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5 Big Digital Video Trends for 2017

If you still aren’t making video a part of your marketing strategy in 2017, then you definitely have to make it your priority for next year. Video consumption is on the rise and there’s no sign of it slowing down.

This year Facebook launched a video platform, Facebook Watch, to compete with YouTube and share in the growing video audience. With the number of YouTube users climbing to astronomical heights, there’s no reason not to expect even more live video opportunities to emerge.

So, as this year nears its end and we consider new marketing strategies, let’s talk about 5 of the most popular digital video trends that will certainly continue through 2018.

1. Live Video Streaming

Live video is a major trend that will continue beyond this year, and live broadcasts have been integrated into many social networks. Even Twitter, a platform that limits verbosity, offers live streaming for easy interaction between users and followers.

From news stories to personal experiences, thousands and thousands of videos have been shared via live stream. Because there’s no editing required when streaming live, it’s less time-consuming and preferred by many brands for certain situations.

There’s also something special about watching live videos. On YouTube, nothing is more exciting than catching your favorite YouTuber broadcasting live. It offers viewers the chance to connect with their YouTube idols in real time, or comment and be heard immediately.

Watch to learn how you can go live on YouTube and start broadcasting in real time on the platform.

Live streaming can be a great time, especially if you have lots of viewers. No one wants to go live only to find three people watching, but in that case you might be able to transition to a more personal presentation and make it work. So, build a good subscriber base to guarantee a strong audience.

You can also buy YouTube Views or Subscribers and combine this with your organic marketing campaigns. Having a high View or Subscriber count will help you gain a larger audience, because when people see how popular you are they’ll want to check your videos out.

Going live is also a great way to draw more subscribers to your channel. So if you’re serious about building your YouTube presence, get into this trend and start broadcasting live!

2. Virtual Reality and 360-degree Videos

VR and 360 videos also rose to popularity this year and will continue to do so. This new recording method holds plenty of potential for marketers and publishers.

VR provides a way for consumers to take control of the experience in meaningful ways. For instance, real estate agents can use it to showcase properties to great effect. Indeed, as long as the adoption of the technology continues to thrive and netizens crave shared experiences, it can be a very effective form of marketing.

Today, it’s not only YouTube that hosts 360-degree videos. Facebook is now also a 360-degree video-friendly platform. Facebook, in fact, is going head to head with YouTube with VR. It launched its own Oculus environment and made it clear that it’s in the future of Facebook.

Should you make it a part of your 2018 Facebook marketing plans, too? It’s up to you, but Delta Air Lines does get a boost in their engagement for their 360-degree video posts on Facebook.

delta liveImage credit: Forbes

3. Video Quality Over Video Quantity

Aim for quality over quantity. Gone are the days when raw, blurry videos are acceptable from brands and retailers. These days, with a few exceptions, quality video — with high-end audio, visual, and content production — reigns.

These days, video marketing is becoming more competitive and anyone who isn’t creating quality videos will probably be left behind. Nobody wants to watch low-def videos or strain to hear what you say, and soon, nobody will. So, level up your video production equipment as much as possible.

If you have to choose between quality and quantity, choose quality — at least if you want your brand to stay relevant. Even small creators on YouTube are focusing on publishing quality videos even if it means one video a month. Check out this channel, Now You See It, which is known for creating quality videos despite publishing less often than many other channels.

4. Influencer Collaboration

Influencer marketing is another powerful trend that shaped the marketing landscape of 2017. Influencer advertising and collaborations will continue to boom in the next year, so you can continue collaborating with YouTube creators for successful marketing campaigns.

Collaborating with other creators extends your reach to their audience and builds your own channel. Influencers have their own solid followings that you can tap into to grow your brand. You’ll also be able to advertise your products and services without appearing too promotional.

Take a look at this collaboration between YouTube celebrity Damien Walters and Pepsi. Notice how Pepsi was never mentioned, yet the ad powerfully communicated Pepsi’s new product slogan: unbelievable.

There are many more advantages to collaborating with YouTube influencers, and statistics from 2017 prove the effectiveness of influencer collaboration in generating sales and revenue not just for brands on YouTube but for those on Facebook, too.

If you aren’t comfortable letting go of control in any of your advertising campaigns, you can always build your own audience and become an influencer yourself. Grow your channel and kickstart that process by buying YouTube Views. Bought YouTube Views can help your channel rank higher not just on YouTube but on Google, as well.

Exposure is important on YouTube. When you’re ranking higher on the platform, you have a much better chance of attracting real views as well as new subscribers.

5. Facebook Video

Facebook introduced a new video platform called Facebook Watch to rival the giant video sharing platform, YouTube. This is proof that video marketing and consumption are trends that are going to last for a long time to come.

Facebook Watch wants to focus on bringing communities together and connecting people through videos they love. Facebook also intends to change people’s mindsets and convert video consumers into people who prefer watching longer videos than the short ones typically found on YouTube.

An analysis of Facebook Watch’s videos last month shows that videos on the platform are getting an average of only 23 seconds retention, but this is expected to grow as Facebook rolls the update out to more people.

Stay Ahead of the Competition!

All these trends are proof that digital marketing is rising exponentially and that videos are a central part of it. If you’re already using video marketing, then you’re set to benefit from this. If you aren’t, take your cue from Facebook as it evolves into not just a social network but also a video-hosting platform.

Work with influencers, create quality videos, adopt the use of new video technologies, and build your video marketing plans using one or all of the concepts discussed above. See these trends as the opportunities they are and stay one step ahead of everyone else!

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