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Top 5 Small Businesses You Can Start on YouTube

You can start a business on YouTube, provided you have the right knowledge. In this article are some businesses that you can start on YouTube.

Top 5 Small Businesses You Can Start on YouTube

It shouldn’t be strange to you if I say that YouTube is a highly useful tool for doing business. However, do you know you can start a business and grow it on YouTube? Well, this is possible since all you require to start a business is to have a product/service to sell, and people to buy the product. Fortunately, YouTube has all of this, as some businesses can be done without necessarily coming face to face with your customers.

#1 YouTube Niche Vlogger

Vlogging is a short form for video blogging. It is a way to blog, in which a blogger make a video discussing a particular topic.
If you want to be a vlogger on YouTube, you need to acquire the relevant skill. Before you can create a blog you need to do the following;

  • Create your Channel on YouTube: If you want to be a Vlogger on YouTube, then you have to set-up a video channel on the platform. You should also add tags and keywords to your video; this will ensure that people searching for your video will see it. YouTube can easily categorize your videos and suggest it to the right people.
  • Get Vlog Savvy: Before starting your vlog, you should look at what other successful vloggers are doing. Learn what equipment they’re using, tone, how they connect and find their audience, etc.
  • Prepare: Ensure that you have rehearsed everything you plan to say. You can have a short note of the points you want to make; this will keep you on-course.
  • Be Yourself: Ensure you keep your cool during the video. One thought that makes people fidget while Vlogging is that they’re anxious about what their audience will think.
Top 5 Small Businesses You Can Start livestreaming YouTube

#2 YouTube Partner

The idea of the YouTube partner program is a brilliant one. You create a video and publish it on your YouTube channel. Then you find ways to search for viewers for it! You can easily search for viewers by reading how to do that online.
Every time your video is viewed, youtube will display a banner, or play a video ad on the video. YouTube also displays banner ads on your YouTube pages.
You get paid for every click on the ad on your video. What you earn depends on a lot of factors, like the type of advert, the niche the advert belongs, and the country the click came from. If you want to earn a significant amount of money from the ad, then you have to get lots of traffic and hope that a considerable proportion of them click on your ad.
You don’t have to solicit for ads, once you join the YouTube partner program, YouTube will automatically assign ads to your video.

#3 YouTube Niche Influencer

A YouTube influencer is an individual that has lots of followers on YouTube. I’m sure that you’ve heard the term YouTube influencer before, but you may not be sure of the exact meaning. A YouTube influencer, just as the name connotes, influences the thought and decision of YouTubers.
To become a YouTube influencer involves setting goals and coming up with strategies that will help you meet them. You need to continually ask yourself the following question if you want to be a YouTube Influencer successfully.

  • What are the short term goals that I have set for myself?
  • What are the long term goals that I have set for myself?
  • How do I plan to achieve those goals?
  • If the plans aren’t visible, what do I need to get rid of?
  • What works well, and what do I need to improve on?
  • Is my content professional enough to meet my goals?
    YouTube is a great way to be discovered and build a platform for your success in life. For example, if you’re an actor, you will easily make it into mainstream acting if you can have huge followers on your YouTube channel.

#4 YouTube Niche Gamer

If you perform a little online research, you will find a lot of video gaming channels that have videos on playing computer games. YouTube gamers get a lot of traffic on their YouTube page. They make money from these videos when those who watch their videos click a link to the ad or a banner on their channel. Also, video game companies pay a lot of money to YouTube gamers to review their games and recommend them for their audience.
Video game videos are very popular on the internet! You can take advantage of that desire by creating your video gaming video and putting it on YouTube! It will be generating an income for yourself.

youtube business ideas for individuals

#5 Niche Q&A Video Creator

You can be a Question and answer video creator, where you ask YouTubers about what they feel about a topic, then sell the result of that analysis to a company that needs it. Q & A Video creators are essential for product development, branding, market survey.
If you don’t want to ask questions for businesses, you can create the channel for answering questions from your audience. You could pick a niche, e.g., Relationship, tech, mathematics, etc.
It would help if you were an expert on the niche you picked, as wrong answers can make people stop believing in your answers.


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