E-commerce Made Easy On YouTube

YouTube has created a medium for users to gain visibility and popularity online. Even though most users believe this platform is dedicated to movies, watching music videos, and tutorials, this platform can do more than that. For most E-commerce store owners, A YouTube channel holds a lot of advantages that can help your brand grow.

Since just a few E-commerce owners know how to use this tool to their advantage, putting all the tips mentioned here into practice will no doubt take you ahead of competitors. Below are tips to help you promote your E-commerce business on YouTube.

Optimize Your YouTube Channel

If you want to drive more sales using video marketing, you will need to create a YouTube channel for your business. Fortunately, there are several tutorials on how to create a YouTube channel, so you shouldn’t have any problem doing so.

Secondly, ensure the channel is optimized as you would do to your blog posts. For Instance, look to use tags and add a description that tells your audience what the content is all about beforehand. Once your channel is launched, you will need to start creating videos and uploading them immediately. Keep in mind that you should be consistent with how you upload.

You can create a schedule on how frequently you want to post. This could be done once or even twice a week, depending on the amount of time you can spare. The more you post, the more your popularity increases. 

If you’re just launching, it’s important to post more often if you want to keep people attracted to your channel. Once someone finds your channel through the search bar, they want to consume as much content you have available, and if the contents are valuable, getting subscribers will be quite easy.

Decide On Your Video Format

Before uploading a video, there are few things to consider. You need to take time to figure out the kind of video you want to post. Meaning you need to define your objective, goals, and how to achieve them. You should start by introducing your company and explaining your content to your audience. This shouldn’t be complicated, and neither should it take long. Ensure the content is engaging and appealing to your audience.

The followings are the guidelines to help you decide how to structure your video.

  • User guidelines– this video should center around how to use a product, that’s if you’ve gotten complain from past users about how complicated the product is. You can make the video practical by actually showing them how to use it rather than talking at length in front of a camera.
  • Manufacturing process: while most producers prefer to keep these details private. Divulging this to your audience builds trust. Take some minutes from your busy schedule to show your audience around your company, show them how the product was manufactured, the brains behind the production process as well as where the product was put together. This satisfies people’s curiosity about the product.
  • Company’s History– this video is good for those just getting started. Take advantage of this to tell your audience how the company was founded and the inspiration behind it. For new product in the market, take videos of testimonials from Customers as this will make it more comfortable for customers to relate with you and your brand.

Start A Contest

Most E-commerce owners opt for contests rather than posting a video about their company. While this is a helpful strategy considering people’s appeal for freebies, if not properly executed, it could create a negative footprint on your business.

Most Contests are aimed at creating short videos around the product being promoted. Reward the user with the best video with a gift or voucher that matches their efforts. Most times, this strategy may not work well for beginners, but if you manage to record a significant amount of engagement, consider yourself lucky.

Promote Your Product

Just Like on Facebook and Google, you can also promote your products on YouTube. Paid ads can be a quick way for you to make more sales in no time. You need to be careful and must have carried out enough research before going for this. YouTube paid ads are quite expensive and may not be favorable if you’re on a budget.

Here’s a swift guide on how to make YouTube Ads.

When it comes to creating YouTube Ads, there are three things you need to pay attention to video format, targeting, and Ad objective. This shouldn’t be strange to those already familiar with Google and Facebook ads, but you may notice slight differences.

For now, YouTube offers ads in two formats: Search Ads and Instream Ads.

If you opt for search ads, you will be charged less, but your options will be limited in terms of the visuals you’re allowed to use. Instream Ads give more options and are usually displayed when a user is streaming content making it more likely for them to be clicked. In reality, people skip in-stream ads as viewers hate any form of distraction when watching a video.

Use Video Testimonials

When buyers see past Customers saying good things about your product, they’re encouraged to buy from you. They feel more confident, which makes buyers trust you. Rather than using pictures, testimonials in video format are easy to believe and generates more engagement.

While most customers won’t post a testimonial unless you ask, consider requesting a short video testimonial if you received any praise about your product from a previous buyer.

After getting a few Testimonials, add them to your website; however, if the testimonial is about your online store, add it to your home page, but if it is about your product, add it to the product page.


Creating a YouTube channel is a step in the right direction for promoting your product. Further, ensure your channel is optimized and do the same on your website. Keep your customers engaged by posting videos frequently.