Effective Ways of Getting More Views for Your Youtube Videos

Effective Ways of Getting More Views for Your Youtube Videos

However, the massive competition in this video-sharing platform does not make it easy for content creators to get the number of views they want. Still, there are a lot of methods that you can use to increase your YouTube views. Besides, the click-through rate also plays a significant impact on your video views. So, you must utilize and improve your YouTube click-through rate.

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How YouTube Star Adriene Mishler Won Over Lockdown

YouTube’s most prominent yoga guru Adriene Mishler often starts her video saying, “Hop into something comfy and let’s get started!” While most people who cannot find anything to do during this quarantine, Mishler’s online yoga class is a healthy and productive distraction. In recent months, she was featured in different articles due to her rising popularity as a YouTube yoga guru. Paper Magazine described Mishler as the patron saint of quarantine, while Refinery29 said that she was the most influential yoga teacher on the planet. Similarly, some fans also dub her with names like “Our savior.”

How YouTube Star Adriene Mishler Won Over Lockdown
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Tips on How to Manage a Successful YouTube Channel

The sudden rise in video blogging culture is primarily due to the cravings of an average teenager and young adult for entertainment in a way never seen before. This rise is the major reason why everyone wants to start a YouTube channel. Why won’t they want to, after all, it can give you fame and increase your influence, it can also make you money while doing what you love.

If you have a YouTube channel or you plan to have one, then you need to learn the right strategy to make your channel a successful one. Don’t forget to buy YouTube views and be aware of the myths! You won’t have a successful YouTube Channel by adding any videos to YouTube. 

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Dream BIG And Go BIG: Learning From A Company Of Fountain Pens That Gathered 25 Million Views

Came from humble beginnings, Brian Goulet, the owner of “The Goulet Pen Co.” made his vision to life when he and his wife decided to make a name for themselves. They launched the company in 2008, and since then, they are known to be the biggest online fountain pen sellers in the United States.

And what do you think was the key to their success? The answer is YouTube. The company’s YouTube channel now has 110k subscribers, over 1,500 videos and garnered 25 million views.


How can YouTube contribute to a small business? In the experience of Goulet, he said that YouTube is the most efficient tool for brand awareness. The videos helped them a lot with brand-building. YouTube made them a household name for fountain pens, that when people wanted to have a fountain pen, they go straight to their website.

In terms of launching your business on YouTube, you may want to follow the steps of how Goulet launched his brand on YouTube.

Step #1

Find your Niche

In the year 2008, Goulet realized that most fountain pen retailer sells its product in physical stores. This gave him an idea to be an online retailer. He thinks that it is a new perspective to be an online retailer and they can even tend the needs of the customer better.

Goulet’s advice is to seek what your community needs but doesn’t have. He also noted to research your topic carefully. Read, read and read, blogs and forums which can give you the information you can use soon. Keep in mind that read topics that can be connected to your niche.

Always engage conversation, and be able to connect and correct what the potential customer or the customers need. Use forums like Reddit to be a platform of conversation.

Find “hashtags” words on all of the online platforms you may think of to help further your reach of the audience. 

Follow prominent influencers who you can communicate and make comments on their posts.

When making content, get all the information you can use to help solve the problem of a person. Exhaust all efforts to gain answers to the inquiries of the public. With this, you may gain the trust of the public, make your brand be known, and help you know what you are talking about.

Also, be mindful that communication is the key to success. You will need to have an organic communication to share and systematize information that can be a help to your business.

Choose your Platform

What is the most efficient platform to amp up your audience and target market? Social Media. And here are some of the platforms that are best to focus on promoting your business:

4 New SEO Tips on How to Get More Views for Your YouTube Videos

When it comes to the most effective platform for the combination of “how-to” and entertainment, this is the place to be. This platform is used by vloggers and video influencers for sponsorships or advertising of products. This would be a great opportunity for business owners to promote their brand.

  • Instagram

A platform that uses pictures to promote a product of any lifestyle. Whether it is from health, beauty products, or clothing, this is the platform that can be your stage.

  • Facebook

Almost everybody in the world uses Facebook to get engaged with other people or be used for running and promoting business. It is also a stepping stone for small businesses to go further. Your business will prosper, with the help of Facebook.

  • Twitter

Anything happening in real-time is the platform that is being maximized. So maximize Twitter in promoting updates of your business every time.

  • Pinterest

Another platform like Instagram that uses visuals. This social media platform is also a great way to promote any kind of legal and creative businesses.

  • Snapchat

A social media platform that is outstanding for fashion, pop cultures and can even be the communicating grounds with your fans and customers.

Identify your Video style

Goulet’s attack is being an educational video. He teaches people what to know about pens and how to utilize them. He also does Q&As on different platforms to gather inquiries from the public, after that, he creates videos answering those queries. Combining visual and educational will get you a follower.

Goulet also uses fewer visuals and showing more of personality in his videos.


Connect with your audience by replying to the comments of your viewers. One thing that can help your business to prosper is to have an interaction with your audience. Even if those comments are negative, Goulet’s advice is to listen and be human. He also said that when someone is upset, do apologize and if the audience has suggestions, be thankful and learn more about the suggestion. Imagine you are talking in front of each other.

Step #2

Making Impactful Videos

Once you have settled the plan, you may now start making your videos. Start from making a storyboard, shoot and edit your videos. Here are some insights from Mr.Goulet about making videos.

Go! Start!

If you wanted it badly, then go! Do not just talk about it, make it happen! With technology nowadays, you can do everything with a smartphone. 

These are some of the basic principles to follow in terms of lighting and audio:

  • Natural light is the best lighting for your background
  • Do not put a light behind you. This would make your face darker.
  • Avoid noisy background or echoes for better audio quality.

A Done Something is Better than a Perfect Nothing

Nobody is an expert from the start. So when creating videos on YouTube, it is okay to be unaware of some things. Do experiments and practice to hone your skills and figure out how will you make your own identity for your video.

It is also easy to edit, edit and edit your videos time after time until it gives you the satisfaction, but it will only be you who will know the difference. You can just make it an 80% good enough and then upload it.

Entering the Technical World of YouTube

8 Ways to Maximize Your YouTube Marketing Results

Prepare the essential things when uploading a video. Always have a great title, a lot of tags, and some picturesque thumbnails. This would be a great help to make your video entice audiences.

Be True, Be You

One great way to have a good video is to be yourself. Do not mimic any kind of personality. Remember, you are the star and nobody else. Do not force something you are not. The important thing is just to be who you are.

Step #3

Time is of the Essence

It is not easy to run a business, better yet a company. You need to exert effort and precious time to continue to be an expert with business and videos. Mr.Goulet found a way to maximize his time and effort efficiently.

Hire a Videographer

Everybody starts at the bottom. Mr.Goulet started with a little equipment and a MacBook that he uses with other business stuff. Hiring an intern that can help you start will be a good thing. Then eventually hire a full-time to help you prepare, create and edit your videos.

Learn to Show Up in a Video when Only Needed

You don’t have to be the center of attention in all of your videos. You only need to choose areas that you would be a big help. Learn to know your limits, having a team will bring you a good video. remember, teamwork makes the dream work!


Always exert time and effort, patience is needed as your business grows gradually. Learn, Learn and Learn. There is always room for improvement, keep in mind that every day we learn new things. And lastly, keep motivating yourself and persevere until you reach success.

Meet Pip, the Southeastern Guide Dogs celebrity with 55 million YouTube views

It is only right to say that dogs are humans’ best friends. As commonly said, ‘if you feed a dog for three days, it will serve you for a lifetime.’ In most cases than not, dogs have proved to be the best companions and helpers for humankind, never leaving even in the worst-case scenarios. Actually, a human could easily abandon their dog, but a dog would even lie on top of its human owner’s grave if death were to strike. Over time, it has become increasingly realistic that investing in dogs is a worthy venture, and even more so for guide dogs.

Meet Pip, the Southeastern Guide Dogs celebrity with 55 million YouTube views

Guide dogs were traditionally trained to be guides for their human owners, regardless of their situation. Over time, they became the best bet if physically challenged people needed help or guide. We have seen cases where dogs are trained to do right about everything for their owners; from guiding visually impaired people, to fetching things as required and even being sent to deliver a message.

In the near future, it is projected that guide dogs will replace human guides totally. This is because, with adequate training, guide dogs turn out to be so thorough in their work, in most cases exceeding expectations. Have we not heard, too, of dogs who are trained to perform first aid on emergency cases?

It is for this reason that Titus Herman has hit the waves of social media platforms across the globe. He is a renowned dog trainer who specializes in guide dogs for people who have vision problems. Most people remember how he got to the social media platform through his short animated film of Pip the pup.

Introducing Pip the Pup

Pip is a young pup that is eager to begin attending school to guide dogs even at a very young age. She is barely big enough for school, but stretches high enough and passes to go in. Inside, her desk is even too high for her, and she has to sit on her books to reach all the way up. Well, she cannot even reach high enough to press the food dispenser! She makes several mistakes but quickly learns from them. When her principal cannot take in his final fail, he banishes Pip from school. 

This is her saddest moment, and she sheds a tear, lost on what to do next. It is while she is stranded outside the school in pity that she realizes a blind lady is having trouble maneuvering through a dangerous construction site. She quickly hurries to her and is able to guide her through to safety. Seeing such a heroic act, the school administration calls her back, and she is awarded by being dressed in the superhero cap alongside her certificate.

The biggest lesson here is that Pip did not lose hope and despair because she had been thrown out of campus. She still had the heart to help out the lady even with a tear in her eyes, choosing to do the positive, helpful thing instead of allowing her sadness to eat away into her heart.

Her warmth and positive energy are quite inspiring, and it is no wonder her short animated film has garnered as many views so far.

The Southeastern Guide Dogs

Titus Herman derived his motivation from the animation case of Pip, the pup. He aimed at showing us the dedication with which guide dogs work even when we throw them out; their beautiful and helpful hearts do not die.

The Southeastern Guide Dogs
The Southeastern Guide Dogs

As such, he took to training many dogs, using the film as his marketing strategy. He is currently training dogs of all types to help out with people who are visually impaired. His dogs include golden retrievers, Labrador retrievers, a crossbreed of the two called goldadors, and several other southeastern dog breeds.

According to Titus, his biggest motivation is the fact that dogs represent eternal optimism and joy, especially to their human friends who have any forms of disability, especially visual challenges. Today, Titus runs a Southeastern campus where he is training at least one thousand dogs to take these roles.

He goes on to state that Pip is a real dog, as featured in the short film. She is still young as portrayed in the film, and just as eager to learn and help the visually impaired people in life. She goes to puppy kindergarten and Titus, in conjunction with Bane, Pip’s raiser are keen on ensuring she learns until she enters the Guide Dog University. She was born on the campus, and currently, she is the youngest pup in the school. The characters Pip portrays on the film are actually even in her real-life; eager to learn on the basics of guide dogs along with the other older pups 

The Southeastern guide dogs’ venture is purely funded by donation helps and activity, and it runs a real dog school with dedicated trainers who aim at bringing out the best in these lovely guide dogs. This is a noble venture that should be given the full support of the people around the world. Of course, the official donors of the entire venture; Gary and Melody Johnson are the noblest people in the world where we understand the fantastic usefulness of dogs.  Any other donors and sponsors of ventures like those of the Southeastern Guide dogs are highly appreciated.

While at it, it would really be helpful to factor in the possibilities of having more and more campuses for guide dogs and in general, service dogs. The amazing help we get from these selfless animals can never be compared to anything else. We know how much they can put their lives on the line just to make sure we are safe from any harm. It is so unfair that after giving us such a service, we can still give them out or abandon them at all. It definitely would be a big venture to have more people like Titus, venturing into the production of trained fury guides.

Ryan’s Toy Review Hailed YouTube Top Earner for 2018 with $22 Million

Ryan’s Toy Review Hailed YouTube Top Earner for 2018Forbes has recently revealed its list of the highest-paid YouTube stars for 2018 which was an interesting mix of creatives who were most sought after and viewed and followed by millions for uploading unique content in the video sharing website. This could be anywhere from giving feisty or funny video game commentaries, fun makeup tutorials, unboxing and product reviews, or just being a happy little boy playing with toys like Ryan of Ryan’s Toy Review, which, by the way, is YouTube’s top earner for 2018.

Ryan’s Toy Review

To unbox shiny new toys, get famous, and rake in millions of dollars, isn’t that the ultimate dream? 7-year-old Ryan of Ryan’s Toy Review on YouTube is living that dream for all us.


The concept of most of his YouTube videos is simple. Ryan plays with the toys, whether it is a train, a Disney character, or building something with his favorite Legos in front of the camera and his parents upload it on YouTube. Sometimes his sisters or his parents star in the YouTube videos, too. The short videos spanning more or less than 10 minutes in length is always a hit.


As a matter of fact, since the launch of Ryan’s Toy Review on YouTube in March 2015, the channel has gained a massive following of 17.3 million followers and has been viewed a total of almost 26 billion times. Unsurprisingly, he was announced as 2018’s YouTube top earner for 2018, making 22 million U.S. dollars in the 12 months up to June 1, 2018, according to Forbes.

Where do all his earnings come from?

A huge chunk of Ryan’s million-dollar earnings comes from pre-roll advertising on his YouTube channels, Ryan ToysReview, and Ryan’s Family Review. The higher the views of the videos, the bigger the earnings become as well. Ryan has the biggest clout and viewership with other top contenders on YouTube’s highest-paid list for 2018.


When it comes to sponsored posts, Ryan gets 1 million U.S. dollars, which is significantly low compared to what other YouTube stars are receiving. This is primarily due to his specific demographic, which are mainly young children who don’t have their own shopping money, and because Ryan’s family can be picky when it comes to the kind of deals they accept.


What is his Secret?

“I’m entertaining and I’m funny,” Ryan, whose family still refuse to reveal his last name, revealed in a recent NBC interview when asked about what could have led to his instant fame on YouTube and his millions at such a young age.


While this is also definitely true, experts explain that this is also because of the widely popular unboxing video trend on YouTube, which many, if not all, of Ryan’s Toy Reviews most popular videos, are a part of. In these type unboxing videos, YouTube content creators are filmed while literally opening the box of merchandise, whether it is an electronic gadget, a consumer good like makeup, or new toys in the case of Ryan’s Toy Review.


According to experts, unboxing videos are extremely popular because they virtually share the experience of opening and exploring a product that the users want to have in real life. Others could be using it as some sort of a first-impression type of product review that they need to see before making an actual purchase.


Getting the most out of his YouTube fame, Ryan has a lot of new partnerships, including his own show that will be distributed on Hulu and Amazon. He has also launched Ryan’s World in August, which is his signature line of toys and apparel exclusive sold Walmart. These big-ticket partnerships have not yet been added to Ryan’s total 2018 earnings.

Other Highest-Paid YouTube Stars

Forbes’ list of top money-making YouTube celebrities calculated the sum of their earnings from June 1, 2017, through June 1, 2018. Aside from Ryan of Ryan’s Toy Review, other YouTube celebrities who made into Forbes list include the following:


  • Jake Paul with 21.5 million U.S. dollars

    Jake Paul is an American actor whose first claim to fame was on the Disney Channel series Bizaardvark where he played the role of Dirk Mann, the lead star of Dare Me Bro who takes on dare requests. He has more than 17 million subscribers on YouTube and his rap songs and prank videos have been viewed 3.5 billion times.

  • Dude Perfect with 20 million U.S. dollars

    This channel specializes in amazing trick shots created by five friends Coby and Cory Cotton, Garrett Hilbert, Cody Jones, and Tyler Toney. They have more than 37 million YouTube subscribers and one of their most viral videos gained a jaw-dropping 175 million views. This involved throwing Ping-Pong balls to trigger the collapse of a domino of Oreos.

  • DanTDM with 18.5 million U.S. dollars

    Dethroned from last year’s top spot, electric-blue-haired DanTDM or Daniel Middleton ranks number three for 2018. The gaming enthusiast from Britain has been playing online games, such as Minecraft and Pokemon in front of the camera for six years now and has attracted over 20 million subscribers on YouTube.

  • Jeffree Star with 18 million U.S. dollars

    Professional makeup artist and cosmetic creator, Jeffree Star, has been Internet famous since the days of Myspace. He currently has more than 11.5 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and sells more than 100 million dollars worth of his own makeup products every year.

  • Markiplier with 17.5 million U.S. dollars

    Mark Edward Fischbach,a.k.a. Markiplier on YouTube, entertain his 22 million YouTube subscribers with funny gaming videos, original comedy sketches, animated parodies. The Hawaii native toured North America this year and has signed big-ticket, seven-figure deals with high-end brands.


    Other notable YouTube celebrities on Forbes top 10 lists are Vanoss Gaming (17 million U.S. dollars), Jacksepticeye (16 million U.S. dollars), PewDiePie (15 million U.S. dollars), and Logan Paul (14.5 million U.S. dollars) who was infamously kicked out of YouTube’s Google Preferred program after filming a grotesque video in Japan showing a body of someone hanging from a tree who committed suicide.


Five YouTube Marketing Campaigns Your Brand Can Use

The kind of YouTube marketing campaign your brand chooses to launch will be shaped by the culture of the brand, the goals, and objectives of the campaign, and your target market. For companies that never run a marketing campaign on the video platform, YouTube marketing can help you optimize their brand awareness and reach which in turn means more sales conversions.

Five YouTube Marketing Campaigns Your Brand Can Use

But apart from the obvious pre-roll ads, we all know YouTube for, what other kinds of campaigns can your brand run?


  • Marketing Product Placements on YouTube. Among the most frequent and efficient kinds of video marketing campaigns is incorporating a product, service, or even a logo into a video posted on YouTube that is often not directly related to your brand. By featuring a product or service of the brand on YouTube, or even showing the brand’s logo in a favorable light, a company can easily grab the attention of thousands or even millions of YouTube viewers and potential customers. The product could be a part of the set or logo placed on the screen.


  • YouTube Unboxing Videos. Unboxing videos are where a YouTube user will unpack a new product and explore the features of a product or even give viewers a quick tutorial on assembling or using the new item. Unboxing-style videos on YouTube are unbelievably popular and have become a preferred marketing strategy for many brands. These have some of the highest ROI of YouTube video marketing. Brands will often send a select package of their products to a YouTube influencer who then chooses how and when to unbox.


  • YouTube Tutorials, Demonstrations, Guides, and How-Tos. Working with a prominent YouTube celebrity or even a micro influencer,  to create a very instructional, demonstration, how-to guide, or tutorial is among the top ways for brands to get in touch with millions of engaged viewers while at the same time providing value to his or her subscribers and even global audiences. This is a hugely popular reason for people buying YouTube subscribers.


  • Vlog-Style Marketing Campaigns. For top personalities on YouTube, one of the most engaging and shareable ways of sharing is when they document an experience or create a video blog talking with subscribers. For brands, tapping the attentive followers of a YouTube personality, using vlogs can help them get exposed to thousands, if not millions, of online followers. Behind your brand and marketing campaign will be the personality of the Youtuber you choose to partner with.


  • Creative Video Marketing Campaigns. Engaging marketing campaigns usually involve integrating creative video idea about a product or service. Creative campaigns often show a different take compared with other types of video marketing campaigns. They are most likely to garner good engagement levels on the part of the consumers (such as likes or even social shares) and have a better chance at going viral on YouTube.


Tapping YouTube Influencers

Based on the tips above, brands have a good reason to tap into the fanbase of an influencer on YouTube to help spread the word about their product or service.

But finding the right influencer for your campaign can be a difficult path. Here are some tips your brand can use.


Filter Through Channels Immediately. You can look for YouTube influencers based on their views per video as well as engagement in terms of the number of comments, likes, or shares per video. You can also look at influencers based on the countries they are in and where their majority audience is based as well as the language they speak.


You can also look for influencers who talk about topics that may be relevant to the product or service you are selling. Their age and the tone of their videos should also match up with your brand story.


Look at Real-Time Analytics. You can tap influencers but see their real-time metrics first. Check if the influencer is the right fit for your video marketing campaign. For example, how consistent are the video views of the influencer? A product or service can look at the last 20 or 30 videos of a YouTube creator, and see the average views of his or her videos.


You can also look at the sponsorship density of the influencer’s account. How many of his videos are sponsored? You don’t want to partner with an influencer who may dilute your brand because they share all sorts of diverse brand stories. Seeing the number of sponsored videos will give products and services an idea of whether or not the influencer is a good candidate for your campaign.


Select the Right Influencers. You can select the right YouTube influencers for your product or service. Studying the right influencers on YouTube can be extremely time consuming and may only provide limited insight into your product or service. This means content creators and marketers should look for important data such as demographics, popularity, or influence of the YouTube personality.


One of the huge mistakes marketers commit in influencer marketing is underestimating the pull that top YouTube stars have with their audience and consequently the amount of money you would be required to pay them. It is crucial to know that YouTube influencers who have millions of fans can often cost as much as traditional media celebrities.


The influence of YouTube celebrities is just as engaging these days, if not more relevant than traditional advertising methods because Youtube content creators can engage and directly speak with their viewers. However, for brands and campaigns that are smaller, the huge costs of YouTube stars make collaborations quite an impossibility. These companies should focus on fostering relationships with micro YouTubers as a means of building brand awareness through the video platform.


Micro-influencers often have a high value and return on investment than expected because they have small but very dedicated fanbases.  Partnering with a highly relevant micro-influencer on YouTube is a good way to have a good break into the video influencer marketing landscape. At the same time, tapping a YouTube influencer who is an expert in a niche means not spending the large financial investment that is often budgeted to work with the more high-profile, established influencers.


So What is Next for Businesses?

After you have selected the best YouTube influencers for your video marketing campaign, the product or service will need to begin the influencer outreach process and negotiate a mutually beneficial brand deal.

Following these considerations should help products and services by selecting the right YouTube influencers and marketing to promote organic conversations that will result in shortened and better sales cycles as well as lower acquisition costs.



So what do you think of the tips here? Join us in our conversation.

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Getting the latest updates on the 2018 World Cup is a lot easier now, thanks to the many YouTube channels that will be covering the event. Here are some of the highly recommended places to get your YouTube World Cup highlights.
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