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The truth about buying views: Not everything that gets views will get popular

Buying YouTube views has become standard practice for YouTubers looking to succeed on the online video sharing platform and increase the popularity of their videos and channels. While it is an effective growth strategy, the practice of buying views is not really a silver bullet that delivers YouTube success to anyone that does it. To be efficient, it has to be used with a myriad of other tactics and techniques to deliver proper results. Let’s go through what other tactics you can use in addition to buying views to propel the growth of your YouTube channel.

What other tactics should you combine with bought views?

First and foremost, you need to have an outlined YouTube strategy. Before applying any of the tactics we will teach you here, you should have a well laid-out marketing strategy for the video. You need to establish exactly what it is that you want to achieve with the video. Is your aim to garner a huge number of views? Is it to get people to your site? Is it to promote a deeper client engagement with your brand? This is the most important thing, since it will have a direct bearing on the kind of tactics you are going to employ.

Next, you should make the effort to create engaging and high-quality videos. There is a saying on the internet that content is king, and this is particularly true when it comes to YouTube. Before you spend the first dollar to buy YouTube views, you should ensure that your videos are interesting, engaging and of high quality. Bought views will lead people to your videos and channels, that’s for sure, but it’s the quality of your content that will make them subscribe to and engage with your content. If the content is of low quality, only a very small percentage of your subscribers will stick around.

The next tactic is to always ensure that your videos use the appropriate keywords and SEO tactics. A video with good SEO tactics will include keywords in the description, the headline and tags. Video SEO is very important when it comes to the video’s ranking on YouTube’s search engine. It provides the search engine with a way of indexing videos. A video with a well-executed SEO strategy has an edge over other videos in the same niche, and will enjoy higher visibility than other videos.

You should also make use of thumbnails to increase the viewership of your videos. Apart from the heading and description, thumbnails are the visual element that can attract users into playing your videos. YouTube partners are allowed to create custom thumbnails for their videos. So for YouTube partners, they can further raise the likelihood of their video getting watched by creating a cool, attractive thumbnail that gives a sneak peek into what the video is really about.

Another thing you should always strive for is consistency. As in all spheres of social media, posting consistently is key to growth on YouTube. You should always ensure that you regularly upload videos to your channel. This will lead to an increase in popularity and subscribers as well. Your fans will learn when to expect fresh new content from you. Additionally, you should give hints about your next video so as to raise viewers’ anticipation for a video even before it’s uploaded. This prevents you from having to struggle with getting the first views for the video.

Last but not least, you should always promote your videos outside of YouTube. Leverage the power of social media and internet marketing to increase the visibility of your videos and get them seen by more people. Always share your videos on various blogs, websites and social networks. However, when doing this, it is important to ensure that you share the videos on relevant platforms that are related to the topic and content of your video. This will increase the likelihood of your video getting played.

Best practices when buying views

If you do choose to buy views in addition to the tactics above, here are a few best practices for doing it. First off, buying views works better when it’s not in isolation. Picture this: you find a video on YouTube that has 10,000 views and only 10 comments and two shares. Does that look suspicious to you? Exactly. Therefore, when you decide to buy views, look for a vendor who will sell you views as well as likes and comments. This will help give credibility to your bought views and make them seem like they’re organic.

Number two, you should always be concerned about the quality of views you buy. YouTube is constantly on the lookout for users who are gaming their view counts. To avoid having your bought views detected and removed, ensure you buy them from high-quality vendors who will provide your channel with real views rather than fake views from bot viewers.

Lastly, you should always beware of scammers. At times, some of the websites claiming to sell YouTube views are run by scammers. To avoid falling victim to their schemes, you should always ensure that you buy views from vendors who offer a guarantee on retention as well as a money-back guarantee in case you’re not satisfied with the result.


Buying views should never be the only method used to gain popularity on YouTube. You should buy views in combination with the other tested techniques if you want to achieve excellent results and grow your channel. Additionally, ensure that you follow the best practices for buying YouTube views to avoid having your views removed or falling victim to scammers.

Always make sure to go through reviews of the vendor to know if they are genuine. A good place to start is our review list of the top 10 YouTube view sellers.


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