Website: www.QQTube.com
Location: United States
Company Age: 4 Years
Services: YouTube
Methods: Unknown
Price: $7 and up

Customer Ratings

2.9 / 5 Stars

Editors’ Ratings

3 / 5 Stars

Cheap rates, but low-quality services and a long, bad history with customers

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QQTube – Our Review in a nutshell

QQTube is an online company selling YouTube services. Their website says that they’re based in Chesterfield MO, U.S.A. They also offer additional services such as subscribers, likes, dislikes, and geo-targeted views.

For their basic “buy views” service, the pricing is straightforward and relatively cheap at $7 per 10,000 views across the board. Things get a little more complicated when you consider the options of “world wide views,” versus “retention views,” etc. In any case, they are still quite inexpensive–and for a good reason; the quality is low and views are high-risk.

Their Customer Service is cumbersome and likely outsourced. In order to get any type of help—even an answer to a simple question—you must open a support ticket and wait. And wait. And wait… (our support ticket was answered 4 days later)

Scattered about their website are various claims about 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed, 24 Hour Customer Support, and so on. But nowhere could we find actual documentation explaining the conditions of these claims.

The remainder of our review goes into more detail, but suffice to say that QQTube has all sorts of red flags that make us want to avoid doing business with them.

NOT recommended. We suggest choosing a better provider – find the top 10 providers here.

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Service Quality

To be honest, we don’t really like this distinction between “normal views” and “retention views.” It seems obvious enough that their “normal” ones are of low quality. So why offer them at all?

When you first land on their site, you’re presented with a large, bright button that says, “Try 1,000 Views, Free!” Well, we took the bait, unfortunately. Clicking on that pretty button takes you to a squeeze page where your only option is to register for an account. So we did, just to see what their 1,000 free views looked like, only to discover that the free service is “disabled.” Then they tell you that you’ll get your free views only if you spread the word about their company on FB and Twitter. We didn’t take the bait the second time.

They also claim to provide geo-targeted views, but we couldn’t figure out where to add this feature to our order.

We did try both their Worldwide (ie. Normal) and Retention Views and we weren’t impressed in the slightest.


For our 1st video, we ordered 10,000 Normal Views (just $7). The order was completed in about 3 days, but caused the video to be removed a week later. The views here were mostly delivered all at once with a super low retention (1-5 seconds per viewer). Not recommended.

Video 2 received 10,000 Retention Views (at $7.50 – just 50 cents more). While the quality and retention was higher, it wasn’t a huge improvement. The views were slower (took about 2 weeks to deliver) and the video in this case was not removed. However, we did notice the views dropping (from 11,593 to 9,904 views). In both cases, we contacted support and they refused to issue a refund and blamed us for the issues. Not a good experience.
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Pricing and Discounts

QQTube prices are low, so there’s no real reason for them to offer volume discounts. Besides the normal views, they offer “retention views,” which are slightly more expensive. (However, the presence of retention views makes us wonder just how bad their normal views are. Pretty bad, apparently.)

For payment, the site encourages you to sign up for an account, deposit funds, and purchase your services with “credits.” The first red flag, but not the last. You can checkout as a guest, but they entice you with 1,000 free views if you register. Sort of. More on that later.

YouTube Views Prices

10,000 Views – $7
50,000 Views – $35
100,000 Views – $70
500,000 Views – $350
750,000 Views – $525
1,000,000 Views – $700

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Customer Support

Customer Support

Once registered, you have access to their live chat. Allegedly. When we tried to open a chat window, we were redirected to a site called socialpresencenetwork.kayako.com, with a message that simply read, “File not found.” Nice.

We then tried to cancel our account, but were told that, “Unfortunately it’s not possible. If you need your account closed please contact support.”

So I opened a support ticket and lodged my complaints. A few minutes later I received an automated response saying that my ticket had been registered. But I never did hear back from a real person.
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Privacy and Returns Policies


If you look at the very bottom of the page, you’ll find links to their Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. These are basically generic statements releasing QQTube from any liability.

They make some claims about a “100% Satisfaction Guarantee,” but don’t offer an actual refund policy to back it up.

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QQTube seems like a pretty big scam to us. We tried their service and while they do deliver, the service quality was crap to put it lightly. One of our videos was removed and they failed to provide a refund (instead, giving us only the option to send views to another video). Their support was pretty slow to respond if they replied at all. Their guarantees and policies are not completely clear either.

Even with their cheap prices, we do not recommend QQTube. There are plenty of better YouTube views companies to choose from.

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Last Reviewed by
Robert Dupont
on January 10th, 2015.

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