A Timeline of the First 10 K-Pop Groups to Reach 100 Million Youtube Views

Youtube has been the digital stepping stone by individuals and groups to be able to set their foot to stardom. K-pop groups have taken advantage of this platform to gain immeasurable popularity. They have since become the stars that we adore from the past decade up until now. 

Having a hundred thousand views on Youtube is already a big achievement, what more when you garner a whopping one hundred million views? Reaching this rare milestone is a fulfilling reward which reverberates all over the globe! PSY’s famous “Gangnam Style” that acquired more than one hundred million views on Youtube is a testament to the power of youtube views. Following Psy’s phenomenon, it was expected that there were tons of K-POP groups to emerge. Each has one goal in mind: have the digital spotlight on them. Thus, a surge of K-Pop idols continuously uploads their unique and quirky music videos hoping to have their own rapid journey to fame.

In today’s generation, K-pop stars have taken on a whole new level. These singing sensations are not only innocent entertainment, but they are also now considered immortal with a genre of their own. While the rise to fame was gradual, K-POP idols having more than half a billion views today on Youtube has become a regular feat. With their widespread reach, we won’t be seeing those numbers go down anytime soon.

Let’s delve into the phenomenon that we call K-POP. We’ve gathered the dirt on Youtube views, from those who paved the way for future K-Pop generations to those getting their first taste of a 9-digit standing. This is the countdown of the most recent to the first-ever K-POP group who reached 100 million views on Youtube. 

10. March 5, 2017 – GOT7 

First on the list and the latest to have accumulated big numbers (more than 250M views as of writing)  is the guy group GOT7 with their song “Just Right”. This upbeat song brings that laid-back vibe and quirky cinematography. But the strong suit of the music video is the empowering message about accepting yourself for who you are and being happy with what you have. 

A Timeline of the First 10 K-Pop Groups to Reach 100 Million Youtube Views

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The charming group, the choreography, the feel-good beat, and their encouraging message is the formula that has successfully captivated millions of listeners. 

9. January 30, 2017 – BLACKPINK

Record-breaking girl group, BLACKPINK, amassed 100million views in just a short span of time. But that was only the start of something great as their stardom saw an all-time high after their debut. They now hold the record of the most Youtube views of a K-POP group with the song “Ddu- du Ddu- du”. 

Black Pink Dududu

With more than 100million views and counting, their group is now world-renowned with a loyal following called the “Blinks”. We look forward to what this fresh and progressive group has in store for the Youtube community in the future. 

8.  November 10, 2016 – TWICE

 The “Nation’s Girl Group” is a known veteran in hitting new degrees in the virtual world. With not just one, but two 100-million views in just the same month.  Their smash hits “LIKE OHH-AHH” and “Cheer Up” rose to a hundred million views in just one month! A double victory in a short span of time is not an easy feat. This is why we anticipate that this sensational girl group will have a lot more hits up their sleeve!


IMAGE: Twice. Photo Taken from kprofiles

7. October 26, 2016 – BTS

BTS is not simply an acronym for “behind the scenes”, it has become synonymous to “ Superior K-Pop boy group” who are far from being behind the scenes. They reached their first 100 million views in October 2016 with the song entitled “Dope”. It was also followed by a number of songs that also prospered the career of the group.

BTS Dope

BTS is now a paradigm of how K-POP groups are aspiring to be like them. The group’s success now is mirrored with an international following, sold-out concerts and smash hits one after the other.

6. October 15, 2016 – F(x) 

It will be hard not to bop your head to the beat of F(x)’s “Electric Shock”. The group’s “shocking” single reached 100million views on Youtube. Their hard work and head-on commitment in providing an experimental spin to K-Pop paid off 4 years after the song was released.

The uniqueness of the song was a breath of fresh air to the viewers as the song incorporates the elements of electro house music. The song also talks about love as an electric shock which is reflected in every note of the song. They revolutionized the world of K-Pop as it was given attention and appreciation, opening more windows on K-Pop song innovation.

5. May 5, 2016 – EXO

K-Pop enthusiasts really got an overdose of hype when EXO released “Overdose”. Soon after, another big-time hit, “Growl”, became a huge commercial success. Leaving fans no time to breathe in between shrieks of joy, “Monster” was released. All hitting the 100million view chart.

EXO was deemed as the beginning of a new breed of K-Pop idols, EXO played a big role in the revelation of the next generation of K-POP idols.

4. October 31, 2015 – Super Junior 

The legendary and inevitable  Super Junior reached 100 million views on Youtube in October 2015 with the hit song “Mr.Simple”. The hit was anything but simple as it echoed worldwide and rose above the charts up until this day. This highly talented group became the benchmark that sets the standard that inspires other up and coming K-POP idols in the industry.

3. October 5, 2014 – 2NE1

The empowered female group, 2NE1, accumulated 100 million views with their song “I AM THE BEST”. Proving that they are indeed the best, it was also awarded as “Song of the Year” at the 2011 MNet Asian Music Awards. They have become a household name in the industry with their powerful, catchy and impossible-to-forget hits.

2. March 27, 2014 – BIG BANG

Coming in at an early 2nd in our countdown is the Big Bang. Their cleverly-produced hit, “FANTASTIC BABY”, reached 100 million views on Youtube. The song which was constantly played all over radios and TVs was the start of the blossoming of the group’s career. Henceforth, several of BIG BANG’s songs were also viewed one hundred million views and beyond. Their extensive fan base knows no bounds, making the group will remain forever as an icon and will always be known as one of the most viewed K-POP groups.

1. April 1, 2013 – Girl’s Generation

The first-ever K-POP group who reached the one hundred million views on Youtube was… *Drumrolls*… the Girl’s Generation!  Their song teeny-bopping song “Gee” was the first to ever reach one-hundred million in the video viewing platform. Soon enough, Girls’ Generation brought the whole world by storm and gained attention from every nook of the globe. They were the springboard for K-Pop to conquer the global charts, forever marking them as the foundation of K-POP.

K-Pop is not just music, it has become a lifestyle. 

Ever since the boom of K-POP idols, the outpour of views in Youtube was non-stop. It has continued to dumbfound and impress people how the K-POP business has reached limitless success in all parts of the world despite any language barrier. These groups have leaped boundaries with their creative and amazing songs. This goes to show that the K-Pop community, idols, and aficionados alike, will continue to prove that there is always room for diversity in the music industry.