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In-Depth Review of GetAFollower’s YouTube Services


Location: USA
Founded 2010
Services: YouTube views, likes, subscribers, comments, shares
Viewer Sources Advertising
Price: $5 and up

Customer Ratings

4.8 / 5 Stars

Editors’ Ratings

5 / 5 Stars

Excellent Social media provider, extensive service selection, good quality and viewer retention 

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GetAFollower – Our Review in a nutshell

GetAFollower was founded in 2010 and has grown to be one of the most popular one-stop spots for all social signal boosting services since it launched.

We have tested GetAFollower’s YouTube Views service anonymously, and they worked excellently for us. We ordered 1,000 views from them and wound up with 1,471 views total! Retention rates for these views were 67%, which is quite good. Not only are their views top-quality, but they also have one of the largest inventories of YouTube services, including likes, dislikes, subscribers, comments, and the rarely seen shares.

Their live chat was one of the best we’ve tested, with responsive agents. They also actively answered our email-based inquiries. We highly recommend GetAFollower for their YouTube views service, and all other services they offer. We highly recommend their services found by clicking the button below.

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YouTube Views

GetAFollower has a really reliable YouTube views service. We received a total of 1,471 views from them, which were delivered in a span of 24 hours. These views had a retention rate of 67%, which is really good. All the views we received were generated through YouTube ads. This is a good indicator that the views we got are from real people and will make our video look popular. The site offers up to a million views that can magnify the effect more.

GetAFollower offers a total of eight different YouTube views packages. These range in size from 1,000 to 1 million views, with options for normal and high-retention views on all of them. You can order multiple packages in a single purchase. The site accepts Paypal, credit card, or Bitcoin for payment.
getafollower youtube views service options

Normal Views Prices

  • 1000 Views: $5
  • 5000 Views: $25
  • 10,000 Views: $47
  • 25,000 Views: $112
  • 50,000 Views: $220
  • 100,000 Views: $430

High-Retention Views Prices

  • 1000 Views: $6
  • 5000 Views: $30
  • 10,000 Views: $55
  • 25,000 Views: $130
  • 50,000 Views: $255
  • 100,000 Views: $499
  • 500,000 Views: $2299
  • 1,000,000 Views: $4499

What Does It Include

  • Choose normal or high-retention views
  • Excellent customer support
  • 100% Money-back guarantee
  • 180-day replacement warranty

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YouTube Subscribers

GetAFollower also offers a comparable YouTube Subscribers service. For our test, we received 243 subscribers from them. These subscribers were completely delivered within 48 hours after we made our purchase. All of the subscribers we gained came directly through our test YouTube channel. The site can give you up to 5,000 subscribers in one go, which is substantial. getafollower youtube views service options


  • 100 subscribers: $8
  • 250 subscribers: $19
  • 500 subscribers: $38
  • 1000 subscribers: $75
  • 2000 subscribers: $145
  • 5000 subscribers: $349

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Other Services

GetAFollower also has services for likes, dislikes, comments, and shares. These are all offered at reasonable prices, and the comments service even allows for custom comments you can type in yourself. Being able to buy likes and dislikes separately is also beneficial as you may want to push one higher than the other, and this gives you the option to focus on it.

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Customer Support

We contacted GetAFollower’s customer support for some preliminary questions and they responded to us both on live chat and via email. Their agents answered our questions sufficiently and were helpful in guiding us through their services. We had a good overall experience with them.

Three (3) Types of Support:

    • Live Chat (Recommended): This is the first option you should use when reaching out to GetAFollower’s customer support staff. Their agents respond quickly and will be able to assist you with questions right away. The downside is that the channel is not constantly staffed and you will have to wait for an agent to come online sometimes.
    • Phone: GetAFollower provides a phone number +1 (518) 659-7427 as an additional customer support channel. This is our least recommended method to reach them due to call costs and the availability of agents.
    • Email Support: GetAFollower’s email support is a great option if you have questions that don’t need real-time responses. A customer support agent typically replies within a few hours, which is still a good response time. You can send your emails to or use their on-site contact form.
    contact getafollower

Each customer service portal was responsive to us, so we’re confident you won’t have an issue getting hold of them should you need to.

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Policy Highlights

Money-Back Guarantee

GetAFollower offers a full refund in case they fail to deliver the services you order. Their customer support staff confirms that refunds are valid for up to 15 days after your purchase. You can also get refunds in case of fraudulent transactions made using your account.

Retention Guarantee

GetAFollower provides a 180-day retention warranty for their YouTube Views service. The refills on this warranty are not automatic, you will need to contact their customer support to request it.

Anonymity & Discreteness

GetAFollower claims to provide only real and organic views and subscribers. According to their customer support staff, this lessens the chance of anyone finding out that they’re bought. The site stressed that their service is entirely anonymous. Here’s what they had to say:
youtube views safe getafollower
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GetAFollower turned out to be a reliable provider of YouTube services. We received high-quality views with impressive retention rates. Additionally, they offer several options for the type of views you want to purchase, making them versatile despite having prices that are slightly higher than other providers.

The company provides some of the best customer support and protections that we’ve seen. Their agents were quick to come to our aid and answered our questions thoroughly. The site’s refund guarantee is a nice fallback for your purchases, despite its limitations. They even give you a retention and replacement guarantee that lasts for 180 days.

With all the things they offer, we highly recommend GetAFollower if you are looking to build a solid YouTube reputation. The quality of their services assures you that clicking the button below to visit their website will help you achieve your YouTube, and general online marketing, goals much quicker!

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