Surviving Quarantine Bordeom with More YouTube Views

Surviving Quarantine Bordeom with More YouTube Views

YouTube is the largest video hosting site that ever landed on the internet. With about 2 billion logged-in users monthly, YouTube has forever changed the world of media. In addition to this, 6 out of 10 people are more inclined to watch online rather than live television. This is why people are more aware of what is happening around the world. From the previous forest fires in Australia to the most current COVID-19 pandemic, YouTube is filled with information making it the second most used search engine online – falling behind Google. 

In relevance to the topic, COVID-19 has steadily made its mark to be a threat to humanity. With more people getting infected every day, countries have made intricate and strategical steps to contain the virus. For this reason, several cities and streets have been quarantined to avoid the spread of this deadly disease. With this, you may be thinking about what you’ll be doing if you’re stuck in a quarantined zone. If you’re a YouTuber influencer, then the answer you’re searching for is simple – increase your YouTube views.

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How To Garner More Views: The Perspective Of a Dozen Of Marketers

Want to get more YouTube views, even if it means paying for them? Don’t worry, there are other ways!

We could all agree today that, video is simpler to film, less expensive to deliver, and simple to gauge. Anybody can record an astoundingly great video by only using their cellphone, toss in some effects using apps you can download and promote it on social media platforms where the video can be uploaded. Video is all over the place and this is the reason such huge numbers of businesses occupy your online feed with videos.

Based on research, approximately 41% of advertisers state they upload new videos on their own channel on YouTube each week, approximately 36% states they upload videos monthly, while the other 23% state they upload videos, but occasionally.

How To Garner More Views The Perspective Of a Dozen Of Marketers Fast

There are such a significant number of videos and YouTube channels to view that it’s turned out to be much harder for a brand to stick out. Just like before, advertisers search for approaches to separate themselves on the content to discover a crowd to be their audience.

We requested that advertisers share what number of perspectives videos get.

25% of advertisers state their YouTube videos get an average of up to 5k or more views.

The question is, what can advertisers provide to drive audiences to watch their own videos? We surveyed many advertisers to discover. This is what we realized:

Distribute Worthy Content to View

It is stated by Jake McKenzie of a Shop of Accessories for cars that the best technique for driving more people in watching your YouTube videos is having a one of a kind content. The saying, “the early bird gets the worm” it the best to describe what you need to do. If you are the first one to conduct a review on a product, you can rack up more views.

Jam Campus’ Andrew DeBell defines two objectives to consider for his videos. Entertain and Educate. When creating videos you must consider just one or better if both categories to increase views for your videos. You have to plan the content you put in your videos, involve keyword searching, understanding other companies on the same content, have great new ideas. 

Use Paid Ads to Rank your Videos

Digital Filmmaker’s Slavik Boyechko stated that videos profit from leveraging. But it requires a little push to make it snowball. He discovered that the first paid boosting is adequate to get the show on the road. The distinction within a video getting a lot of views and a video that doesn’t get views is only $75.

Profitable Promotion from Google Ads

Robert Donnell of P5 Marketing, explicitly referenced Google Ads. He stated that their go-to strategy for directing people to recordings is Google Ads. Their YouTube advertisement promotion that are video-based direct people to our customer’s video for around two pennies for each snap.

Also, the CEO of Brian Carter Group preferred to use Google Ads. Their preferred method to get a huge amount of YouTube views for themselves and customers is Google Ads. Google possesses YouTube and gives you a chance to put the advertisements to demonstrate your YouTube recordings to individuals, alongside a connect to whatever size you need.

The Brian Carter Group’s expense per view amounts to 6 pennies each, yet they acquire them only under 1 penny for each view. Carter also added that requesting subscriptions and having end cards will help increase the total of your subscribers.

How To Garner More Views The Perspective Of a Dozen Of Marketers

Promote Videos Organically

Brandish Insights’ Josh Braaten urges advertisers to do the only thing advertisers were instructed never to do is to send the viewers from your site.

Promote your videos on other social media platforms, on a blog post, send it on newsletters, or any place you could think of that can get you, potential viewers. Don’t stress if you don’t get enough visits, because if the effort pays off, you would gain more than lose some.

BLOOM’s Ana Cvetkovic added that you can’t just upload it and stop there. You need to share it on every social media. Do it not just once, but many times.

Use Social Media

Kettlebell Kings’ Jay Perkins utilizes the Instagram followers of their company that has a total of 80,000 to acquire a greater amount of YouTube views. The company uses Instagram in sharing a clip of videos using its products. This method made them gain a clickthrough rate of 10% whenever they advise followers to look at a fresh post. 

Eric Simons of Hyper Projector suggests another social stage media platform which is Reddit. Snap an interesting frame that will gain the attention of the people from the video and post it. If it raises curiosity, then you did a good job.

Comment it!

A very straightforward approach to gaining views for your video is to discover websites that are significant and there you can comment on the link of your video. In that way, you can get additional views that will surely help rank your videos. 

Video with a Good Description

Rebrandly’s Seán Connolly prescribes to focus on your titles, thumbnails, and tags.

Thumbnail: Primary component of your video that gets looked up by a potential watcher. It must be captivating and intriguing for the watchers. Apply the term “less is more” when making thumbnails.

Title: Be certain to concentrate on your primary keyword. Make the keyword a priority and craft the title around that keyword.

Tags: Tags are in every case unimaginably significant. Tag every significant content that may help your video to rank up. Just keep in mind that you don’t need to tag too much as it may cause your video’s performance.

Make sure that your title and thumbnail sync in, it should work as one. The decision making of a viewer depends on looking at your thumbnail, and then title, and getting back to your thumbnail. Remember to spark their curiosity regarding the thumbnail and then give the details using the title.

Include Important Details

Colibri Digital Marketing’s Andrew McLoughlin suggests making the full description as though they were small scale blog entries. In that way, you may clarify what the video you have created is all about, and you may incorporate keywords that can rank up your videos. Then, your video at that point be significantly more liable to appear in searches, and you’ll see your views increasing.

SEO Hacker’s Sean Si stated that you need is making appealing, cutting right to the chase titles to stand out. Viewers already decided on what they are looking for, all you need is to ensure your video is discoverable. And by achieving that, you need to use appropriate keywords and displaying the primary thought on your titles.

Streamline Your Video

Make sure to consider YouTube to be a different web search tool. The best way is to establish a solid SEO for videos. Pick a keyword that alludes to the video. The keyword should continue in the video title, depiction, and tags. Alongside the Main keyword, ensure that the supporting keywords to be likewise profoundly searched.

Anvil Media’s Kent Lewis prescribes fusing pertinent keywords into the title, descriptions, and record name. Also, use an audio podcast, syndicate your video in social media accounts, and transcribe the video.

Mackenzie Thompson stated that the rank in recommended videos by duplicating the tags of prominent videos that can be connected with your video. 

Incorporate Other Content with Your Videos

A statement given by Joe Sloan of Jurassic Sands, the best way we have observed is to gather a greater amount of views on your YouTube videos is to blog it around every particular video or a sequence of videos. You need to ensure the videos are included on pages to enable you to give more SEO to enable them to wind up found.

TakeLessons Live’s Jessica Dais has the same argument. You need to utilize your current content by implanting YouTube videos on significant blog entries for an instant ranking. Thusly you’ll get more value for your money on the traffic the site gets. 

Make a Plan

There is one thing the advertisers conceded to, you need to place in the effort to expand the views on your YouTube videos.

It may be using keyword inquiry, social advancement, advertisements, or some other techniques. But it will require some serious energy.

Storyboard Media Group’s Michael Hammond dispensed an overview for the video’s content technique, to help capitalize on your videos:

  • Advise on “how-to, reviews, clarification, product unpacking, tutorials.” 
  • Be sensitive, having energy and optimism is better. 
  • Understand your Audience 
  • Be sincere and relatable
  • Give individuals the thing they are searching for, they need to watch what you need to state, in contrast to a run of the mill advertisement on the other channel, center around quality. 
  • Make a paramount slogan or keyword with great scripting and strong message. 
  • Have a longer duration of the video. 

These are some of the strategies you may use to gather more views. Keep in mind that these methods require time and effort. Good luck with your journey!

The Most Effective Method to Garner Views on YouTube

A Step by Step Method to Attain Greater Amount of Viewership and Engagement on your Videos! 

If you are using videos for online marketing for your business and finding a better way to garner more views than you expected, this is the right place to be. And if you are not into videos, you may want to change your mind after reading this.

YouTube is like a gravy train that the vast majority aren’t taking advantage of or possibly not as viable as they can be. The majority of individuals are basically making incorrect actions and unable to get the outcome that a video can give your business.

One of the people who is certainly doing it right is, Derral Eves, with more than 500k subs, and having 34 Billion views and counting that he’s straightforwardly responsible for.

Most importantly, videos can draw in individuals on a more profound level than you can carry out with some other medium. Furthermore, as you’ll discover soon, there’s an immense craving for video on the web. Individuals are getting ravening for this kind of content.

5 Brilliant Ways to Earn More Views on Your YouTube Videos

In this talk with Derral Eves you’ll discover…

  • Ways to assemble the messages of your video in a profoundly compelling manner. 
  • The best method to make videos that reverberate with your group of spectators. 
  • The mood for the content of the video that maintains your crowd exceptionally locked in 
  • How precisely to employ everything for your next video. 

Derral Eves assembled a methodology for the content. One that bodes well for our particular needs. Regardless of whether it’s LIVE video, previously posted, evergreen, it doesn’t make a difference!

But before we dive into the details. Let’s have a brief introduction to Derral Eves.

He was responsible for 34 Billion views regarding Marketing Videos. He has a channel that is leading on videos of “How-To” on YouTube. He started in 2005 and now has a corporation that concentrates on the development of audiences, growth, and monetize YouTube videos & other paid media systems.

A portion of his greatest customers includes prominent brands like Red Bull, Amazon, ESPN, Volkswagen, Google, Adobe, and YouTube.


  • He is YouTube Certified
  • He has 5 Certifications by Adwords
  • He is a Certified Google Analyst
  • He earned more than 20 gold YouTube plaques
  • Lastly, He has almost reached 20 Billion views on Facebook


Have you ever encountered the “squatty potty” commercial or otherwise known as unicorn poop? Derral Eves and Harmon Brothers were responsible for that video that garnered an approximate $45 Million of income within a year. 

I think he knows what he is gonna talk about!

Consider Using Online Video 

Are you planning or taking into account to push ahead to creating a business in the absence of the help of videos? Possibly on the grounds that you dread being on a video, or it needs a lot of work, or simply can’t do it?

Derral has an extraordinary inquiry for you. What is the largest program watched in the U.S. consistently?

Is it The Grammys? Oscars? Super Bowl? The answer is:

It’s really the Super Bowl’s Halftime show. This bit of the greatest round of the year acquires a larger number of people viewing it than everything else EACH and EVERY YEAR!


More than 80 million Americans watch more than 2 billion videos each day. Imagine that the views of the Super Bowl Halftime are multiplied by 40, look at the number of the total of views the Super Bowl garners.

Forbes Magazine states that:

  • Whenever there is a written and a video regarding a content, 68% of the people would choose to watch than reading
  • More than 70% of individuals are bound to purchase an item online subsequent to watch the video 
  • An approximate of 80% of individuals can remember a video promotion they’ve seen in the previous 30 days

So, Why do you need to use a Video Marketing Strategy?

Here are some reasons:

  1. Videos are claimed to be more than 80% of all web traffic
  2. Adding videos to Emails can boost rates of click-through by more than 200%
  3. About 90% of customers state that videos helped them in decision-making
  4. The mobile usage continues to grow every year
  5. Inserting videos in greetings can increase conversion rates by 90%


In any event in the event that you would prefer not to be totally left behind by the individuals who utilize video, it’s obligatory.

It basically must add video marketing in your armory. Online videos are totally changing the manner in which we find information by means of the web, and increasingly more it’s getting difficult to keep away from. 

For what reason would you keep away from that monstrous amount of audience at any rate?


A must ask 8 questions before getting started with the Content wish to Make 

So since you know why should you begin utilizing marketing videos to develop your business, how about we discuss how to make it successfully!

Derral Eves states perhaps the greatest slip-up that individuals make isn’t thinking about the objective behind the video they are making before getting the video to record. Preparedness is critical in the event that you need to make this viably. 

The more readiness and arranging, the better you obey methods, the greater improvement the content you’ll make. Content that draws in with individuals and makes them make a move implies you acquire leads and deals!

Questions to ask before making videos:

1st Question: For what reason Are you Making the Content? 

You should be explicit about the reason for the video you’re going to make. Besides, every video ought to have its own particular reason.

4 Reasons for Content Online

  • Build Awareness 
  • Impact Consideration because videos are the most dominant approach to influence somebody to think about a choice 
  • Driving Online Sales or even Offline
  • Developing Loyalty, meaning reconnecting with your locale, and contacting them such that makes them stay inspired by what you’re really doing. 

You’re continually tending to be categorized as one of these reasons with your content. Also, you should learn which you’ll be utilizing for every particular video, before even considering hitting the record.

2nd Question: Who Are You Competing With?

The expert Derral Eves holds a fascinating interpretation of rivalry. He states that you ought to pose the inquiry: “Should they be considered my rivals?”

This may be not quite the same as what you’ve heard by other people who need you to simply get out and beat the tar off your opposition. This is on the grounds that in Derral Eves’ perspective, we dwell in a universe of a joint effort.

Thinking along these lines, you understand that specific individuals have abilities and resources they can utilize, and teaming up rather than simply contending can be gainful to everybody!

3rd Question: Who Are you Targeting to Get in Contact?

Realizing your group of spectators is the way into ALL great marketing and creating content.

Who’s the person that you’re attempting to contact? Derral Eves has an intriguing and clearly compelling route. He essentially considers somebody that he knew, and inquire if they would draw in with his content?

Basically he’s utilizing individuals he is acquainted with as his icon.

For example, if he’s cooperating with a customer who has a group of people or teenagers, he’ll use his own children to perceive how they respond to the video content that he makes videos around. 

At that point, he knew other youngsters who will undoubtedly like it as well!

4th Question: Who are your Main Audience and Your Demographic Target?

When you acknowledge who are you attempting to reach, at that point you show signs of better thought of who will your main crowd be? You have both the main crowd and main watcher, so you’ll need to give close consideration to find out what are the similarities between the two are.

5th Question: What is the value your customers can profit from your Content?

Here’s where things become real with the videos. Comprehend the idea of marketing, at that point you realize that if you upload video content that has no worth, you’re just wasting time.

The Value of the video is the thing that makes attraction, where individuals consider you to be the expert they’ve been searching for. When there is no value, it implies individuals proceed onward to your rival’s videos, until the viewers discover somebody who is providing them the value they needed.

3 Simple Ways to have Valued for your Viewers

These are the necessary things your content needed to accomplish for your group of spectators?

  • Inspire
  • Educate 
  • Entertain 

These are the main ways that somebody can find value in the content of your videos!

You should be unmistakable in making content that tackles on all or some of those three ways as could be expected. Ensure your content to be significant, and in the event that you can encourage one individual to dial in, at that point you can discover the same spectators, and that is the way things develop. 

Since when somebody discovers value, they are bound to share! Furthermore, obviously that is the thing that you need, and that is the manner by which things turn into an internet sensation! 

6th Question: What Is the Main Message and Content Tone of your Video?

Informing and tonality are ways of having your content to a degree of genuine commitment. As it were, it’s what will make the watcher to really watch the entire video! Simply realize that an inappropriate tone could divert from the message, and may result in them to click away.

7th Question: How Are you Planning to Maximize the reach of your Content?

The content of your video must come close to the web platform you’re on. It is known that YouTube is the pinnacle of video contents, it still may not be the top spot to discover and draw in with your crowd.

They might be on social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Obviously you need the greatest reach conceivable, so you would prefer not to disregard YouTube. In any case, you might need to build your principal focus on another stage before all else. Everything relies upon your niche and the group of spectators.

8th Question: What Resembles Success?

You should have an objective at the top of the priority list when it comes to your videos, to decide whether the video was an achievement.

Well, real achievement means getting individuals to purchase your item, or joining business opportunities. Your video may not reach them right away, however ought to be the preliminary to make that bound to occur not far off.

This implies you need to think about different parts of your channel. For example, in case you’re building links from your videos, however, aren’t getting purchasers once individuals come across to your webpage, at that point you should augment your site, your greeting page, email campaigns and so forth.

The 6 C’s You need in having Successful Marketing Videos

For more than 13 years of making videos on YouTube for the absolute greatest organizations on the planet, Derral has concocted a simple method to typically make a fruitful video promoting the system.

Following these 6 C’s will make it simpler for you to copy accomplishment again and again with video advertising, much the same as it has for Derral Eves and his understudies. 

The 6 C’s Are as Follows:

  1. Content 
  1. Connection 
  1. Consistency 
  1. Community 
  1. Call to Action 
  1. Collaboration 

Quality written content is the final deciding factor. Always remember to create content that is stunning and doesn’t suck.

The Method of Creating Videos

Segment #1: Hook “The Initial Few Seconds of the Video”

“Hook” is actually what it seems like. It’s where you rapidly catch their eye, lure them, and make them move beside and wanting to listen more.

If they’re locked in, in the initial 5 seconds, at that point they’ll, for the most part, remain for 32 additional seconds.

Your hook line may be as basic as expressing your point.

“Today I’m demonstrating how to…”

This ought to be kept brief, and attempting to produce it any more drawn out could get viewers to leave. 

Segment #2: Intro and Set-Up “25 Seconds following the Hook”

When you’ve caught their eye, Intro and Set-Up basically prepare them for what will occur in the video. For what reason would it be advisable for them to stay any more? What are they going to receive in return? Will they learn something from it?

In the event that you make them continuously watching the introduction and set up, they will remain for an additional 60 seconds. 

Segment #3: Marking Brand “Next Couple of Seconds after Intro and Set-Up”

It needs to be short and basic here. A picture or a slogan, a thing that makes you be remembered so viewers consider you each and every time. Give it 3 to 4 seconds max on this to the extent time goes.

An incredible sample of this is in the event that you consider NBC. NBC got three rings and when you hear it, you are aware it’s NBC! 

Segment #4: The Re-Engaging “Next 45 Seconds after Branding”

Now you have them locked in, they will have knowledge of what they will discover, and now you have your image in there. Presently you need to simply rapidly reconnect because attention spans come in quick.

Provide them somewhat more insight regarding precisely what your video is all about, possibly state a major point you’ll make, and demonstrate to them what they’ll achieve from viewing it. You’re basically pulling them back in by demonstrating them more advantages they’re going to get.

Extremely basic and takes out two targets with one shot. It reconnects them on the video and connects them to the community you created.

Given the chance that you get them through the Re-Engagement, they’ll practically complete your whole video, but it still depends on the duration. This is on the grounds that you’ve worked admirably at making some development.

Segment #5: Content (Time is subject to change)

It’s an ideal opportunity to provide them what you discussed from the start of the video. This is the place you bring value, establish credibility and trust with the watcher.

To what extent should the content bit be? You should just know your group of spectators. This varies upon the value you’re including, and relying upon your association with your group of spectators.

Remember that individuals lose enthusiasm in a span of 1 and a half minutes. So every minute you’ll need to rapidly reconnect to keep focus. 

Here’s a tip, Jot down and keep before you precisely what you’ll be talking about to maintain the order of topics. Provide them what they sought for, and come to the heart of the matter. This would be the most significant with watchers, who are not aware of how you get things done. 

Segment #6: Wrapping Up “Needs to be super Short”

Attempt to reconnect rapidly. Now, individuals realize that you’re wrapping it up, thus you proceed to the following part as fast as would be prudent. 

Segment #7: Connect with Viewer

It is the place you need to get their attention, so they won’t click away. They realize you’re nearly done, yet you need to make them to your call to take action.

Segment #8: The Verbal Call-to-Action

In this segment, the creator should instruct the viewers, or they will do nothing. This where you instruct them to buy in, to visit the website in the depiction, or whatever activity you need them to get.

By utilizing content seen on screen, however verbally guiding them next.

Segment #9: The Closer  “The Catch Phrase”

The closer needs to be quick, and simply some leaving words that you shrivel say every time or some catchphrase that you may utilize. An example is “Don’t Forget to smile” or “Stay Hydrated”

You may also choose or create your own. Be unique!

So let’s wrap this up. This is the method of creating videos, with a demonstrated breakdown, planned explicitly on the sort of content that was ought to put out there to garner the most preferred outcome.

YouTube Launched “Stories” Feature, Just Like Instagram

Since it was added as a feature on Instagram and Facebook, Stories has become a major staple of our social media life. In fact, Instagram has the highest number of users this year with over 400 million daily. It has even surpassed Snapchat and Facebook.

Who would have thought that this kind of posting format will hit big? Its popularity encouraged even other platforms to include it as one of their features. Netflix and Airbnb are now following in the popularity of this social media format. Not only that, YouTube is trying to also incorporate it into its platform.

YouTube is launching a “Stories” format and called it “Reels”. The video tech giant is currently testing it with its YouTube creators that has over 10,000 subscribers. It was successful with Instagram. Now, the question is, will it be successful with YouTube?

Do creators and subscribers really need this kind of format in the platform?

Features of YouTube Reels

YouTube is trying to create a not so similar Stories format for its platform. One is the people who have access to it.  

In Instagram, anyone with the account can post their stories. However, with YouTube, posting Reels is only a feature available to creators with large followings. And instead of the normal 24 hours, the Reel gets to stay in their account for a week or seven long days. YouTube is also allowing multiple stories which are very different with Instagram and Snapchat.

Subscribers will be able to find the creator’s stories in the Subscriptions tab, while for non-subscribers, it will be in the “Up next” list. On the other hand, just like Instagram’s Stories, there will also be some editing features in Reels. Creators can add filters, music, stickers to their video stories.

What is also good is that viewers can add a comment on the Reels. They can also comment with thumbs up or thumbs down or even give a heart icon if they like the video.

YouTube Communities

Since YouTube is only opening the Reel features to creators with over 10,000 subscribers, we can say that it is trying to build its communities. It also aims to promote channels as well as increase engagement.

Other creators have already started using the feature. They used it to create behind the scene accounts for the videos that they are creating and will be publishing in the platform. This creates an exciting feeling for the viewers and YouTube subscribers.

With this feature, YouTube is encouraging its users to stay on the platform, especially for its creators. Now creators don’t need to head to Facebook, Instagram or other social media to post updates on their videos or accounts. They can use YouTube Reels to do that. They can update their viewers easier and in a low key way.

YouTube Reels is also a good opportunity for creators who occasionally creates videos. They can close the gaps by updating its viewers of what is happening to them. On the other hand, for vloggers who are posting frequently, using Reels may be a redundancy for them.

In the end, Reels is about making creators stay with the platform and increasing their audience engagement.

Mix reactions

Creators and users have mixed reactions about YouTube Reels. Some say that YouTube is just jumping into the bandwagon of the Stories and it really does not need it. Another is that YouTube is just limiting it to its well-followed creators. It means there is no opportunity for budding YouTubers or small startups to try the feature.

Perhaps, the reason for this is that YouTube is trying to crack down and weed out inappropriate content on its platform. It is also cutting advertising rights to creators who are producing explicit content or graphical images.

On the other hand, other creators think that it is not reasonable to cut out advertising privileges just because the creator is touching the subjects of sex, mental health, and politics.

The problem with YouTube’s algorithm is that creators with high following continue to flourish, while those small and starting creators are bound to fail. This is because YouTube’s algorithm only favors those that have a sustainable following. They monetize them, while those that are small failed to get the monetization that they need since they are not given the right amount of exposure on the platform.

Using Reels, it is only another way to help those who have established accounts to flourish more. If Reels aim is to build community, wouldn’t be right to allow others to use it so other communities will be bigger? Also, it will help small or budding creators to create bigger communities?

10,000 subscribers may just be a small number for others. But with many YouTubers out there, it is hard to compete for attention. Thus, it is not easy to reach this number in a short period of time. Worse, those unfortunate creators have been in the platform for a long time and still fail to hit the 1000 subscriber mark.

It is also hard to gauge if Reels will be able to get audience engagement since the only indicator that you will have is comments and the reactions of the viewers.

Its purpose of audience engagement is good. However, if no one is using it, then it is a useless feature.


With Reels, brands can also use it to promote their product or campaign. They can create a poll, snippets or behind the scene footages.

It will be the same with Instagram. However, the big question is, will brands use Reels if they are already successful in using Instagram? Are they ready to take a risk in using another platform for their brand?

Remember paid ads on social media is not cheap. And trying to use all possible social media and social media features will surely cost your brands heaps of money. So better to think carefully and decide wisely which one will be effective for your brand. And if Instagram is effective for you, will you still move to other platforms, whether that platform has the same feature and purpose?

This feature is new. And it is hard to imagine a lot of people taking and consuming it in a short period of time. Furthermore, if it is not their platform, they won’t bother checking it out or much more use it.

These YouTube Reels is an interesting experiment. However, only the changes in the digital trends will tell if it will be successful just like with Instagram. Facebook and Snapchat has a steady follower on their own Story features, but will that mean the same for YouTube?

Get Free YouTube Views the Easy Way

YouTube is the go-to platform not only for watching videos, but also for promoting one’s brand. While it’s quite easy to upload your videos there, making your videos be noticed isn’t always an easy task.

There are, however easy tactics you can apply to get free YouTube views for your uploaded videos. You have to make sure the videos are optimized in terms of searchability and clickability, then improve their branding.  

Video optimization tactics for free YouTube views

Video optimization tactics for YouTube can be categorized into two: use traditional SEO tactics, and improve your user’s experience. Let’s break down these two further.

Use SEO tactics

To get started on getting those free Free YouTube views, you have to make sure that people find your videos first. Some SEO tactics you can employ to achieve this goal include:

  • Check competitors in your niche: Pay attention to their most viewed videos and the keywords prominently used in their videos’ titles, descriptions, and tags.
  • Check and list the good keywords: After finding the prominent keywords, use tools like Google AdWords to check if these keywords are indeed good. List down those keywords with the highest search frequency and best stats.
  • Apply the good keywords into your videos: Incorporate keywords wisely into the title, description, and tags, but don’t overuse them. YouTube and other search engines will know if you’re abusing their system.

Using the right keywords, plus other SEO tactics, will certainly make your videos searchable to potential viewers.

Get Free YouTube Views the Easy Way

Optimize the viewer’s experience

After you worked on the SEO side, it’s now time to make your videos clickable and improve the viewer’s experience. Two ways you can make this happen include:

  • Put a catchy thumbnail image: Use bright, clear, attractive photos. If it’s possible, use pictures with humans as people easily relate with such images.
  • Optimize the video description: A description will not only help in terms of searchability; it will also help your video get those precious clicks. Use brief, on-point descriptions to tell your viewers what the video is all about.

These two methods should pique the interests of your viewers so they will instantly click on your videos.

Branding tactics for free YouTube views

Optimizing videos will help make them searchable and clickable, but that’s just half the work. If you want your videos to be remembered, you have to work on their branding as well. Here are some ways you can improve your branding:

  • Maintain a regular schedule for uploading videos, and advertise them.
  • Put consistent images in your header, profile, and thumbnails.
  • Include other brand information in the header, like a link to your website or social media profiles.
  • Use regular backdrops for your videos.
  • Present your videos in a consistent manner. For instance, some YouTubers use their own style of intros and catchphrase.

Using a consistent schedule, appearance, and presentation will make your videos worth remembering and get those free YouTube views.

Example of YouTube branding

As an example, check out how software company Adobe Creative Cloud applied some of the above tactics in crafting its YouTube’s channel. The images in the header and thumbnails are colorful and attractive; it even has a human face in there. The video descriptions are on-point, telling you exactly what a specific video is all about. Viewers get a constant supply of useful content, and the social media handles are clearly displayed on the header.

While all these tactics seem like easy steps, they have been used by successful YouTubers in promoting their videos and channels. Check these tactics out, apply them to your own videos, and watch your YouTube view count increase without spending a lot.

Simple Methods To Increase Your YouTube Views And Subscribers

YouTube is one of the most powerful channels in existence. It gains millions of views every day. And yet many marketers are overlooking its marketing potential. In fact, only 9% of small businesses use it.

Perhaps one of the reasons for this is that many marketers and businesses are a little intimidated on how to get views on YouTube. For them, they think that you need to put a lot of work and effort to get the attention and engagement that you want.

In reality, YouTube is easy to use. You can get a thousand views on your video even though your channel is not that popular as other brands. You don’t necessarily need to have a million subscribers to get millions of views. But getting a million views is not enough. You should also know how to turn those million views into website visits.

This process, in turn, opens an opportunity into your sales funnel of converting website visits into leads and customers.  So how do you do that?

The first thing to do is…


How to get more views

Before getting into the main topic, it is important to first understand some basic concepts. If you want to drive traffic, you must GET that traffic.

Create an awesome and engaging content, optimize it for easy search, and keep on sharing your content.

Creating engaging content is the most important part of the process. You should know your target audience – what they like and what they would like to see. Then create that content.

Second is to optimize that content. You need to make your videos easy to find. If you know how SEO works, it will be easy for you to optimize your content. You need to focus on the video title, description, and most importantly your video thumbnail.

Your title should be able to answer the questions of your target audience. Also, in using tags, the key numbers are 10 to 12 tags. You should also use keywords that are related to your video.

When it comes to description, there is no real formula for that. But you should not stuff it with a bunch of keywords. And making your description long is the key.

Then lastly, make your video thumbnail very attractive.

When it comes to your thumbnails, don’t hesitate to experiment with images, colors and text overlays. Most people, decide to watch based on the thumbnail alone. So take time to make the best thumbnail for your video that viewers will click.


How to convert views into website traffic

One way to do this is to get referrals.

According to the study by Bain & Company, 87% of customers will give referrals if you will ask them. Surprisingly, only 7% of sales people are asking for referrals. Imagine the many chances that they could have created a new customer.

This concept is not just applicable in the sales industry. It also applies to YouTube. If you ask your viewers to visit your site, then there is a higher percentage that they will do that.

A formula you can use in creating your video and at the same time attracting visitors on your site is this: Introduce your name and your website at the beginning of your video. Then, give everything that your viewers would want to see on your video. Give them something of value. Then at the end, advise them to check out your website.

Since they got something from your video, they have the tendency to repay you by visiting your site. So don’t forget to mention your website at the start of the video and mention it again at the end. It will also help if you type your website at the end of the video.

If you are into extra engagement, try putting an annotation at the end of your video. With this annotation, they can just click it and they will be on your website in an instant.

But before adding an annotation to your video, it is important to verify first your account. It is just easy. You go to Creator Studio, then Channel, then Advanced.

Under there, you will see a section called “Associated website.” Enter your website URL here and then click Add.

You will be redirected to Google Search Console. This will end the process.

Once Google has verified your website, go to Creator Studio again and then Video Manager. Find the video you would like to add an annotation, click the Edit button, and select Cards.

Click the Add card and then insert your website URL.

You can also include a text or an image on the card. This is highly recommended to increase the visibility of your website.

After doing this process, it should look like this.

Don’t overlook this tactic, and you will be surprised by the result.


How to create a description

As we have mentioned, description is an important tool to increase the visibility and views of your video. But how do you create an effective description?

Since YouTube is cutting the content on description box and putting “Show more” at the end of your first sentence, it is important to cut your description into bits and pieces where your audience can easily read the most important element of your video description.

Don’t just write. The first couple of lines should say something valuable about the video that can grab the audience’s interests.

Try to experiment also by including URLs on the first couple of sentences.

Set a UTM parameter on your link so you can track how your viewers are dealing with your description.

But if you already have a link on your annotation, you can skip putting it in the description box.

If you decide to include a link on your description box, make sure to start with http:// or https://. This is for your viewers to easily click the link.

After creating a compelling and interesting intro to your description, continue writing your description. This time, include keywords to optimize it. Remember that it is not good to bombard your description with lots of keywords. Use one or two as long as it will sound okay and natural.

You can try using latent semantic indexing (LSI) keywords. They are very close to your focus keywords. Put your keywords at the start of your description. Use also focus keywords, as recommended by YouTube. Be thoughtful in creating your description. It can result in good referral traffic.


How to encourage viewers to subscribe

It is a long strategy, but very effective. Unlike the direct method of sending clients to your website, this one is different. Subscribing to your channel is very easy to do. Just hit the red subscribe button near your YouTube avatar.

Hooking your viewers to your content is the key for your viewers to subscribe to your channel. Subscribing to your channel will give you more views and repeat views. Views can turn into fans, and those fans are bound to check your website and possibly turn into customers.

The secret here is to produce valuable content that your viewers will be hooked to watch every single time.


How to optimize your channel’s about page

Optimizing your video is not the only thing you need to do. If you want to increase your views and attract subscribers, you should know how to optimize your channel’s about page.

If people are interested with what you are producing, they are bound to check your about page.

The thing is, you need to keep your about page interesting and up to date. Put relevant information about your business. Your ‘about page’ is bound to create more traffic to your website. So tell the readers what they would like to know about your company and how it will be beneficial to them.

At the end of your About page, make sure to include your website link and social profiles. So people can easily check it out.


The importance of interaction

Getting comments on your videos is a good sign. Good or bad, it means that people are interested and taking the time to give their two cents about your video. But you can’t just ignore these comments, especially if you are getting positive comments or questions.

You need to answer and interact with these comments and their users.

Interacting with them on the comment section shows that your viewers are dealing with real human and not just some kind of bot. It also shows that you are listening and engaging with them. It projects an image that your brand is easy to reach out.

Don’t also ignore questions. They are better than positive comments. Answer questions and some of your viewers who read comment section will get an idea of the problems and solution you are providing.

This means that you are generous in giving valuable information, not just on your video but also on the people who are asking you.

In the comment section, also include links that are valuable to them. Just make sure to provide links that really help answer their question.


Reach out to other YouTuber

There are other YouTuber on your niche. So make sure to maximize this opportunity by partnering with them. By partnering with them, you can share audiences and you both get new and more traffic.

Do a YouTube search and look for YouTuber that you can partner with.

Make sure that these channels have more subscribers than you do.

Don’t neglect the power of YouTube. Yes, it is not easy to create content and it is a bit intimidating to compete with billions of users in the channel.

But it is completely free to use and you can possibly tap your customers within those billions of users. So give it a try and use the above tips to increase your views and subscribers.

Should I Buy Youtube Views?

Buying views for YouTube videos is often thought of as a risky proposition, one that you might not think is right for you.

This due in large part to the many scammers and low-quality providers, who just don’t have your best interests in mind. What many people don’t know, however, is that buying YouTube views can actually have a lot of benefits.

There are some crappy companies out there, but there are also a lot who will deliver high-quality services, just like they promise. You just need to take the time to find those good providers who actually care about your digital reputation.

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