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How You Could Grow Your Blog Traffic By Using YouTube

YouTube has a huge potential due to its built-in audience. For this reason, it is important for you to know how you can use it.

How You Could Grow Your Blog Traffic By Using YouTube

If you are looking to create an additional source of steady traffic for your blog, then YouTube is a great option. The platform can work for almost any blog regardless of its niche. In addition, it will not break your budget. 

However, it is worth noting that YouTube is not a regular channel for marketing. Rather, it is a publishing platform. Meaning, you need to create content that you can publish on  YouTube. Doing this will allow you to build your presence on the platform. Yet, you can use it to generate traffic.

Moreover, YouTube has a huge traffic-generation potential due to its built-in audience. For this reason, it is important for you to know how you can use the video-sharing platform to scale up your blog traffic. 

Below are the tips that you can use if you want to utilize YouTube to drive blog traffic:

Always Include A Video to Your Blog Post

The first step to doing this is to create videos and upload them on YouTube. As mentioned, YouTube is a publishing platform. So, without adding content there regularly, there would be no chance for you to build subscribers or traffic from your channel. 

If you want to use YouTube as a means of driving traffic to your blog, what you should do is to create a quick video every time you are writing an article. Contrary to what you may be thinking right now, creating a video is an easy thing to do. The reason is that the days when you need to learn and master fancy skills or use expensive software just to create a video are already gone. Now, creating videos is for everyone regardless of the skills that they have.

In addition, the internet offers a number of easy to use video-creation websites. You can use that to create short videos about your articles. 

Optimize Your Profile On YouTube

Why you need to optimize your YouTube channel for organic Google has one powerful reason. That is the fact that it is incredibly easy to get a video hosted by YouTube to rank on the organic search listings of Google, consistently buying real YouTube views for yourself in perpetuity. 

YouTube’s algorithm and ranking is a huge mystery. In fact, it is never possible for one to identify the ranking signals of the platform. On the other hand, Google rankings are pretty predictable. When it comes to ranking YouTube videos on Google, only minimal effort is required. 

Here is a list of things that you need in order for your YouTube videos to rank on Google:

  • You need a keyword that has a significant amount of search volume and without crazy competition.
  • Put your chosen keyword in your video page title.
  • Write some original content for the description of your video.

Optimize Your Video Page

After finding out which keywords you need to be targeting, the next thing that you need to do is to optimize your video page. Note that this step may consume more time than actually putting your video together. However, this is an important step that you should never skip. 

How You Could Grow Your Blog Traffic By Using YouTube

YouTube video page SEO is the same as any standard on-page Google SEO tactic. What you need is an attention-grabbing title that has your keyword in it. In addition to that, you also need to write textual content that revolves around your topic.

Below is a checklist of the things that you need to complete when you are uploading your video to your YouTube channel:

  • Title

Your title has a maximum of 100 characters but the best thing to do is to keep it between 65 to 80 characters. 

  • Description

Your description has 5,000 characters maximum. Unlike your title, more character is better in terms of description. The first 150 characters will be your first lines. For this reason, you need to make the most out of them. You can also add some keywords related to the one that you added in your title. In addition, you can use hashtags but it should be limited to 15 hashtags. The first three of those will be visible above your video’s title.

Buying YouTube Views On The Videos With The Best Characteristics

  • Thumbnail

When choosing a thumbnail for your video, try to be consistent with your brand. In addition, you should make the thumbnail attention-grabbing. 

  • Tags

You have a maximum of 500 tags for every video that you publish on YouTube. However, it is not necessary that you add 500 tags. Just use those that are relevant to your video’s content.

  • Playlist

Sort your videos into playlists. Make a playlist for every topic that your videos tackle.

Moreover, your video’s description will probably take most of your time. This is because you have to create it from scratch. 

Link to Your Video Page

Make sure that you provide on your blog a text link to your video page, not just embed it. Adding a link will help your video to rank in Google’s organic search. For this reason, make sure to not miss this step.

Include Clickable Links to Your YouTube Channel

Back then, video creators can easily create clickable links from their videos to their verified sites. Unfortunately, those days are already gone. This is because YouTube tightened its rules to the point that it is already impossible to qualify for this option.

However, there are still two places where you can link your website. First is your video description. As mentioned, only the first 150 characters of your description are immediately visible. For this reason, you should add your associate article link there, 

How You Could Grow Your Blog Traffic By Using YouTube

The second place where you can add your article link is the pinned comment. Video creators can pin one of the comments so that it will always appear at the top of other comments. It is not unusual for creators to pin their own comments.

When pinning a comment that has a clickable link, make sure that it is visible when you are logged out of YouTube. There are times when YouTube ghost-hides comments with external links. If such happens, the best thing to do is to add your link to the description.


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