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How And Why You Should Use YouTube For Customer Support

If you’re not using YouTube to improve customer experience, now is the time to do it. Learn how and why you should be using YouTube for customer support below.

YouTube started out as a video sharing platform but has now spawned into one of the most engaging and immersive marketing platforms on the internet.

One way to maximize the marketing benefits YouTube has to offer is by using it as a vessel to improve customer satisfaction.

The dawn of live videos has made it so much easier for brands to engage with users who are curious about their products and services, and gives them a more animated platform to reach out to their audience.

YouTube is an unstoppable marketing platform. Its sheer force is what made Facebook, another social media giant, chase after it with their brand new native video sharing platform.

If you’re not using YouTube to improve customer experience, now is the time to do it. Learn how and why you should be using YouTube for customer support below.


Why Should You Use YouTube For Customer Support


People consume and interact with content far differently than they did several years back. Back then, consumers would search for blogs and articles to find the information they need.

These days, people are trading in their laptops and desktop computers for mobile phones and tablets. Your customers demand information on-the-go.

Videos can help you explain complex topics to your customers without taking up too much of their time. According to a Forrester study conducted by Dr. James McQuivey, a 1-minute video is equal to 1,800 words. The numbers reinforce the fact that you can say a lot (without saying a lot) using videos compared to written content.

Samsung Mobile USA uses their channel to briefly explain their units’ features in bite-sized videos that are no longer than three minutes.


By publishing shorter clips that focus on every single feature, they’re able to explain what their phones can do without overwhelming their viewers.

Anastasia Beverly Hills is a beauty brand that publishes short yet informative tutorials on how customers can maximize their products.


If these brands can maximize their YouTube channel to improve customer service, so can you. Make your videos more discoverable by purchasing a few thousand YouTube Views from a tried and tested provider. An impressive number of views should help you draw the right audience to your channel.


How To Use YouTube For Customer Support


There are several video formats you can explore when making customer support videos for your brand on YouTube.

There’s really no single rule when it comes to video length and style when it comes to customer support videos. There are brands out there who swear by shorter videos while others favor long-form video content for their channel.

The duration of your video should ultimately depend on what type of information you’re offering your customers.

Always make sure your customer support videos are compelling, informative and worth your viewers’ time. This is the only way you can maximize videos for all they can offer.

Party Central is a party supplies provider that publishes fun and engaging videos that showcase their product’s potential.

Apple, on the other hand, publishes more in-depth tutorials to help customers understand their mobile devices and fix common issues.

You should use your channel to empower your customers with valuable information that can help them understand or make the most of what you have to offer.


How Can You Help With YouTube


Aside from changing the digital marketing landscape, videos are also rapidly influencing how brands conduct customer service.

You can use videos to educate your customers – both existing and potential – while building engagement and brand familiarity.

If you’re thinking about making customer support videos for your brand, you should start asking yourself how you can empower your customers with the right sets of information about your products and services.

This is the perfect opportunity to reach out to your target audience ask them what they want to know about your brand. You can even use your videos as a platform to address common issues and questions your customers may have.

After publishing your customer support video, make sure to buy an impressive number of YouTube Views from a reputable provider. A few thousand YouTube views will not only help strengthen your reputation but can also help you reach your target audience a lot sooner than you expect.

If you’re not using YouTube to improve customer service, now is the time to do it!



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