7 Different Ways to Promote Your Youtube Channel

Nowadays, technology is at the peak of advancement. We can now message, share, upload, download and watch everywhere we can go in just a click of the mouse or tap on the phone. 


This tech-savvy generation uses YouTube as a means of entertainment by watching videos that are uploaded there. YouTube has also become the platform of people who aspires to make their videos viral or at least accumulate a sufficient number of views. However, with a swarm of videos (approximately 300 hours worth of videos uploaded every minute) uploaded every day, there is a slim chance that someone will watch every single uploaded video.

The questions are — Do you want your video to go viral? Do you want to have several subscribers? Are you planning on having a big number of views in every video you upload? How can you ever make your channel known and be heard in the world of YouTube?

This article will enumerate 7 tried and tested ways on how you can promote your YouTube channel and gain more views in 2019.

Post in Facebook Groups to Make Your YouTube Channel Known

Currently, Facebook is one of the most influential social media and we’re confident it won’t lose its popularity any time soon. With over 2 billion internationally active accounts that visit daily, it can easily boost views on videos uploaded and shared. 

You can collaborate with Facebook and YouTube to further reach out to your market and promote your YouTube Channel. Facebook groups are one of the most efficient ways to boost your videos as it will widen your audience. It can cause a domino effect wherein one person can even share it with other groups for it to spread widely. Just make sure it’s worth sharing!

Use Twitter “#Hashtags” to Gather Like-Minded People

Twitter is also one of the famous social media sites that has a definite 336 million users and still counting. As also one of the most-used social media platforms, you could take advantage of its popularity to promote your Youtube channel and subscribers.

For beginners, you may need to follow every relevant user (the people who have the same interest and content as you have) based on the hashtags they use. It is essential to make connections with significant people. In that way, you can gain their attention which is essential for your desired success.

In Twitter, hashtags matter the most on this platform. A hashtag can make your post more enticing and can persuade any curious human being. You may use this “hashtag” as a way to convince people that you have a common interest which can result in them being your audience and eventually possible subscribers.

Upload in Reddit Communities and Spark Their Interest

Another platform that you can utilize in promoting and boosting your YouTube channel and views is Reddit. Reddit has accumulated a huge amount of members over the years. This social media platform may also be an instrument to promote your YouTube channel as it houses several diverse groups of subreddits and forums focusing on the likes of TV shows, music, games, etc.


You may succeed in using Reddit as a platform when you stay on relevant pages. Hover through and scrutinize the specific subreddits relation to your niche then post your videos as participation in the Reddit community. All you need to have is patience, focus, and trust in your own video!

Post in Tumblr for YouTube Channel Marketing

Tumblr does not make as much noise as its other social media counterparts but it has a massive user count nevertheless. Take advantage of the numerous users in Tumblr and take a chance on this underrated platform.


It features a re-blogging and tagging system. Re-blogging promotes a continuous spread of videos that has the possibility of being viral. The tagging system is utilized by “vloggers” or video bloggers to enhance their chances of attracting the right audience.

Invite Family and Friends in Promoting Your Channel

You don’t even have to look any further to promote your YouTube Channel. Your greatest support system may come from your inner circle. People near you can willingly promote your channel (for free!). Your family, friends, and even your colleagues can endorse you on their personal accounts.

In today’s digital generation, almost all of the people around you have some type of connection with you online. This technique is the easiest because you can send the videos directly to them via social media or whatever online platforms they are involved in.

Having them promote your vids can cause a chain reaction that can gain the attention of their other friends when they watch, share, and comment on the video or even when it pops up on their feed by liking it. It would encourage other people to do the same.

Send Out Promotional Emails to an Email List for Your YouTube Channel

Another effective way to promote your YouTube Channel is by building an email list for email marketing. Email marketing is done by sending notifications to your audience via email.


Maximize your range of audiences by finding ways to gather their email addresses. Better yet have a loyal subscriber list and send messages every time you upload a new video. Think of this as an advertisement that you share on various platforms. Even if they aren’t using YouTube as of the moment, it will allure them to open the app and visit your video. Have a persuasive and attention-catching email template and subject header ready to send. 

Upload Snippets of Your Video on Instagram, Snapchat, and Vine

“Short but sweet” is the way to go. Pick a remarkable bit in your video and post it on the platform that uses short-video posts. It may attract curious audiences that might lead to them watching the whole thing! Consider it as a sort of a teaser which is always a certainly great way to promote your video and your YouTube Channel.


Think creatively and critically on what can activate the curiosity of your viewers in the first few seconds of the clip. Give them info at the end of the short video that will lead them to check the link to your YouTube Channel.

Things to Remember When Promoting Your YouTube Channel

First thing’s first, find a topic that will best suit your niche. It must be something you are knowledgeable about, passionate about and joyful about creating.  

Next, create a high-quality video and maximize its accessibility to search engines like SEO promotions.

Lastly, you can start your journey on promoting your videos and YouTube Channel using the various and effective ways we’ve mentioned on any platform you desire.

Keep in mind that the interest of the audience is your utmost priority. See your videos in the eyes of your target market. These are some of the ways that do not require you to dole out any money. Should you choose to go for ways that involve money, it is your call so by all means, go for it! Do what you think is best to promote your videos. The success of your channel will always lie in your hands. Make the best decisions coupled with a lot of patience and hard work, and you are sure to soar.

Awesome Ways to Promote Your YouTube Videos For Free

YouTube is such a large online video platform where 300 hours of videos are uploaded every single minute. Consequently, there are thousands of videos for people to watch on any desired topic. You can always buy YouTube views as a backup plan if you have the cash. There are too many videos to watch on YouTube as thousands of people join the YouTube industry seeking to be relevant. The effect of this is that only a few of these YouTuber’s videos garner small views. 

Awesome Ways to Promote Your YouTube Videos For Free

No content is peculiar to people anymore. No content creator on YouTube has the exclusive right to demand views as people have too many an option to select. Hence, to stand out from other YouTubers and gain views, you need to make sure your videos amass views. The reason for the workability of this strategy is that people gravitate towards YouTube channels that have lots of views (social proof bias). 

Thus, the question you should ask yourself as a YouTuber is this: “How do I make my prospective audience find me?” If you find yourself deliberating on this question, you’re one step away from having more subscribers on your channel and garnering lots of views. 

One of the ways to make your prospective subscribers find is by ensuring that they watch your videos. Your videos act as part of the conversion funnel for them. Thus, asides content creation, you should spend time promoting your videos- A LOT, like a real lot. There are fantastic ways to promote your YouTube videos for free! You might find it hard to believe, but, there are free ways to promote your YouTube videos. The best part re these methods is that they make you drive fantastic traffic to your channel. Here are some of these ways are treated in this post:

  1. Optimize your YouTube channel

Websites and blogs are not the only things that require optimization. If you want your YouTube videos to get across your target audience quickly, you should optimize your channel. Do not be scared. YouTube optimization is not as tricky as regular SEO. It is highly simplistic that a non-tech guy can go about it. 

In similitude to Google search, YouTube is a search engine that has algorithms that control video rankings.

Optimization of your YouTube channel comes at no cost at all. If you are serious about making your videos’ promotion effective, leverage the potentials of YouTube optimization. This optimization process is the first step that you should take before sending your videos out for promotion. 

Some of the ranking factors pertinent to the optimization of your channel are not known. However, tests conducted by search engine experts in the past reveal some of these factors. These factors include:

  • Title tags
  • Video duration
  • Count of subscribers earned after each video view
  • Likes and dislikes
  • Description tags
  • Audience loyalty
  • Comments 

The strategies necessary for thorough and effective YouTube channel optimization include:

  • Conduct keyword research. Asides showing on YouTube page, YouTube videos are similarly shown on Google search results. The latter is more significant than the latter. Keyword research is either free or paid.
  • Nevertheless, there is a high possibility of effectiveness under the free version of keyword research. For instance, use YouTube search suggestions to figure ideal keywords for your videos. Also, use free versions such as Moz keyword tool or keyword tool. 
  • Create transcripts for your videos. Although the norm is that videos are done naturally, if you want better optimization of your channel; you should have scripts for your videos. These scripts are the ideal transcripts for your videos. Ideally, a transcript implements the natural flow of keywords. 
  • Provide a video description. If you want your videos highly ranked over the rest, make sure that your video descriptions are longer than the average video description. The practical word-count limit is 250 words. Don’t make the mistake of trying to market your products in your video’s description, instead of including 3-4 primary keywords with LSI keywords, making it as natural as possible. 
  • Include an interesting title. Titles for your videos should be short (between the range of ten words and not more than 60 characters) and compelling. 

Always perform SEO for your videos. SEO is the first factor YouTube considers before even ranking your videos at all. 

  1. Harmonize your blog/website with your YouTube channel

Another way to promote your video at a free amount is by using your resources. Resources imply your website or blog. As a website or blog owner, your YouTube channel should integrate with either of them. One of the motives behind this strategy is that you easily embed videos with your content nowadays. Hence, you can easily use your blog to drive traffic to your website. 

Unlike videos, blog contents permit the more in-depth details of the YouTube video topics. The text context of blog content allows Google to allow them better. 

If you’re skeptical about this method, try out the simple process of merely uploading your video contents on a segment of the blog. Avoid duplicity of contents (which will negatively influence your SEO). Use social media to drive your subscribers to both your YouTube channel and blog, simultaneously. This process is not only cheap but quick and reliable. 

  1. Brand your YouTube Channel

Branding is a method that has a great influence on influencing your videos’ promotion. Although branding is not visible to the average person, you feel its results. If you want your videos to freely promoted, one of the best things to do is to brand your YouTube channel in the desired light. Some of the best ways to brand your YouTube channel include:

  • Film a killer intro video. The best way to brand your channel all lies in the introduction. Create a 3-5 seconds video that makes your viewers familiar with you.  Your intro video should be short and showcase your brand in a positive light. When you make an intro video, you connect with people on a deeper level. This connection lets you establish the perception that your brand is an awesome one. 
  • Have a thumbnail in your videos.
  • Create a logo for your channel

These strategies discussed are simple but awesomely effective ways to optimize your channel. They are free of charge. Again, these steps are not hard. They directly involving optimizing your channel, incorporate your blog with your channel, and branding your channel.