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How Buying YouTube Views Can Help You Grow

Go ahead and type “buying YouTube views” into Google – you’ll find hundreds of sites that are offering cheap YouTube views left and right, yet questions persist. How can YouTube views help me grow – and how do I know if buying views is a good choice for my needs?

Great questions.

Contrary to popular belief – buying views is neither illegal nor unethical. To the contrary, it’s smart and efficient. Boosting your videos with some social promotion is often times a very good idea – regardless of what you’re promoting or what your goals might be, social traction can always help. With that said, however, there are very specific purposes where buying YouTube views can pay higher than average dividends. If you can harness the power that YouTube provides you via these factors, you stand to gain a lot.

Without further ado, here they are!

1. Grow Your Channel and Other Videos

One of the most typical uses of purchased promotions, buying views can dramatically increase the growth of a new channel or video. While purchased views aren’t scalable, they are remarkably efficient at increasing your social proof in the initial stages of your growth – even though you won’t NEED them to succeed, you can kickstart the organic traction and shares your video gets from the very beginning – in some cases leading to viral popularity.

Fun Fact: Did you know that Psy (among MANY others) bought YouTube views to jumpstart his videos?


2. Attract Organic Views

Depending on who you are wanting to create views for, buying YouTube views may create a fan base and allow for organic views to take over your growth. These views may grow naturally and develop over time. Generating more traffic can generate more views, likes, subscribers and comments by giving more credibility to your videos. This forms a ripple effect gaining exposure with more comments and more subscribers. These views help to rank your video higher in Google and on YouTube. Having YouTube subscribers is one of the ranking factors that YouTube considers when ranking videos on search results. With a little help, you can convince viewers that you are worth watching!

Regardless of the types of views you buy – the increased social proof you get from a ‘popular’ video has been proven to increase your apparent authority and value in the eyes of your potential viewers.

3. Increase Your Sales

For a business, buying views could mean increased sales and profit just by increasing your online existence. One of the most under-rated benefits of purchased views is the social sharing effect. If your video is funny, useful or engaging (which it should be), it’s naturally going to be shared.


This allows you to grow a brand image through YouTube’s promotion of your video in organic search and sharing on social media. In the video description, adding your social media profiles such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest can help you grow a brand image through social media. Video sharing is becoming more and more popular by sharing those videos on social media, and by increasing your videos attractiveness, you can leverage this extra interest to your advantage.

You can dramatically increase this effect to near viral levels with purchased views. People are FAR more likely to share content that seems popular – for the same reason that no one wants to be picked last for the soccer team. Popularity attracts popularity, and on YouTube, virality – and virality is great for sales.

4. Make Your Video Appear More Attractive

Buying views simply expedites the natural growth of your channel as the increased view counts make the videos appear more attractive. Buying views and subscribers are meant to attract more real viewers and subscribers, and the more views that you have, the more likely someone will be to want to view it themselves. Like in advertising, buying views creates a draw that makes your viewers to want to check out the product. It’s important to remember though, that the video needs to be of a high enough quality to keep those viewers – to make them really want them to watch, subscribe and to share. That is the way your YouTube channel will grow.

If your channel, video, business or website could benefit from increased sales, more users, better engagement or initial attractiveness, then buying views could be something you consider seriously. Make sure you do your research on whatever company you purchase engagements from (we’ve got an awesome Top 5 List!), and check out our Resources for more information on buying views, likes, comments, subscribers and more!

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