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Is It Worth It to Be a Crypto YouTube Vlogger?

With more and more YouTubers specializing in the Crypto-world, many are asking themselves if it’s even worth it!

Is It Worth It to Be a Crypto YouTube Vlogger?

In the age of computers, people have plenty of options to make a living. Artists can sell their services on websites like Fiverr, while photographers can advertise themselves through Instagram. Meanwhile, other people can do “live selling” on platforms like TikTok and Facebook.

But when talking about using social media platforms to earn money, one particular platform stands out. That is Google’s video-streaming platform, YouTube. It has a monetization program that pays content creators generously.

YouTube pays content creators around $0.01 and $0.03 per ad view. That said, an average YouTuber can make $18 per 1,000 ad views. That is around $3 to $5 per $1,000 video views. But Forbes estimates that the big YouTubers earn as much as $5 for every 1,000 video views- if every monetization strategy is deployed professionally and optimally.

Is this enough to justify quitting your day job to focus on YouTubing? And is it a viable career?

Many are skeptical about that. In fact, popular YouTubers and Podcasters from the Trash Taste channel said their parents were initially against the idea. However, they later learned that YouTubing indeed is a lucrative career.

Those people are not the only ones that have proven that. One Korean immigrant in Maryland also found success on the platform. Here is his story, apart from the popular online myth that he bought YouTube Views to get famous.

Life Before YouTube

Brian Jung did not come from a wealthy family. His mother cut hair in a salon, while his father was a contractor installing hardwood floors. Sometimes, they don’t earn enough money, so they struggle to make ends meet.

Thus, his younger days revolved around saving money on everything. Jung says he grew up with the sayings, do not eat too much, do not spend a lot, and don’t drive too fast to save gas. He also had to maximize every coupon and discount available.

Despite that, Jung says he never felt deprived. He was into gaming and cars, had friends, and went fishing with his father on weekends. However, he did not feel like he fit in school since he is a Korean-American in Maryland. So, he regularly got into fights, and hence, he described himself as a “troublemaker.”

His behavior eventually led to the school kicking him out in 10th grade. Jung then joined an educational program that counseled misbehaving students. That’s the turning point in his life. He saw the other students there and decided he did not want to stay that way.

With that, Jung started his journey of self-improvement. Six months later, he got accepted back to his high school after receiving a GPA of 4.0.

Quit School For YouTube

Jung was doing good in school. But in 2018, he made a big decision. He dropped out of school to be a full-time entrepreneur. Of course, his parents were shocked by his move. While Jung had a side hustle that earned him $200 a month, a college degree offers long-term financial security. So, they thought it should be their son’s top priority.

Jung told CNBC Make It that he spoke with his parents about his decision. He told them that he knew how scary it was going to be. “But I’m not going to finish school.”

Is It Worth It to Be a Crypto YouTube Vlogger?

So, what exactly did he do? Brian Jung has a YouTube channel that he started in 2013. There he uploaded videos about games and fishing. So, he has some experience.

The young man started another YouTube channel named “Brian Jung” in 2018. It is about personal finance and entrepreneurship.

Also, in 2018, Jung earned a general studies associate’s degree at Montgomery College. That’s a prerequisite for a career in law enforcement.

Supposedly, Jung’s next move was to transfer to the University of Maryland. He would continue his studies there and get a bachelor’s degree in criminology. However, Jung decided not to go that route; instead, he dropped out to be a full-time entrepreneur.

Becoming Successful on YouTube

Jung said that YouTube did not pay him anything at first. That would make others discouraged. However, he had seen the world of e-commerce businesses and the world of YouTube. Jung says he saw the downfalls of the former and the advantages of the latter.

On YouTube, he can rely solely on himself. He does not need clients to earn money; all he needs are viewers. Likewise, he does not need to hire employees. Instead, he only needs equipment to film a video. And while having an office would be great, it is not necessary.

So Jung focused on his YouTube channel. The most viewed videos on it are his credit card reviews. And by the end of 2019, his channel has gained about 6,000 subscribers. With that, he’s making $200 to $300 a day.

Then, in 2021, retail investors rose, and so are cryptocurrencies. Jung made videos about those topics, and the channel took off. Jung says that it took him years to get his first 1,000 subscribers. But thanks to that boom, he gained 900,000 subscribers in one year. And now, he has 1.18 million subscribers.

How Much Does He Earn Now

 Affiliate marketing, Patreon subscribers, ads, and sponsorship earns Jung $300,00 per month. On top of that, he purchased a stake in a Japanese barbeque restaurant. That investment brings him an additional $5,500 a month. With that, Jung made almost $3.7 million last year.

Jung’s most considerable expense is his three-bedroom apartment in Rockville, Maryland. But he has put down payment for a home worth $1.8 million. He plans to move to that house next year.

Jung’s YouTube revenue also allowed him to buy an Audi RS7. And recently, he also put a $100,000 down payment for a $290,000 2021 Lamborghini Huracan.

Aside from that, he is paying for his 2019 Toyota Tacoma, which he gave to his parents. And on top of that, Jung pays for his parent’s monthly mortgage payments.

Is It Worth It to Be a Crypto YouTube Vlogger?

Jung also has memberships and other subscriptions like Netflix, Spotify, etc. But he does not need to worry about where he will get the money to pay for those. He has 14 credit cards with perks that cover them.

So, is it worth being a crypto YouTube vlogger? Yes. However, you will be against Jung, who already has an established fan base. So, you need to be creative and go to areas he has not explored yet.


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