Location: United States
Company Age: 3 Years
Services: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter & SoundCloud
Methods: Unknown
Price: $8 and up

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Customer Ratings

4.8 / 5 Stars

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Editors’ Ratings

5 / 5 Stars



Decent service and pricing, but lack of responsive support is concerning


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Socilab – Our Review in a nutshell

Socilab is a US based company founded in 2013 that offers “Buy YouTube Views” services, among other social media services. Their prices are quite low, and the retention of their views is mixed. As far as delivery, they’re a little on the slow side (maybe too slow). They also offer comprehensive packages that include views, likes, and comments, as well as separate services for adding subscribers to your YouTube channel.

We didn’t like that Socilab doesn’t offer a refund or privacy policy. In addition, two of the five videos we tested with Socilab were removed, so it’s not the safest option.

Overall, Socilab is certainly not the best company that we’ve tested, but they’re not the worst either. If you’re on a low budget, they may be an option, but keep in mind that they are still risky. Check customer reviews below, and the rest of our detailed review by clicking the tabs above.
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Service Quality

According the stats on our YouTube channel’s analytics dashboard, our retention rate was between 40% to 65%. Not terrible, but not near the average of 80% we saw with other providers. Also, a suspiciously high percentage of views came from mobile devices, and most were not in the US.

Judging quality for YouTube views can be a little tricky, and sometimes you don’t know how bad a company’s service is until your video gets banned. We don’t think that’s the case here, but the quality level might be just a bit too low for our comfort.


Tip: Always add the extra likes & comments when buying views. Even though you may receive some natural likes and comments, the “guaranteed minimum” of hundreds of likes and dozens of comments adds more credibility, likability and encourages discussion on videos.

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Pricing and Discounts

For their “Buy Views” service, Socilab offers 5 different plans, from 5,000 to 100,000. Overall, their prices are much cheaper than other providers, but at the cost of quality. They offer several payment methods, including Credit Card, PayPal, and DirectDebit.


YouTube Views Prices
5,000 Views – $8
10,000 Views – $14
20,000 Views – $29
50,000 Views – $67
100,000 Views – $126


What does it include?

Mix-Retention YouTube Views
✔ No Country-Targeting / High-Retention
✔ Optional Likes & Comments


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Customer Support

Customer Support

The good news is that Socilab provides three different ways to contact them: phone, email, and live chat. The bad news is that the live chat has been offline for a while, the phone goes straight to voicemail, and they’ve yet to answer any of our emails.

Indeed, we’ve noticed that this has been the chief complaint from other customers of theirs. It really seems like it’s a website that’s been completely turned over to automation.

Their website has links to their Money Back Guarantee, Terms of Service, and Privacy Policy. However, clicking on these links only brings you back to the top of the homepage.
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Privacy and Refund Policies


One of the biggest turnoffs of Socilab is their lack of policies. Seriously – none.

They claim to have a 100% Money-Back Guarantee, but don’t actually have a refund policy. Similarly, their privacy policy and terms of service are nonexistent. Without these, it’s hard to say what they’ll do with your information or what type of experience you can expect. We did have two videos removed when testing Socilab’s service so we feel their lack of policies is a VERY BIG concern.

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While their website looks credible, their services seem decent, and their prices are low, there’s just something about Socilab that makes us uncomfortable. Perhaps we would have felt better if we could have talked to a live person, or at least received a prompt email response to our questions.

They say that they offer a money-back guarantee, but no terms of service or specific refund policy page – so without a way to contact them, we not sure how you’d go about collecting, other than filing a complaint with PayPal.

In summary, while we acknowledge that this is a legitimate company, we can’t really recommend Socilab’s services. If you want some peace of mind, go with one of our top rated companies.

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 by Tanguy
not good!

I payed for my clicks 1 month ago... nothing happened. send emails. nothing happened. does this service even exist? i feel fooled. very bad service.