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Why You Need Video on Your Landing Page

why-you-need-video-on-your-landing-pageWhy You Need Video on Your Landing Page

For many companies and brands eager to get their presence out there, coming up with an eye catching page is critical. Many would say that you only have a few seconds to grab a visitor’s attention so they stay on your page and learn more about who you are and what you have to offer. Website or page visitors need to be able to identify what the site is about in the first few seconds so careful thought must be made on what needs to be placed on the site landing page. One of the best ways to capture visitor attention is by placing a video on your landing page.

Brands and businesses need to ensure that page visits generate actual conversions. Many potential leads can be easily lost when brands do not put too much thought on their welcome or landing page. Some simply aren’t engaging enough or consist of only paragraphs of text that speak about the company that new visitors just do not have the time to read through or are not interested in.

Here are some of the top reasons why you need to add video on your landing page.


  • It captures visitor interest. Many visitors have very short attention spans and lose interest very quickly when faced with nothing but text at the get-go.  Most people do not have the time to go through all these and check out every detail before finding out what they need to know from your site. Adding a video on your landing page is a great way to showcase your brand’s identity and highlight important information while engaging your audience as well. Majority of users process information visually so it is easy to see why many people opt to watch videos to learn more about a product or service. This is also an excellent way to make a lasting impression to your audience so you have a better chance of turning them into leads.
  • It highlights a call to action. By adding a video to your landing page, you can optimize your page and direct page visitors to everything they need to know about your brand and even add a call to action so you can easily turn them into leads. With a video, you can direct them to sign up to a mail listing or fill out forms through the video itself without them having to check how this is done on every page. By placing a video on the landing page, you can ensure that the video does not get lost in your website and is put to waste. It should be highlighted and featured on your site.
  • youtube-video-sales-landing-pageIt brings focus. An engaging video is sure to bring focus to what your audience needs to know. Once you have a professional and captivating video for your landing page, it’s almost guaranteed to hold more attention and help convert them into customers. But the next important step is to make sure people see it. Videos with the auto-play feature ensure visitors see this right away on your landing page. Visitors are also more likely to spend time on your site when they have an engaging video to keep them occupied.
  • It builds trust and shows your brand is the real deal. With a well-made professional video that stands out on your landing page, page visitors and potential leads can rest easy with the assurance that your brand is serious about your business. Allocating resources to focus on an engaging video that speaks about your company or brand shows anyone interested that you believe in your company and that you are passionate about what you have to offer. It boosts trust and gets your brand in line with several other companies that use videos to seal the deal. Companies need to remember though that just having any video on the landing page is not enough, quality and content need to be seriously considered to ensure visitors are engaged enough and get everything they need at the shortest amount of time to ensure the message is captured right away.


Having a video on your webpage also increases the chance of your website making it on top of Google page listings which draws more traffic to your website.


  • It builds connection. There is no better way to instantly connect with your audience than through a visually appealing and quality content-driven video that makes every audience interaction personal. Page visitors are more likely to remember your brand through the video on your landing page that speaks to them in a personal level. It helps to come up with a video that is made specifically to speak and attract your target audience so as to ensure these are more likely to give you the most returns in terms of engagement. Careful assessment needs to be done on ensuring the video has an impressive storyline and makes the most of music and video effects to generate interest and appeal to all types of audiences.


youtube-video-sales-page-landing-conversionsAs more and more companies move their business online to adapt to the recent trends, the competition has become incredibly fast paced, ever changing and ruthless. Growing brands need to seriously consider the importance of videos in capturing the interest of their target audience right on their landing page. A great first impression still holds true in leading to conversion especially in today’s discerning online users who would like to get the most information with the shortest amount of time. For many companies, creating a great website and keeping it optimized to generate more traffic while keeping visitors interested is sure to bring about considerable costs and expenses. With this in mind, companies need to ensure that their website is able to generate leads and increase ROI consistently for it to be worth it in the long run.  Being one step ahead of the competition is crucial in ensuring that your brand is able to gain the right traction to stay on point for long periods of time.


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