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Can’t Help But Share? Why You Can’t Stop Yourself From Sharing Videos

Emotion is a curious thing. It can change the way we think and the decisions we make. It can make us do things that are at best illogical and at worst stupid.

On social media, emotions play a huge role in our online activities and the best marketers understand this. We engage with posts that move our emotions. We comment on, like, and share posts that connect with us emotionally and also because we want to let others know that we found them engaging.

When emotions rule our decisions, we share posts almost compulsively and we often stop at nothing to fulfill that urge. Thus, creating marketing campaigns that speak to the heart is one of the best things you can do to grow your brand. Here’s what you should know.

Why We Like Sharing

When it comes to content, it’s been found that videos get shared 1,200% more than links and texts combined. Perhaps it’s because we’re visual creatures but 60% of viewers prefer to engage with a video over a text post.

There are many reasons why we share, mostly centered around the desire to share a part of ourselves with others.

To tell people who we are

We share videos to let others know who we are. We feel that by telling the world our thoughts, feelings, and opinions about a video, we are also telling the world what kind of person we are.

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We love telling other people about ourselves. It’s everyone’s favorite topic. Every time we talk about ourselves, the part of our brain associated with motivation and reward gets activated. We are hardwired to share things about ourselves and this is why it’s sometimes difficult not to.

To demonstrate authority or knowledge

Sharing videos about trending topics makes us look informed. We want others to form a favorable opinion about us and we try to achieve this by sharing things that will influence how they see us.

When we share a new medical discovery, we want to be the first to tell our friends to demonstrate our knowledge or look intelligent. Nearly everything we share, we do to fulfill our own psychological need to be accepted, favored and looked highly upon.

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To Help Others

On the rare occasions that we aren’t sharing to look good, we might do it to sincerely help others. Think of the times you share a video that you think might help someone’s health or even save lives.

We share news and information that we think will help others. We share self-help videos, seminars and talks to help our families and friends improve themselves and their lives. We share videos that help us define our own selves and hope it will help others in the same way too.

To make a connection

People also share videos to connect with friends and family. Social media permeates our lives because it brings us closer to those we rarely get a chance to see or talk to. In fact, on Facebook, keeping in touch with friends is one of the biggest motivations for joining the platform.

Indeed, to grow and nourish relationships, people constantly share content over social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, and many others.

We are creatures of social interaction. We are endowed with a large “social brain” and we love to interact with others. We are simply biologically wired to connect with others.

These are just some of the primary reasons why we like sharing video content. If you’re a marketer or a YouTuber who wants to grow your channel, it will also be wise to take a look at the kind of content that gets shared the most.

What We Like To Share

The kind of videos we like sharing also form part of the reason why we share the videos we share.

Funny Videos

We like sharing funny videos, and it’s proven by research if you didn’t believe it. A study shows 63% of people are “somewhat or very likely” to share funny content on social media.

We want people to know the things we find funny. When we share funny videos, we not only let people know we have a sense of humor but also what we’re interested in. Check out this funny video with over 100 thousand views. Is there someone you want to show it to?

So create content that is not only funny but also gives your viewers the chance to look smart and cool to their followers.

Controversial Videos

People who dream of being famous almost always want a piece of the controversial pie. It’s definitely a way to get more clicks.

Those who don’t want to be famous might share controversial topics because they have opinions that they think will make them look good, perhaps by showing their approval or disapproval. Whether they really are an expert on the subject or they simply want to appear as one is beside the point.

Appearances are crucial online, especially for brands. So if you’re building a brand, take advantage of the strategies that will help generate a positive online reputation. If you’re a YouTuber trying to build your presence on the platform, pay close attention to your views.

A massive number of views on your videos gives the impression that you have great content on your channel and people love to watch. So buy YouTube Views to create a favorable impression on the platform. It doesn’t matter where the Views come from — when people see how high your view count is, they’ll have to come watch.

Make sure you buy from legit providers that offer high-quality views so your growth will look natural.

Emotionally Moving Videos

Videos that evoke strong emotions that make us cry like sadness, compassion, or happiness, are more likely to be shared than videos that do not cause strong emotional reactions.

Again, we post and re-tweet to let others know what resonates with us deeply and to share the experience with others. Emotions drive social sharing. You can use this to your advantage by creating content that stirs up emotional reactions in people.

Inspirational Videos

Videos with inspirational content that move us and motivate us to be and do better are also highly shareable.

Doesn’t the little kid in this video inspire you?

Want people to share your videos, too? Make videos that inspire hope, pride, awe, gratitude, love for others, and other powerful emotions. And remember, you can also boost your viewership by buying YouTube Views.

YouTube and Google favor videos with plenty of views. So when you’re ranking high on YouTube and Google, your videos will attract more organic viewers, and it’s all downhill from there.

Trending News

The race to share it first can be great motivation for people to share trending news. When we think it will improve our status or help others, the urge to share increases even more.

Informative Videos

Like trending news, when there’s a sincere desire to help others, look cool, or appear informed, discerning and intelligent, people share informative and educational videos as well.

Remember to appeal to people’s emotions and their internal motivations and needs, and you’ll have more people sharing your videos in no time.

Create Shareable Videos Today!

Create content that challenges analysis, calls for an expression of beliefs, principles or judgement, or is just funny or informative. Most of all, do your best to create videos that speak to the heart and evoke deep emotions in everyone who watches.

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