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Welcome YouTube’s New Foundry’s Class Of 2021

YouTube Music has a program called Foundry. It is a series of workshops and content creation sessions at YouTube Spaces that began in 2016.

Welcome Foundry's Class Of 2021

YouTube may not be as focused on music as SoundCloud, but it still does contribute to the industry. Like SoundCloud, YouTube does several programs to help indie artists grow their careers.


YouTube Music has a program called Foundry. It is a series of workshops and content creation sessions at YouTube Spaces that began in 2016. The project aims to provide artists with tools they can use to grow their presence on the platform. The prominence Dua Lipa has today is a testament to the success of the program. Dua Lipa is one of the first alumni of the program. She says that Foundry was her introduction to YouTube. At that time, Dua Lipa was just starting her music career. Dua Lipa says she has learned how to connect to her fans thanks to Foundry. The learnings that she got from Foundry made her the youngest female artist to earn 1 million views on a YouTube video

Now, five years later, a new batch of indie artists sets out to take the same journey. This year’s batch is special because it is the year when YouTube Music received the most applications ever. As a result, it has the largest Foundry Class to date. It consists of 27 independent artists representing 14 different countries. Therefore, it goes without saying that it is the most diverse. Charitable subscribers even bought real YouTube views on their favorite aspiring artists to help them get popular! 

These artists will receive dedicated partner support from YouTube. Likewise, they will receive seed funding invested in the development of their content. These will enable artists to launch their music with more significant impact and global reach. 

Meet Foundry’s Class of 2021

Here are the indie artists in this year’s Foundry Class and something you may find interesting about each of them:

Ambar Lucid

Hailing from Colorado, Ambar Lucid describes his music as magical, healing, and inspiring.

Bad Milk 

She is a Columbian who loves experimenting with different sounds and portraying different emotions. She says her music is “chameleonic.”

Bella Schmurda 

Bella is a Nigerian whose music connects with everyone. She describes it as ‘spiritual’ and ‘conscious.’


Twenty-one-year-old Blessd is a Columbian who has always dreamt of being a music artist. He also says he has to do it for his family. 


Indie artist chilldspot from Japan considers enjoying music the biggest goal for any artist.


Japanese indie artist Doul wants to use her music to touch her fans’ souls. She plans to do it through her expressions such as my sound, lyrics, fashion, or makeup.


Ebhoni is an indie artist from Canada who uses music to tell her own story and experiences.


Enny, who comes from London, is an artist whose musical style has “a new vibe with an old feel and a fresh perspective.”

Fana Hues

American artist Fana Hues pours herself onto her craft. Therefore, her music style is unique.

Junior Mesa

From the United States comes this bold indie artist. Junior Mesa says he will express himself in a way that satisfies his will. He refuses to conform to anyone’s standards.

Marina Sena 

Marina Sena loves being an independent artist, for she loves making the sound that is really all about her.

Welcome Foundry's Class Of 2021


Like the other artists in this class, Meekz likes telling stories in his own way. He acknowledges that being an indie artist requires a lot of dedication, focus, and behind-the-scenes work. But they can “make popular happen.”

Paranoid 1966

This indie artist wants to develop his art and music without ties to any constraints. He works with his producer Boixy.

Paris Texas

Paris Texas from Los Angeles, California, says indie artists’ ideas mold the landscape of the field they are in. Success to them means all kinds of artists acknowledge their ideas and craft. He describes indie music as a lot of good ideas and his work as having fun.


The sound of Raveena’s music is not the only thing important to her. She considers visuals as a huge part of her artistry. With the combination of beautiful sounds and colorful visuals, Raveena brings people to her dream-like world.


Regie’s music is “normal.” He uses it to let the world know he is human. Because of that nature, anyone can relate to Reggie’s music. 

Rote Mütze Raphi

Raphi says she must have started singing the same time she started thinking. Right from the start, she knew she wanted to be a musician. Her goal is to touch people with her music and help them to go through a hard time.

Se So Neon

Korean Se So Neon believes being an independent artist means pursuing novelty and making colorful music that crosses genres. 

Seedhe Maut

Indian artist, Seedhe Maut’s music, aims to give a voice to people who “go against the grain and follow their own convictions.”He is one of those people who live their life with no regrets. That is why he chose the Hip-hop genre. It helps him articulate his hopes and dreams, and ultimately, be who he wants to be. 


Shygirl from London, England, describes her music as “lusty and precious.” Also, she says it is “experimental yet familiar.” To her, being an independent artist means choosing their own narrative every day

Welcome Foundry's Class Of 2021

Sinead Harnett

English singer Sinead Harnett puts so much time and work into being an artist, simply for her love of it. She is so passionate that she wants to write and sing forever.

Snail Mail

Snail Mail defines immediate success as making music that she, herself, would listen to. Meanwhile, she says long-term success is making music as long as it feels right to do so. To her, being an independent artist is about maintaining integrity. At the same time, it is about enjoying the freedom to do what they want in their own creative way.


So Fagyo believes that an independent artist’s journey is harder than anyone else. But, it allows them to be who and what they want. That’s why despite the difficulties they may encounter, being an indie artist is worth it.


Australian artist Sycco’s music is “colorful and excitable.” As a person, she values any accomplishment, no matter how big or small. 

Tenille Arts

Tenille Arts, originating from Canada, makes country music with modern lyrics and melodies. 


From the Dominican Republic, Tokischa dreams of standing out in countries that are far from her culture through her music. She wants to do it through her label-less music, which she describes as a “free, new wave.”


Tuyo’s music aims to let listeners feel as if they are floating or flying. More than a type of sound or genre, it centers on feelings. 


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