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15 of the Websites and Blogs that Will Help You Learn More About YouTube This 2021

If you want to be a YouTube creator yourself, then here are the blogs and websites that you can check out to learn more about YouTube.

15 of the Websites and Blogs that Will Help You Learn More About YouTube This 2021

The internet has allowed people to learn about almost everything. One particular thing that became very popular is vlogging. As a result, there are now thousands of content creators buying YouTube views who identify themselves as vloggers. 

If you want to be a YouTube creator yourself, then here are the blogs and websites that you can check out to learn more about YouTube and vlogging:

Youtube Official Blog

The official blogging website of YouTube is a page where you can find the latest things about the platform. The company posts updates, news, and everything about the top 10 sites to buy YouTube views in this official blog. 

In addition, About Blog YouTube features artists and YouTubers from around the globe so more and more people could know about them. 

YouTube Creator Blog

The YouTube Creator Blog is a place where you can find everything that you need to know about YouTube products. For instance, the company posts announcements about new programs, such as YouTube NextUp there. In addition, it contains interesting community happenings.

According to YouTube, the mission of the YouTube Creator Blog is to give people a voice so that the world can hear them. 

Moreover, if you want to start YouTube, this website is the best place to go to find out the latest news. 

YouTube SEO Expert

This website provides people with the best YouTube SEO and video marketing tips. In addition, it offers YouTuber promotion and advertising services. So, if you want to grow your YouTube channel in a fast and organic place, then YouTube SEO Expert is your go-to place.

Apart from the aforementioned services, this website also offers guides that you can use to grow your YouTube subscribers and engagements. For this reason, it is perfect for people who are still beginning to build their channels. It provides useful and effective blogs about YouTube that people can learn from.

YouTube Bootcamp

Are you looking for proven and effective tips and strategies for promoting your business on YouTube? Then the YouTube Bootcamp can do that trick! With this website, you will be able to grow your brand, attract customers, increase your sales. What is even better is that the YouTube Bootcamp will help you use video for success. The reason is that it provides intense training and effective tips. 


This website is an online magazine. It features talented vloggers, comedians, musicians, content creators, as well as their fans. Here, you can find features, news, and even interviews that are related to YouTube.


9to5Google is a website that provides people with breaking news about Google Pixel. It also offers the latest updates about Google Home, Android, Google Apps, Chromebooks, and many more!

15 of the Websites and Blogs that Will Help You Learn More About YouTube This 2021

But of course, this website carries the most recent news and updates about YouTube. So, if you want to learn more about this platform, 9to5Google is one of the best places to go. 

The Verge

The Verge is an online news site and magazine that gives people in-depth reporting and breaking news coverage. It also offers product reviews and community content through a unified and modern platform.

This website has a search engine that you can use to filter out all the news and articles related to YouTube. You’ll be surprised with how much useful content you can find!

Search Engine Journal

YouTube is the second largest search engine next to Google, its parent company. For this reason, the online magazine Search Engine Journal often features the said video-sharing platform. It provides readers with news and trends about YouTube. In addition, you can use SEJ to find guidelines about how you can create, promote, optimize, and advertise your videos.  


TechCrunch is the right website to go for people who are looking for reports about technology-related0 businesses, startups, and more. It has a page where you can find all the information and upd0ates about YouTube. In addition, this website is a pretty popular one as it publishes very useful articles.


Vice is a website that carries definitive guides to enlightening information about everything that matters around us. It has the most recent, useful, and relevant news and information about YouTube. For this reason, you can check out Vice if you are looking for useful blogs to grow your YouTube channel.


Unlike the other websites on this article, Storyblocks offers tutorials and tips that people can use to bring their story to life. You can check this website’s blogs to find the best audio and video tutorials, so you can learn how to create your first vlog.

YouTuber Gadgets

The YouTuber Gadgets is one of the most useful websites in this blog. It gives people information about the tools and equipment that every YouTuber needs. The blogs on the website also carry comprehensive guides that teach new YouTube creators how to use the tools that they need to know as vloggers.


Tubebloggy is a browser plugin that aids YouTubers in saving time and growing their channels using innovative tools. In addition, it features YouTube creators who can inspire you in your journey to becoming a vlogger.

15 of the Websites and Blogs that Will Help You Learn More About YouTube This 2021

Musicbed Blog

Musicbed Blog is a site that contains all the things that you need to know so you can become an excellent filmmaker. What is even better is that all the information will go straight into your inbox. If you are aiming to become one of the best video creators on YouTube, this website is the right one for you.

E&T Engineering and Technology

E&T is an award-winning website and magazine for engineers. It features design and production, built environment, transport, energy, as well as IT and communications. So, if you are an engineer who wants to get into the world of vlogging, then the E&T Engineering & Technology is a useful website. 

The Takeaway

YouTube is a popular platform. So, if you want to enter the realm of vlogging, taking a look at the websites above will help you greatly in finding out the things that you need to understand. 


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