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youtube world cup highlights

The Best Places for YouTube World Cup Highlights: Watch Every GOOOOOOOOAL!!!

Getting the latest updates on the 2018 World Cup is a lot easier now, thanks to the many YouTube channels that will be covering the event. Here are some of the highly recommended places to get your YouTube World Cup highlights.

Best YouTube World Cup highlights: FIFATV

One of the first places where you would want to get your World Cup highlights from is the FIFATV channel. This is the World Cup’s official YouTube channel and features the latest news about the event. It also provides a preview of the upcoming matches.

Besides the highlights, FIFA TV also features a variety of videos that look into various aspects of the World Cup, including:

  • Interviews with players, coaches, and football experts
  • A look back at some of the best World Cup moments.
  • Updates on the Women’s World Cup

Most of the videos are no more than three minutes long, which makes them great for quick watching. FIFATV uploads several videos a day, giving you plenty to watch.

Best YouTube World Cup highlights: ESPN

Sports channel ESPN is always a popular choice when it comes to YouTube World Cup highlights. The channel is well-known for the detailed commentaries made by its team of experts about the teams and the players.

These commentaries will give you a lot of insights about the competition between teams. You definitely would want to share all that knowledge with your buddies during the obligatory conversations about the event.

Best YouTube World Cup highlights: Telemundo

Spanish language channel Telemundo is one of the networks that will be broadcasting World Cup highlights in a “near live” manner. This is part of the deal that it and Google reached for the event’s coverage. The highlights will be first be broadcasted on Telemundo’s channel and website before being published on its YouTube channel minutes later.

Aside from the highlight reels, Telemundo is producing an original YouTube series, Somos Mundial (We Are The World). The series will take a look back at the history of some of the Latin American teams that are participating in this year’s Cup. If you are an avid fan of any of these teams, the show is definitely a must watch.

Best YouTube World Cup highlights: Fox Soccer

The Fox Soccer YouTube channel is being listed all the way down here because it does not currently have very many videos on it. It has pretty much the same deal as Telemundo where that it is going to be broadcasting highlights which are almost live.

Before the start of the World Cup, their entire World Cup related content was just two playlists. Here is one of them, keeping in mind that videos are heavily geo-restricted:

youtube world cup highlights fox soccerIf they continued to create content like this, as they have after match 1 with full highlights, their channel will soon gain more subscribers very quickly. With the USA hilariously out of the World Cup this year, it is very surprising that they are not opening themselves up to a wider audience outside of the USA.

Canadian viewers that are being blocked can try TSN for near-instant highlights:

Marcelo’s YouTube channel

If you are looking for a more personal approach to YouTube World Cup highlights, several participating players will be running their own vlogs during the event. One of them is Brazilian defender Marcelo.

Aside from on-pitch highlights, Marcelo will be featuring a behind-the-scenes look at the preparations his team is doing for their games. He will also be sharing his personal experiences in Russia, all as part of his efforts to really build his YouTube channel with lots of unique content. For those that nao falo portuguese, you can turn on the English captions.

The best World Cup highlights on YouTube

These are just a few of the many soccer-related channels on YouTube that will likely be posting their own World Cup highlight videos for the event on YouTube. Check out more of them to build your list of channels to follow and get your YouTube World Cup highlights from, and check out some of the best YouTube World Cup ads before you go. After all, you don’t want to miss even a single goal made during this exciting sporting spectacle!


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