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10 YouTube Channels That Will Make You Smarter

Not everything on YouTube is drivel, despite what your Facebook feed might imply. Not everyone records themselves doing absolutely nothing or dramatizes their day with a story and a clickbait title. In fact, many are pretty informative if not straight out educational.

If you often find yourself wondering what you’re doing with your life watching dumb videos and are looking for new channels that are worth spending your precious time on, this post is for you. Take a look at some of these channels — even if they don’t make you smarter (which they probably will), they’ll at least give you something interesting to talk about.

Geography Now

You’ll find Geography Now to be a channel that covers geography as well as history, politics, and culture from all the countries in the world. You’ll learn things that are unique in each country, like the commonly held suspicion that over half of France’s inhabitants are infected with the toxoplasmosis gondii parasite, a single-cell organism that lodges itself in our brains and makes us do crazy things. Is it true?

You can probably see why the video is so popular. With over 854K views, this video is definitely one of the channel’s most popular uploads.

So, you could easily argue that great video content drives views to videos. If you have a channel yourself that you want to grow, focus on delivering unique and sensational content like this one. Combine that marketing strategy with buying YouTube Views and you’ll end up with more views than you can handle!

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Healthcare Triage

The entertaining and highly informative Healthcare Triage channel runs series about healthcare policies, medical studies, malpractice and the current state of healthcare in the US. If you are into health topics, you’ll appreciate the simple way Dr. Aaron Carroll explains medical practices, myths and misconceptions in the field.

He also likes to tie his topics in with current events like Hurricane Irma and what long-term health impacts you may expect from such hurricanes.

If you have about 6 minutes to spare, watch this video where he discusses some studies and negative health effects of hurricanes that — unlike fallen trees, wrecked houses, debris, and flipped cars — you don’t readily see and are usually not shown on TV.

Every Frame a Painting

If you’re interested in editing and films in general, you’ll love Every Frame a Painting. It posts video essays of films and discusses film editing practices, masterpieces, and poorly edited scenes of what could have been great movies.

Unfortunately, the channel is not very active but the insight of each video and the effort Tony Zhou, the owner of the channel, puts into each one will convince you that quality really takes time and that maybe it’s for the better. Many of his subscribers think so and it’s reflected in the millions of views he gets per video.

Check out this video he did on Jackie Chan, one of his most popular and currently with over 9 million views.

The Great War

Are you a history or war buff? Then The Great War would be right up your alley. It takes you back to the First World War through different segments that talk about popular figures, war tactics and politics, weaponry and more.

If you want to meet people who have the same interests as you do, including those who will definitely have different opinions, check out the channel and tell the world what you think in the comments. They also feature comments in their episodes and put them up for debate. It’ll be fun and you’ll have your work cut out for you, because if anyone loves debates, it’s people who love history.

The Brain Scoop

This channel is hosted by Emily Graslie of the Field Museum in Chicago. The Brain Scoop shows behind-the-scenes museum tours and runs scientific series on strange animals like camel spiders — an animal species that’s not quite camel and not quite spider — and bullet ants, whose sting is compared to being shot by a gun. They also feature a variety of novel activities, like dissecting ants to learn about their gut bacteria.

Deep Sky Videos

The popular Deep Sky Videos channel consists of British astronomers talking about newly discovered stars, space-time theories, and astronomy in general. DeepSkyVideos is perfect for those who are fascinated by space and all the wonder it entails.

The channel is also great for science fiction writers looking for inspiration. If you’re a writer, perhaps you can create a story from watching this video about the ever-mysterious black holes of outer space.


Patrick of PatrickJMT is a former math instructor at a top 20 university. He makes simple, no fuss, no frills videos that are made to aid college-level students in their math studies. He has a knack for simplifying math concepts on subjects like calculus, trigonometry, algebra, and others.

He also makes GED and SAT math question videos, as well as videos on tactical chess moves. He covers a wide range of subjects related to math and logic, even delving into cryptography and internet security. Check it out below.


The SmarterEveryDay channel is made for the science enthusiast. It features videos about physics, biology, chemistry, astronomy, and more. If you want to learn something awesome while being entertained, head on over to this channel.

You’ll find amazing videos featuring the science of flipping cats, how tattoos are made, how jellyfishes sting or how fishes eat, all in slow motion! It also answers scientific questions like why bugs are attracted to light or how babies transition from breathing amniotic fluid to breathing oxygen. Neat!

Ashwin Enjoys Nature

The Ashwin Enjoys Nature channel is a series by Ashwin Ramdas that both kids and adults can enjoy!

Ashwin Ramdas, the host, takes his audience from the jungles of Africa to caves in New Zealand through videos and narratives punctuated with comedic explanations. He has animal encyclopedia series, camping tips, and more!

Take a look at his guide to the Periyar National Park in India, where you’ll learn all about the local wildlife and get some laughs too.

Kurzgesagt — In a Nutshell

The somewhat intimidating-sounding Kurzgesagtz, or “in a nutshell” in German, is a channel that produces educational videos and is on the list of many YouTube users’ favorite channels on the platform.

It covers a variety of scientific and cultural subjects like the Big Bang, gamma-ray bursts, genetic engineering, the Ebola virus, and more. It explains each one in a nutshell, and is one of those channels where it’s clear that they focus on quality over quantity. They only make one animated video per month.

It’s a very popular channel with millions of views on each of their videos. Visit the channel and you’ll quickly realize why even their least popular video still has 1.2 million views. The video below is their most popular, with over 11 million views.

Also, if you’re a YouTube creator, get inspired by how this channel grew its subscribers to 4.7 million over only four years. Replicate its model of quality over quantity, and then buy YouTube Views to kickstart your channel to success.

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Ready to watch?

When you’re feeling out of sorts, or bored, or lonely, go ahead and explore these channels on our list. It will be a day well spent!

Check them out too if you’re looking for niche ideas or topics, and maybe pick up some techniques you can use to grow your own YouTube channel. You’re sure to find a wealth of content that will get you thinking in new ways.

Now, who’s ready to binge watch some YouTube?

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