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Top YouTube Statistics to Help You Get Even More YouTube Views

Top YouTube Statistics to Help You Get Even More YouTube Views

Except you live on another planet, which I know you don’t, you’ve definitely heard of the platform YouTube. The site is the most popular video-sharing platform that you can find on the internet, it has occupied this position for years, and it doesn’t seem like it will relinquish it anytime soon.

One of the most outstanding features that I’m certain you will agree to is that the platform is straightforward to use. When it comes to buying YouTube views, you really want to read our list of the safest Top 10 websites to buy YouTube views from before you jumpstart your YouTube channel. Whether you’re a content creator who wants to market his/her product on the platform, a viewer who is curious about something and want to get answers for it on YouTube, or you’re someone who wants to watch funny videos, whichever category you fall into, the platform is planned in such a way that makes it easy for all to navigate.

YouTube Statistics To Get You More YouTube Views

Because of the ease in sharing videos on the platform, viewers have a wide range of videos to watch. If you would like to learn how to play football, how to cook, watch how to survive a plane crash, gaming videos, movie thrillers, etc. whatever the video it is, you should check it out on YouTube.

From the very first video that the founders of the platform uploaded to it, the number of videos has grown from 0 to over a billion in the last 15 years.

Here are some statistics about the platform that we think will help you to understand it better;

Top YouTube Statistics to Get More YouTube Views

1. Monthly Active Users

According to Statistica, in a ranking done for all popular social media sites in the world in the year 2019, YouTube came second with over two billion users; this makes it the second most visited social media site after Facebook. The statistics say that YouTube has over 2 billion monthly active users, ranking it far ahead of any other video sharing platform.

In case you don’t know what monthly active users are, they are those who use the platform by logging in to their account at least once a month. The statistics itself does not portray the total number of people who use the platform as there is a preponderant number of people who use the platform without logging in to their account, unlike Facebook where you can’t use without logging in to your account.

If you are a marketer, these statistics can be of immense value to you because it shows you that it is a huge market to advertise. YouTube has more registered users than the population of any country in the world; imagine having a successful YouTube campaign where a mere ten percent of those monthly active viewers will purchase your product, that’s a lot of awareness and sales, right?

2. YouTube occupies the enviable position of the second most popular social media platform

In case the first statistics did not amuse you, here’s another that would. A research conducted by Datareportal in the year 2019 shows that 79 percent of Internet users have an active Youtube account.

Although YouTube operates as a subsidiary of Google, Google acquired the company from its original owners for a sum of $1.65billion. The acquisition was as far back as 2006, and ever since then, the platform has shown itself to be the goose that lays the golden egg.

Ever since the creation of the platform, the company always emphasizes on providing easy to view and quick to access videos, and this mission is what has continually made it relevant till today.

3. YouTube speaks whatever language you speak

YouTube is well tailored for the average user, one fact that supports this claim is that the platform supports 80 languages, which represents over 90 percent of internet users. The platform plans to extend this to 100% before the end of 2030.

In comparison, Facebook is only available in less than 50 languages, although it is a more popular platform.

As a user or content creator, the language that YouTube displays to you is determined by the settings on your account and not your current location. It means that you can access YouTube when you travel to another country that speaks a language that is strange to yours.

If you’re a marketer, these statistics can help let you target the audience you want to see your product/service.

If you’re a content creator, ensure to optimize your video to suit your target audience, you can do that by translating your video to one of the 80 languages that are available on YouTube. You can translate the comments on your video, and reply to them in the language that they’re using to communicate with you. When you go the extra mile to communicate with your audience in their preferred language, it will make them a more loyal fan.

Top YouTube Statistics You Get More YouTube Views

4. YouTube usage based on different generations

It is estimated that, at a minimum, 90% of U.S. internet users within 18 to 44 years of age have a YouTube account. Surprisingly, half of the internet users above the age of 75 in those two countries use YouTube. For the past five years, the most used social media platform in the U.S. and U.K. is YouTube.; this statistic has clearly shown that if you’re a marketer, your number one platform for marketing to an audience from those two countries should be YouTube.

As a marketer, this statistic will help you to understand the demographics of the platform so that you can know if your target audience is present on YouTube or not.

5. YouTube users prefer to access the platform from a mobile phone than a desktop.

Everybody is spending a more considerable amount of their free time on the cell phone than some other gadgets. According to YouTube, over 70% of those accessing the platform are doing so from their smartphones.

As such, if you’re a content creator, you always need to ensure that your contents are mobile-friendly because that’s where the bulk of your views are coming from, and it is expected that the statistics will further increase as more desktop users will convert to mobile.


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