily-understood instructions and advice.

Learn how you can maximize YouTube to improve customer service below.

Answer FAQs

If you have a website, we’re certain you have a page dedicated to answering some frequently asked questions. The FAQ section on your website may answer the questions straightforwardly, but there is probably still room for some confusion.

Conducting regular Q&A sessions on your brand channel will help you nip their most pressing questions in the bud by providing people with an intuitive and humanized video response. Videos can be far more comprehensible compared to text-based instruction, which makes them a more effective medium when providing instructions.

Canadian tech retailer NCIX provides their customers with quick and actionable tips on all things related to their services – from choosing the best headset for your gaming system to the necessity of sound cards.

By understanding their customer’s perspectives, they’re able to provide them with dependable assistance on the topics that concern them most. They also manage to position themselves as subject matter experts in the tech industry, which establishes them as an authority and is great for their brand.


One of the main things standing in the way of unlocking more customer satisfaction is effective information sharing. Teaching your customers how to maximize your products or services will help eliminate that confusion.

People rely on YouTube for answers to their most immediate questions and how-to moments – this is what made YouTube the second-most popular search engine on the internet today.

Much like Q&A videos, tutorials are one of the best ways you can teach customers how to maximize your products or services to eliminate misuse that causes customer dissatisfaction.

Global brand Home Depot uses YouTube to help their customers with their home improvement projects. Do you have all the materials for tiling your bathroom but you’re not sure how to begin? Get your project started by watching the video below.

A tutorial does not only educate a customer, it also empowers them to do more – which improves your relationship with them even further.

Crisis Management

Roadblocks are common in business and as an owner, you should know how to nimbly navigate through especially tough times with grace and expertise.

Back in the day, when a company faced an issue the CEO would normally issue a written statement and hide from the prying eyes of the public. While this strategy did keep them at a safe distance from angry customers, it could also make a bad situation even worse.

Now that we have much younger CEOs and too many startups to count, we are seeing more of them take on company crises head on. When Skype crashed in 2010, CEO Tony Bates was quick to go on camera to keep everyone up to speed as to what’s happening.

While still at a safe distance from the angry mob of Skype users, he managed to give everyone a sincere apology and provided a comprehensive update on how they were fixing the issue. If that’s not staying on top of things, we don’t know what is.

Customer Testimonials for Better Customer Experience

Customer testimonials may not necessarily fall directly under customer service but they help reinforce positive user experiences. They work to solidify claims and promises your product or services hold.

Showcasing rave reviews and testimonials not only strengthens your reputation but also helps you address concerns that may not instantly be obvious to someone like you, who works behind the scenes.

If your customers are loving your product, you better let the world know about it through YouTube. This assures them and prospective customers that they’re buying from a company that delivers and cares about the quality of the service they provide – which makes them happy customers.

Step things up even further by combining customer testimonials with high-quality YouTube Views and Subscribers from a trustworthy provider. Buying Views and Subscribers will strengthen your credibility as a company and make it easier for customers to find you on YouTube.

Aside from helping you secure a more authoritative reputation, bought social signals can also help draw in organic users to your channel – giving you more exposure and marketing opportunities.

Product Demos

In order to keep your customers happy, you should periodically remind them how they can benefit from using your products or services.

Product demonstrations are like tutorials, but they focus more on the benefits customers can reap. Putting the benefits to the forefront will help customers realize how much value your products or services can offer, but including potential negatives will show them that you’re honest and realistic.

Pocket Fidget is one of the relatively new companies who jumped into the fidget spinner phenomenon. While it’s safe to assume we all can figure out how to operate a fidget spinner from the day we are born, this company goes above and beyond by teaching you tips and tricks to get more use out of their pocket-friendly contraption. Kids love these things.

Giving additional tips will tell customers that you’re not afraid to go the extra mile to ensure their satisfaction, which encourages repeat purchases and brand loyalty.

Tech Support

Most companies struggle to provide their customers with prompt and intelligible technical assistance when they encounter issues.

This means that a lot of already-frustrated customers have an even more frustrating experience calling phone support because a.) they’re already aggravated and b.) they are usually placed on long holds or have to navigate phone menus.

So instead of helping you help your customers, traditional phone support is actually making things a lot worse. If you want to lessen the number of complaints you get over the phone, you have to give your customers access to dependable technical assistance without them having to call you.

Think about it. Tech junkies on the internet, who are not officially associated with brands, are already capitalizing on the need for technical assistance and are gaining popularity for providing quick fixes.

If there’s anybody who should be giving your customers technical assistance, it’s you. Leaving them at the mercy of YouTube techs may result in further damage to your product or brand.

Sony TV knows this, and has used their brand channel to teach their customers how to troubleshoot the blinking light issue with their Sony Bravia units – the right way.

By releasing helpful basic troubleshooting videos on YouTube, customers no longer have to phone in and wait in line to get the assistance they need. Of course, some problems are far more complex than others and maybe can’t be solved completely on YouTube, but putting these videos out there helps you give more specialized assistance when the basic techniques fail to resolve the issue.

Transform Customer Service With YouTube

YouTube has become more than just a platform to share videos. It’s a place where you can strengthen your marketing campaign and provide customers with interactive customer assistance.

Change the way you conduct customer support by addressing common questions and issues using videos.

While you’re transforming your customer service experience, make sure you also build a credible reputation as you go. Buying a respectable amount of YouTube Views and Subscribers can solidify your official presence on the platform, making you appear more credible and a lot easier to find.

Aside from helping you quickly establish a more credible social proof, bought views and subscribers can also help you drive positive traffic to your channel by attracting more authentic viewers.

Now is the time to try YouTube in order to improve your existing customer service process. Make your customers even happier, one video upload at a time.

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