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YouTube Hashtags: How Effective Are They and How To Use Them

YouTube, as we know it, is the world’s leading video streaming platform. Furthermore, it is one of the largest search engines in the world.

YouTube Hashtags: How Effective Are They and How To Use Them

Twitter was the social media platform that introduced hashtags. These are tags preceded with a hash symbol (#) and hence the name. They help in grouping and categorizing content to promote ease of search. Due to how effective hashtags are as content filters, other social media platforms adapted them. In YouTube, for example, hashtags are used to denote the topic the video is centering around. 

YouTube, as we know it, is the world’s leading video streaming platform. Furthermore, it is one of the largest search engines in the world. The platform is filled with gazillions of videos about different topics. So, it is easy for a video to get lost in this sea of content. 

Fortunately, there are things that people can do to help viewers find their content easier. One is writing descriptions with keywords. This makes YouTube include the video when showing search results. 

Then, there are the hashtags mentioned above. Like in other social media platforms, people wanting more specific results use hashtags for searches. Likewise, by clicking on a hashtag, YouTube will show users videos containing that use the same hashtag. So including hashtags will help a video rank on those searches or make it more discoverable.

How Hashtags Can Increase Views

The reason why you would want to use hashtags is to make your videos get more exposure. But does that translate to more views?

YouTube says that hashtags have the potential to increase views. But, it admits that it is not ensured. Other critical factors in the YouTube algorithm, like Audience Retention, will still significantly impact. Still, there are many reasons why you should use hashtags. They give free bonuses that you should not refuse.

One, hashtags could direct users who just watched a video to yours, as long as they are common. Also, as stated above, people can click on hashtags to see related content. 

Aside from that, hashtags let YouTube understand what your video is about. So, its algorithm would know that it could include that on recommendations. 

Finally, you can use hashtags to tie your videos together even without making a playlist. This way, interested people would be able to find the rest of the series a lot easier. Also, they have an easier way to recommend it to friends. The ability to do this while reducing workload is a blessing you should appreciate.

Downsides of Using Hashtags + Dos and Don’ts

Hashtags can help bring new viewers to your channel. But, they can also send people away. Since they are prominently displayed and clickable, people may get tempted to see videos about that topic. They could make you lose potential views. 

So, oversaturating a video with a bunch of hashtags is highly discouraged. Aside from increasing the chance for viewers to click away, YouTube will ignore them all if there are more than 15. 

A great way to solve this problem is by using branded hashtags on all of your videos. If people click on them, they will land on a page dominated by your own videos. That way, even if the “click-aways” hurt one of your video’s Audience Retention, it will not hurt their session time.

Now, regarding other things you should not do. You should never use hashtags that are unrelated to your video. For example, you should not use Henry Cavill’s name to talk about the movie Shrek. While this may increase the traffic to your channel, those viewers would not be pleased. That could hurt your rating on the ranking. Also, you could get banned for violating YouTube’s “misleading metadata policy.” 

Finding The Hashtags To Use

There would be no sense in using a hashtag if no one is interested in it or uses it for a search. Since you should include at least three and be advised to stick with the minimum, you should choose wisely. It seems like a daunting task. But, you can do it easily just by doing some exploration on YouTube. 

In Trending Videos

You can type ‘#’ in the YouTube search bar to see what’s trending right now. Likewise, you can learn about them on YouTube’s trending category. Observe these to find hashtags you can relate to your brand. 

However, that may be a little challenging since videos in there are assorted. So, what you should do is to search for trending videos about things that you cover. This would narrow things down, allowing you to hone in on trends that had something to do with you.

YouTube Hashtags: How Effective Are They and How To Use Them

Then, to ensure the trend is relevant, it is highly recommended that you set the “upload date” filter to this week. With that filter on, you’d see only the recently uploaded videos. 

Last, you want to focus on the videos on the list that have a substantial amount of views. This is where the golden hashtag lies.

On Competitor’s Channels

Just like in regular business, knowing what your competitors are doing offers so many benefits. 

On YouTube, you can look at the all-time best-performing videos from the most successful channels. These videos can have more than a million views. The good thing is that you can use their success to your advantage. By adding the same hashtags that they used on their videos will “link” them together. People attracted by their videos would likely look for more. And since you added the same hashtags, they will click on your videos. 

Hashtag Tools

You can also look for suggestions outside of YouTube. For example, there is an online tool called There, you can type a topic, and the system will give you various hashtag recommendations.

YouTube Hashtags: How Effective Are They and How To Use Them


Hashtags are great additions to your video descriptions. They improve your content’s visibility. While there are downsides, it is offset by how much more benefit comes from hashtags.

Know where to look for hashtags. Keep the best and worst practices in mind. These would ensure that your hashtags will be able to contribute to your success on YouTube.

The annual National Football League championship game, known as the “Big Game,” always generates a lot of hype. Even amidst the current events, the Big Game has not failed to excite football fans. 

The game took place on Feb. 17 at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida. It was a match between the National Football Conference (NFC) champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the American Football Conference (AFC) champion Kansas City Chiefs. The Big Game lived up to fans’ expectations. It was a blast to watch. The game ended with a score of 31–9 in favor of the Buccaneers. It marked the first time a team played in their home stadium and won the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

How Google And YouTube Kept the Hype For The Big Game Amidst The Pandemic

Admittedly, it would have been better if more people were able to watch it in person. However, because of COVID-19 protocols, only 25,000 fans were permitted in the stadium. This set this year’s championship game the least attended. 

But that does not mean fewer people were excited about it. The Big Game is an event Americans wait for every year. Even the gaming channels on YouTube not related to a football can’t help but talk about it. Not because they can’t be physically present means fans cannot watch the game.

Furthermore, Google – as usual – fueled the Big Game hype. It helped put the fans in the football festivities, days before the scheduled match. 

Interested in what they did? Here they are:

Google Assistant Got Some Fun And Useful Features

Android phones or Google smart device owners could use Google’s personal assistant to manage the day. “Hey Google, set a pizza timer” or “Hey Google, set a timer for chicken wings” were common during the day. These commands instruct the device to set game day-themed timers so fans can cook their favorite grub before -or during – the game. Likewise, they were able to set a reminder for when kickoff is about to start.

Even casual watchers benefitted from the new features. Google Assistant gained the ability to teach them how to speak like a football fan. Also, people could ask Google to give them facts about football. With that, they would not feel like they’re left out. People could also ask the Google assistant who it thinks will win the game. It helped them decide which team to root for. Plus, it added a layer of fun, especially for those who like to make bets on who’s going to win.

Google TV Broadcast

CBS broadcasted this year’s championship game. Fans were also able to watch it on mobile through the CBS Sports App or the CBS Website. Likewise, fans were able to stream the Big Game with a subscription to CBS All Access. 

Google TV was on the rescue for people who did not have cable. They could tune in on their Chromecast with Google TV or Google TV App for Android users. 

AdBlitz on YouTube

Normally, people hate seeing ads on YouTube. They press the “skip ad” button as soon as they can. But during the Big Game season, things are different. At this time of the year, some of the best ads come out. And there is a whole YouTube channel where you can find them all. 

How Google And YouTube Kept the Hype For The Big Game Amidst The Pandemic

AdBlitz has served as the home for both in-game and digital-only advertisers to showcase their Big Game ads on YouTube. On this channel, fans can discover and watch their favorite Big Game ads before, during, and after the game. Furthermore, they can also find teasers, extended cuts, and more. 

You would see how popular the Big Game is through the views of the ads that are tied to it. These ads reach millions! And people come to this channel specifically to watch them! Advertisers even treat it as a competition. The ads that will accumulate the most views will get, well, bragging rights for the rest of the year. It could be just as competitive and intense as the football game itself. 

Search’s Stat Sheet

Of course, since the Big Game has been part of the American Culture, there are traditions. And as stated above, people don’t want to be left out. So, as the day of the big game approached – as people prepared for it, interesting search trends emerged. Google released data about the most-searched things in each state related to the Big Game.

For instance, Google Trends unveiled an infographic showing which team is more popular in each state. They counted the Google searches for them since the NFL playoffs began. The chart showed that the competing teams are equally popular. On the other hand, the quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeated Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Maholmes by a landslide. There had been more internet searches for Maholmes in only 8 of the 50 States. Interestingly, these states are the ones near Kansas.

How Google And YouTube Kept the Hype For The Big Game Amidst The Pandemic


The stats also revealed that fans plan to enjoy the whole event – the halftime show included. There had been an influx in searches for the lyrics of Blinding Lights, Save Your Tears, Wicked Games, Heartless, and The Hills. All of these are songs by the Canadian artist The Weeknd, who performed during the halftime show.

Unsurprisingly, “seven-layer dip” was trending again. It does it every year, and this one is no exception. Google Trends also revealed the most-searched food items in each state for the big game. When one can’t be in the stadium, the best way to watch it is by making it feel like they do. The easiest way to do that is by munching on the same appetizers and small bites you typically find in the stadium.

Google really left no space untouched. It made sure that people would be able to watch the Big Game like they always do. Or at least feel like that. They even mentioned the Superb Owl – the trend where people post photos of owls to disrupt discussions about football. We can rest assured that no matter what happens next year, whether the situation gets better or worse, we count on Google. It will find ways to fuel the hype for the beloved Big Game.


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