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Google and YouTube are Refining Their Emojis Views

Emojis are small graphic icons you can add to your Facebook messages or YouTube comments to add a dash of color and personality.

Google is Refining Their Emojis

Sometimes, you can’t put exactly how you feel into words. That makes social media messages, emails, or even YouTube comments difficult to understand sometimes. Some are already assuming it’s a tactic to grow more YouTube views for the platform and for creators.

For instance, it is possible that you are happy, but the recipient of your message thought you were mad. Likewise, you might write something with the intention of making it sound polite, but it could still come across as rude or sarcastic. It depends on the recipient’s interpretation. Thus, you have to read your sentences over and over again to make sure there will be no misunderstanding. But that prolongs the conversation. You, or the one you are talking to, could be busy, so you want things to be settled as fast as possible.

One thing people have done since the era of snail mail is to put smileys on the letter or texts. But let’s face it, a “: – )” does not look good. Thankfully, there is a better version of smileys. They are the “emojis.”

Emojis are small graphic icons you can add to your Facebook messages or YouTube comments to add a dash of color and personality. With emojis, you can “add your facial expressions and body language” to the message. Emojis would make the messages easier to interpret. It allows you to converse online (without needing a video call) as if you are talking to each other in person. 

As a bonus, emojis liven up the conversation with their cute, fun, lighthearted designs. 

Google Redesigns Emojis

Facial expressions and body movements are not the only things represented in emojis. There are also food, vehicles, symbols, and many others. There are over 3,751 emojis on the Android keyboard. Admittedly, some are more used than others. 

Examples of emojis used often are the laughing emoji, crying emoji, and heart emoji. On the other hand, things like notebooks and the grain emoji are rarely used. 

Google has announced that it is now polishing emojis. The goal is to make each one of them usable. It can be remembered that last year, Google asked the rhetorical question: “What would world emoji day be without new emoji?” After having some time to reflect, on top of the delay of Unicode’s next emoji release, Google has found the answer. If they did not introduce new emojis, they would give love to the already existing ones. 

The project focuses on making emojis more universal, accessible, and authentic. With these new designs, Google hopes users will be able to find new favorites. 

Emojis Are For Everyone on YouTube to View

Many activists are pushing for inclusivity. Google supports this movement. Not a single person should feel left out – not even when using emojis. 

Google is Refining Their Emojis

Take a look at the two-piece bikini. Google says there’s a reason why “an invisible ghost” is wearing it. It sends the message that anybody’s type is a bikini body. Even if you don’t have an hourglass figure, you can wear a two-piece bikini. You can also do it even if you are not a woman by birth. 

Google also acknowledged that emojis have a global audience. Thus, they need to be globally relevant. So, they are changing some designs to be useful not only in a specific country but also in any part of the world. 

For starters, there is the face mask emoji. It originated in Japan, where people wore face masks when they were sick. Now, people all around the world wear face masks – even if they are not sick. So, a redesign is long overdue. The new face mask design features a face with open eyes instead of closed weary ones. They also removed the sweat on the forehead. The new emoji now means showing kindness. It makes sense since it is one of the kindest things a person can do during a pandemic. 

Similarly, Google is also changing the pie emoji. In its current design, it looks like a very specific American pumpkin pie. Using them on a YouTube video about apple pies is a little awkward. On the polished one, however, it could be any kind of pie you want. Even food needs representation! Kidding aside, since everyone would recognize the design, it will see more usage. It does not have a message as impactful as the previous two, but it still does what they do. 

Emojis That Are More Realistic Or Easier To See

They say vehicles are “toys for the big boys.” However, if you look at emojis, you would not think of that. An eggplant emoji is larger than a truck. Aside from that, their details make it hard to notice what they are representing. On the polished version, Google exaggerated their sizes. Therefore, they are easier to see since they can take advantage of the small space they occupy. 

Google is Refining Their Emojis

Aside from the transportation emojis, Google also updated the motorways. They are now a closer representation of the actual thing. Drivers with OCD will be relieved of the stress from looking at the roads flanked with yellow lines. 

Other emojis were made more realistic. The scissors, for example, looks like an actual scissor that can cut things rather than a toy. Also, the pie is not the only food that received a revamp. The emojis other such as the rice, tempura, bacon, and croissant now look like they are cooked properly. Truly mouthwatering. 

Another fun addition is the differences in light and dark mode found in a few of the new designs. For example, in the tent/camping emoji, stars appear in the sky when you switch to dark mode. 

When Will Google Release The New Designs?

Google says Android 12 will include all these emojis when it releases this fall. Furthermore, starting with Android 12, all apps that support Appcompat will automagically get the latest and greatest emoji. This should make it easier for everyone to see emojis, no matter how old their phone is. Chromebook owners will also receive a brand new emoji picker. If you can’t wait until fall, you can try them now on Gmail and Chat. 


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