Location: United States
Company Age: 3 Years
Services: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
Methods: Unknown
Price: $8 and up

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Customer Ratings

3.3 / 5 Stars

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Editors’ Ratings

2 / 5 Stars



Decent service and pricing, but lack of responsive support is concerning


Quick Summary – Our Review in a nutshell is a social media marketing company offering YouTube Views as its primary service. They also offer a variety of other YouTube and Social media services.

Their rates for YouTube views are pretty cheap – starting at $2 per 1,000 views – well below average. They have three YouTube Views service: Slow, Veve and Fast. In regards to quality and safety, YTviews is subpar. While they do deliver views with decent retention rates (30-60%), we have had a few videos removed after a few weeks of ordering.

Support is OK. We have contacted them several times and they’re their response times vary from a few hours to up to 4 days. Their refund policy is also limited with most of their services.

Overall, YTViews is a pretty average cheap YouTube Views provider. Their services work fine and their support is what you would expect for the price – but they lack reliability. Out of 8 views tested, 6 have been removed since 2014. Their limited refund policy is also concerning. Not recommended.
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Service Quality

Service Quality

As we mentioned,’s views service comes in both fast and slow varieties. The interesting thing is that they state that the slow service is, “100% Organic, 100% Safe, & Yes Refund!” while the fast service is, “50% Organic, 50% Safe, & No Refund!”

If you poke around their site, you get a sense of where this structure came from. Clicking on the footer button labeled “Updates” you’ll read where ran into a little trouble with YouTube in July of 2014, causing some of their customers’ videos to be banned and forcing them to temporarily shut down.

Then a month or so later, they followed up with, “YouTube views service is back! With 100% organic views. No fake views and no video banned, but it is a little bit slower than the last views because all the views are from real human.”

We suppose that this means something to past customers, but to the person arriving on their page for the first time, it’s actually a little disconcerting.

Pricing and Discounts

Pricing and Discounts sells two types of “Views,” fast and slow, at 10 different levels. Unlike most providers, they do NOT offer any volume discounts until you reach their largest package, 100,000 views (and even then it’s only $5 off).

Across the board, their prices are cheap. All transactions are conducted via PayPal.

YouTube Views Prices
1,000 Views – $2
5,000 Views – $10
10,000 Views – $20
20,000 Views – $40
40,000 Views – $80
50,000 Views – $100
70,000 Views – $140
80,000 Views – $160
90,000 Views – $180
100,000 Views – $195
Likes/Subscribers Prices
100 Likes or Subscribers – $5
200 Likes or Subscribers – $10
300 Likes or Subscribers – $15
400 Likes or Subscribers – $20
500 Likes or Subscribers – $25
1.000 Likes or Subscribers – $50
2.000 Likes or Subscribers – $100
4,000 Likes or Subscribers – $200
5,000 Likes or Subscribers – $250
10,000 Likes or Subscribers – $495

Comments Prices
100 Comments – $15
200 Comments – $30
300 Comments – $45
400 Comments – $60
500 Comments – $75
600 Comments – $90
700 Comments – $105
800 Comments – $120
900 Comments – $135
1,000 Comments – $145

Customer Support
Customer Support

Customer Support’s customer support page is comprised of just two email addresses; one for service support, and one for general inquiries. There’s no phone number or live chat.

We sent them an email to clarify the difference between their “fast views,” and their “slow views” as regards to quality and safety. The following day they replied to our question, but it was a strange answer. They said, “If you want super-duper safe views + slow. We also provide. But its private ‘selling’. Need to buy via this email.” Hmm…we weren’t sure of what to make of that, but we certainly weren’t going to give them any of our information via unsecured email.

Policy Highlights

Privacy & Return Policies


We were not able to locate any link to a Privacy Policy or Terms and Conditions. Regarding their Refund Policy, we saw only one mention of it at the bottom of their FAQ Page that reads, “We offer a 100% money-back guarantee if we will fail to deliver the service.” Take that for what it’s worth.

The Conclusion

Conclusion has been around for a while and they are a legitimate company offering a fairly cheap, low quality service, but we don’t really trust them. If you’re just looking for low prices, go with someone like 500Views. Better still, if you want your video to be safe from potential YouTube penalties, go with a high-quality provider like those we review here.

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Average rating:  
 13 reviews
by Hanna on YTview

The service is cheap. So we cannot expect too much. It's not that bad though

by Derrick on YTview

Their customer support team really impressed me. They were prompt friendly and certainly knew their stuff well. The views were delivered on the same day and most importantly the quality of views was outstanding.

by Joyce on YTview

This is my third time using their service and i will definitely come back again. I love their speed, efficiency and professionalism. Their customer support is quick and meticulous.

by Gloria on YTview

My views were delivered in super fast time and were of good quality going by the kind of retention rate that i got. The average retention rate was 78%. The customer support were helpful and responded quickly to my questions.

by Elizabeth on YTview
Great job

A wonderful customer support team, fast delivery of quality views is what we got from these guys. Now what else could we want? This is a service that everyone interested in views should check out.

by Stanley on YTview

The quality of views was outstanding. I got the views that i paid for on the very same day that i ordered so that tells you how quick they are. The whole process of getting my views was seamless. The customer support team was simply awesome.

by John on YTview
Great service

The customer support team was great throughout the time i interacted with them. They guided me well helping me save time. My views were delivered within 24 hours of ordering. They came in full. The quality was superb with a high retention rate which averaged 80%

by pnl team on YTview


by Laura on YTview
Exceptional service

From a lively and very responsive customer support, to having my views delivered in good time and the fact that the views were of great quality, i can only say good things about ytview. Try them out!

by Olivia on YTview

I ordered 1000 views at $2 and got them the following day,that really impressed me as i wanted to beat a 36 hour deadline. The customer support was impressive as i kept pressuring them as i didnt want the views later than 36 hours. They are very efficient.

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