Getting more views is the goal of everyone on YouTube. They help with every sort of marketing goal from earning more revenue, to getting more clicks, to increasing your subscribers. It is not easy to get more YouTube views, but this resource is going to look at the top 10 YouTube views hacks anyone can use. This advice will apply to the average YouTube her, big influencers, and brands all sizes. Hack your YouTube views now.

Using keywords to optimize the video titles

Too many people only think of keywords as something that should be used for websites. This is not the case as search engines can also pull up YouTube videos. The key, as always, is to be sure that the keywords you are using actually apply to the content in your video.

An important tool to use for this will be something that will allow you to search for keywords based on their search popularity. The best tool to use for this is Google’s Adwords keyword tool.

Start by brainstorming keyword ideas that users could be using to find your content. Then use the keyword tool to find the terms that are better based on search numbers. This YouTube view hack can vastly increase the number of times that you are found two searches, and bring your view count up with it.

Using keywords in your descriptions

The title is the most important place for your keywords, but you cannot neglect your descriptions or captions. The descriptions show in search results, and they also displayed below your video. Not only are they important for your viewers to read, but they also factor into SEO. Be sure to:

  1. Not keyword stuff
  2. Use synonyms
  3. Incorporate different keyword combinations
  4. Include links to important web pages and other videos
  5. Add the calls to action to subscribe

As you can see, hacking YouTube views can sometimes be taking advantage of things freely available to you on the platform. So many immature YouTube users do not use this. They write descriptions like this:

youtube hack bad description example

When you should be writing descriptions like this:

youtube hack description good example

Working on your descriptions will definitely help you get more views.

Choosing better video tags

The entire point of YouTube tags is to help the right people find your videos quickly. Your first thought should always be about the person who will be clicking on this tag, and whether are not your video will meet their needs.

Fortunately, the best tags are easy to find:

  1. Find the videos within a genre which have the most views.
  2. Click on those videos to open them up.
  3. Right click on the video and check the page source.
  4. Pull up your page search tool. On a Mac this is control plus F.
  5. Do a search for the term “keyword.”

This will take you to all of the tags used for the video. Pull out the ones which are most applicable to your video and use them. Here is an example below:

youtube hack for views source code

You can see “17 inch laptop,” “17 inch laptops,” “Best 17 inch laptops,” and “Top 10 17 inch laptops” were used by this video to rank well for that keyword set.

Another option is to use the tool known as TubeBuddy. Not only do they have an effective tag suggestion feature, but they can do many other things to improve the quality of your YouTube channel.

Optimizing thumbnail images

A little bit of video image editing can go along way to getting you more views. This hack is all about appealing to searchers. You want to present them with something which shows you put effort into it, which shows you have added value to your image and therefore your video.

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about from one of the best channels on YouTube:

youtube thumbnails example smosh get youtube views

This is Smosh with their famous Every Blank Ever video series. You can see they have a consistent style, and they create unique styles for other video series.

When you create these images, try to incorporate keywords into them. Your goal is to give one more visual cue to let people know what they are going to get once they click on that video, pushing them to click.

Buying YouTube views

This YouTube hack may seem obvious, but there’s more to it. The most successful YouTube videos tend to really take off when they gain notoriety simply for having many views. This is when these videos have considerable social credibility, which means that people notice them simply because so many other people have noticed them.

Take a look at the search results below and think about which video people are going to watch for the search “best desktop pc for gaming”:


Many YouTube searchers are simply going to choose the much more popular video!

This YouTube hack can scale as well, it doesn’t just apply to videos with millions and millions of views. Even going from hundreds of views to thousands of views can vastly increase the perception of those which find it. The goal is to get more real viewers to watch your videos, and it can certainly work to do so. Take the time to research the best view providers to be sure that you get what you pay for!

Upload video transcripts

Search engine’s want to know even more about what is in your videos, and video transcripts give them this information as they can’t watch your videos. This should be your clue that sitting down and writing out a script before you get in front of the camera is important.

YouTube does automatically add closed captioning to your videos using speech recognition technology, but they are rarely 100% accurate. Taking the time to upload a proper transcript will help you better appeal to search engines, while more importantly allowing you to better convey information to your readers.

youtube closed captioning example stephen colbert

One last aspect of captions is being able to open your videos to contributions. This will allow your biggest fans the chance to create their own transcripts, and even translations into other languages, and upload them to your videos for you.

It is highly recommended that you turn this on as people aren’t just searching in English, there are people out there searching for videos in every language of the world! What makes this a real YouTube hack is that you don’t have to do any work.

Influencers: Borrow someone else’s audience

One of the easiest hack for YouTube views is to join up with another YouTuber who you share an audience with. YouTube collaborations have been around since the very start of YouTube, and they continue to be a popular hack for those who want to get more views quickly. Here’s a plan to follow:

  1. Identify other YouTube channels with a similar audience.
  2. Take some time to get to know these YouTubers. Watch their videos, comment on them, and take time to interact with their audience in the comments.
  3. Create a narrow list of YouTubers to pursue. Create a spreadsheet of them, and include their contact details.
  4. Come up with scripts, or at least ideas, to propose to these YouTubers.
  5. Begin contacting targets, keeping track of progress of responses and follow ups.
  6. For those who respond positively, start the process of working with them!

Incredible videos, and view numbers, have resulted from collaborations over the years.  perhaps one of the greatest examples of this is the channel Epic Rap Battles of History. The channel itself is a collaboration between Epic Lloyd and Nice Peter, but they continually invite knew you tubers to work with them. Here’s one example:

That’s Ray William Johnson, of the Less Than 3 Productions YouTube channel, as Goku!

How to hack views on YouTube with Cards

YouTube cards allow channels to overlay information on their YouTube videos. These cards will typically contain a link, some sort of call to action, an image to further information being presented, or just general text which will help the audience better understand the content.

Here is where it becomes a hack for more views:

  • Use calls to action to watch other videos.
  • Create links to other videos within a series or theme.
  • Have a call to action to subscribe to get more views over the long-term.

YouTube Cards are designed specifically to help creators keep their viewers around and watching more videos.

Hacking YouTube views with end credit screens

When making a plan for YouTube cards, it is best to place at least one at the end of every video. When the video ends the viewer is looking for their next video, having it provided for them with a card during an end credit scene will make it easy for them to watch the next video. Here is an example from Philip DeFranco:

youtube end credit screen example philip defranco

He uses the same format for every end credit scene with two other videos to watch, the addresses for his social channels, a link out to his exclusive Patreon-funded DeFranco elite video channel. The visual calls to actions that he uses to click on videos is not something to overlook, every push to watch another video should be considered a hack to get more YouTube views.

Using a website to drive views

Websites have many different ways to drive views to a video. This is because not everyone who is looking for information is looking for it in a video.  many of them may be expecting to find text on the website, but finding video I missed that text can work just as well.

There are a number of ways to take in vantage of a website and get more views:

  • Simply embedding videos on webpages with relevant content.
  • Install subscription widgets which will in turn help long-term viewership goals.
  • Write detailed blog posts which further explain content in the video.
  • Use search engine optimization tactics to drive more traffic to a particular webpage with a particular video
  • Share this webpage on social media. It’s all about finding new ways to get people to connect with the video

Using a website to hack YouTube views is something that few people remember to do. With all of the traffic generated by search engines it’s simply is a step which must not be skipped

10 ways to hack your YouTube views

The quest to get more YouTube views does not have to be an arduous one. There are a number of ways to hack YouTube views, increasing them quickly, which actually work and don’t take a lot of time. The ways which this article covered included:

  1. Using keywords to optimize video titles
  2. Using keywords in descriptions
  3. Choosing better video tags
  4. Optimizing thumbnail images
  5. Buying YouTube views
  6. Uploading video transcripts
  7. Working with YouTube influencers
  8. Creating YouTube cards
  9. Using end credit screens
  10. Incorporating a website

YouTube was built to be shared online, leading to many different ways to hack views besides just posting the video and hoping for the best. Using all of these tactics consistently can seriously blow up any YouTube channel.