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Location: United States
Company Age: 4 Years
Services: YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram
Methods: Social Media, High-Traffic Network, & Other
Price: $9.99 and up

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Reliable Service, Superb Customer Support and an unbeatable 100% Money-Back Guarantee.


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FastFollowerz – Our Review in a nutshell

FF-IconFastFollowerz (USA-based) was founded in 2011, and is considered a very well known Social Marketing company, with over 20,000 Customers and services for YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
We’re tried FastFollowerz’s YouTube Views service for a few months now and overall, we’ve been very satisfied all across the board. Their services deliver quality YouTube views with multiple options and upgrades including High-Retention, YouTube Likes, Subscribers and Targeted Comments. Pricing is above average but they include a 100% Money-Back Guarantee, so you don’t have to worry about getting ripped off. We found their Customer Support (email-based) to be very good and responsive compared to others providers (avg. response time: 5 hours). FastFollowerz is overall an excellent provider and we do recommend them.
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Service Quality

The quality of FastFollowerz’s YouTube service really depends on the options you choose. Unlike other top providers which provide High-Retention Views by default, FastFollowerz makes it an optional upgrade, which pushes the prices up 50%. We wouldn’t recommend their normal views (the retention rate of which is usually under 10%) so the High-Retention upgrade is a must. With the High-Retention upgrade, the Retention Rate is about 65% to 80%, which is actually very good. Views as delivered at a steady pace so larger order tend to take longer to complete. FastFollowerz does not offer Targeted Views, unfortunately.


Tip: If you use FastFollowerz for YouTube Views, always upgrade to High-Retention and choose to receive Likes and Comments. Videos usually won’t receive a lot of natural likes or comments with their service, so it is important to add them.

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Pricing and Discounts

FastFollowerz makes their services and pricing pretty simple and straightforward. They offer nine (9) different plans, based on the number of views you want: from 1,000 to 1,000,000. Pricing is One-Time, you can order multiple times for the same video and they offer multiple payment methods, including Credit Card, PayPal, and 2CheckOut.


YouTube (High-Retention) Views Prices
1,000 Views – $15
5,000 Views – $25
10,000 Views – $40
50,000 Views – $150
100,000 Views – $269
250,000 Views – $399
500,000 Views – $749
1,000,000 Views – $1299

What does it include?
✔ High-Retention Views (Selected)
✔ Optional Likes & Comments
✔ Superb Customer Support
✔ 100% Money-Back Guarantee


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Customer Support

Customer SupportWe contacted FastFollowerz Customer Support a few times and they were usually pretty quick to respond and addressed all of our questions and issues. They’re not too transparent to their methods though.

Two (2) Types of Support:

Email Support (Recommended) – We found that email was the best way to contact with FastFollowerz sales and technical team for support, because it is much more organized, you can keep everything on record and their response time is usually within a couple of hours. They can also address more complicated issues or questions in detail through email.


Phone Support – Phone Support is offered (FastFollowerz Phone Number: 1-877-689-3386) but you may get the answering machine more than often.

FastFollowerz doesn’t offer Live Chat and they are based on USA Eastern Time (which is important to keep in mind if you’re outside of the U.S.)

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Privacy and Refund Policies

Money-Back Guarantee – The Top of the Industry!
FastFollowerz offers a 100%, 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee on all of their services. We requested a refund twice in the past and they’ve always stood to their promise. We receive a full refund for the purchase price.
Anonymity & Discreteness – An Promising Privacy Policy
FastFollowerz claims to never share your information with third-parties without your consent and promises to delete all of your data after 30 days of inactivity.

“Fast Followerz is fully committed to providing a safe, secure, and private buying experience. We NEVER share any of your information with anyone, including third parties. Fast Followerz leads the industry in providing revolutionary safeguards in order to protect clients and their information. Furthermore, after 30 days of inactivity, Fast Followerz permanently deletes all client-related order information.”

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FastFollowerz comes at our #3 best service provider for YouTube Views. We absolutely love their incredible customer support, quality service and the very positive user feedback we receive. Their service quality is excellent when ordered correctly. Unfortunately, they don’t offer High-Retention Views by default and pricing is a little on the higher end. Nonetheless, their Money-Back Guarantee, Privacy Policy, and Customer Following proves they are an excellent company to do business with.
We would recommend FastFollowerz for most people looking to get more views on YouTube.

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Average rating:  
 21 reviews
 by Moha

Yes I bought followers, but at some point I realized they were fake. Then a Twitter clean up happened and I lost more than 50%.

Nothing to add!

 by Julius

This is a service i have used a couple of times before and just like before this time they delivered quality. Their customer support is friendly and very informative.

 by Albert
Excellent service

We got our views delivered to us within 30 hours after making our order. The quality of views was remarkable. Their retention averaged about 80%. Customer support was great as well. They responded quickly and answered questions satisfactorily.

 by Teresa
Good stuff

The views that i got were of high quality. The retention rate averaged 90%. The speed of delivery was fast with the entire batch arriving within two days. This is a service i highly recommend to anyone serious about growth on youtube.

 by Catherine

I am totally impressed by the kind of work that was delivered to me. The views were of high quality and the retention rate even better. Their customer support is professional and very prompt.

 by Joseph
Great service

I got my views delivered on the same day. I was happy because of the quality of views that i got. They had a very high retention that averaged 90%. They have a great customer support and i can vouch for this service. On top of that they have a 100% money back guarantee so you dont have to worry about losing your money.

 by Paul
Great service

We got our views delivered within the same day and in very good quality. We were happy to learn about their 100% money back guarantee which was honestly a confidence booster as we did not want to risk our money and end up getting nothing in the end. This is a great service.

 by Eric
Good job

The views came in on time. We were happy about this especially because we had indicated to them that we wanted to beat a deadline. The customer support guys impressed us too . They were professional in the manner they handled us.

 by Jenni

Their speed of delivery was totally impressive. We were also impressed by the high retention rate which averaged 78%. Their customer support team was exemplary, promptly responding to our questions.

 by Greg
Fully endorse

With a desire to grow my Twitter account, I have never trusted a followers service for fear of getting suspended by Twitter. I made the decision to try fastfollowers after checking the rating from here and now I have every reason to endorse their services.


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