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Ranked: No Longer Operating
Location: United States
Company Age: 3 Years
Services: YouTube, Twitter, & SoundCloud
Methods: High-Traffic Network & Social Media
Price: $10 and up

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Customer Ratings

4.8 / 5 Stars

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Editors’ Ratings

5 / 5 Stars



Devumi is no longer accepting new orders.


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Devumi – Our Review in a nutshell

Devumi ReviewDevumi (USA-based) was founded in 2010, and is one of the most popular Social Media Marketing companies, with over 50,000 Customers and services from YouTube to Twitter.

We’ve used and tested Devumi’s YouTube Views service for over a year and overall, we’ve been extremely satisfied all across the board. Their services delivers YouTube views with a high-retention rate of about 90% on average (this means, viewers actually watch your video). They also offer additional options for Country-Targeted views, as well as Video Likes and Comments. We found their Customer Support (email-based) to be very good and responsive compared to others providers (avg. response time: 2 – 4 hours).

Unfortunately, Devumi is out of business and no longer taking orders. Click the button below for other providers. Visit our HomePage for Other Providers


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Service Quality

Devumi offers the best quality YouTube views we’ve tested. They deliver 5,000 – 10,000 YouTube Views within a few days, with a high 80% viewer retention rate, and from familiar traffic sources (Suggested Videos, Embedded Player, & External Websites). The views we’ve received have always been organic and many times will lead to more views, as well as some likes and comments without adding any of their options. Larger orders such as 100,000 Views to 1,000,000 Views usually take a week or so, and produce similar results on a larger scale!


Tip: Always add the extra Likes and Comments. Even though you may receive some natural likes and comments, the “Guaranteed Minimum” of hundreds of likes and dozens of comments adds more credibility, likability and encourages discussion on videos.

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Pricing and Discounts

We love how simple Devumi makes their services and pricing. They offer 7 different plans, based on the number of views you want: from 5,000 to 1,000,000 (though, you can order more if you contact them. Pricing is One-Time, you can order multiple times for the same video and they offer multiple payment methods, including Credit Card, PayPal, and BitCoin.


YouTube Views Prices
5,000 Views – $25
10,000 Views – $49
50,000 Views – $199
100,000 Views – $397
250,000 Views – $999
500,000 Views – $1,799
1,000,000 Views – $3,497

What does it include?
High-Retention YouTube Views
✔ Optional Country-Targeting
✔ Optional Likes & Comments
✔ Superb Customer Support
✔ 100% Money-Back Guarantee

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Customer Support

Customer SupportWe rarely had to contact Devumi’s Support, but w
henever we did, we always received quick and thorough responses to our questions or issues. They are very transparent to their methods and the only issue we ever had (if you want to call it an issue) was receiving a few thousand more views than we ordered. Overall, a very satisfying experience.

Two (2) Types of Support:

Email Support (Recommended) – We found email to best method to contact either their sales or technical team for support, because it’s much more organized, you can keep everything on record and their response time is usually within a few hours. They can also address more complicated issues or questions in detail through email.


Live Chat – This is great if you have a quick question about their service. However, their Live Chat is only available 12 hours a day.

Unfortunately, Devumi does not offer Phone Support at the moment. Though, we don’t see it as much of an issue, as most other companies that do offer it, never answer.

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Privacy/Refund Policies

Money-Back Guarantee – Best in the Industry!
Devumi offers a 100%, 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee on all of their services. While we have not needed to request a refund, we have received positive feedback from users who have, with no issues (usually receiving a refund within 3 – 5 days).

Anonymity & Discreteness – Top Of Its Class!
Devumi claims to provide a completely anonymous and discrete service, and it stands by that. We’ve ordered for multiple videos and clients, and we’ve never had any issue. Views are organic, and comments are always relevant and engaging. Beyond that, a Spokesperson from Devumi clarified their “Anonymity” policy:

“Our service and results is 100% organic – all we’re doing to helping videos reach their audience more effectively through proven marketing techniques. Nonetheless, we make our customers privacy a top priority and never disclose any personal information. Everything is under lock and key, and customers are free to request removal of all their information from our servers.”

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Devumi tops our list for a number of reasons, including amazing service and very positive user feedback. Their service is quick and provides high-retention views (Worldwide or Country-targeted), as well as guaranteed Likes and Comments. Their customer support is quick to response and very friendly. They also provide one of the only 100% Money-Back and Satisfaction Guarantees in the industry.

Unfortunately, Devumi is no longer selling YouTube views, or any other services, and we recommend you click the button below to see other options for YouTube views.

Click Here to Visit our Views Page


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Average rating:  
 37 reviews
 by Dan

I have benefited from the devumi Twitter follower selling service while trying to grow my influencer status. The followers I got were of good quality and stable. I recommend devumi.

 by Sheila
Fantastic retention

When i got in touch with the customer support the first thing i asked about is the their average retention. I was impressed by what i was told and i am now even more impressed after they delivered more than their average retention rate. Try them out and you will not be disappointed.

 by Kevin
Big things!

Devumi has been my run-to source for YouTube and Twitter services for a while now. I lost count of the number of times I have bought stuff from them. Unbeatable!

 by George

They delivered my views fast just as they had promised. The quality of views was my main concern and am glad they delivered very high quality views. The average retention rate was 96%. Their customer support team was also outstanding.

 by Smith
Reliable service

I have used this service for 2 years now and I have not had any disappointment during the course of that period of time. They deliver exactly what they promise.

 by Nick

Like diva is a legit business that fulfills on their promise. Unlike other companies you can expect to get exactly what is advertised.

 by Janet
High retention

We made our order and got all our views on the same day. The speed was clearly great. However, the thing that impressed is the most was the retention rate which averaged 90%. The customer support team was also impressive. They responded pretty quickly each time we contacted them.

 by Jacob
Good job

I got my views on the same day i ordered for them. What stood out for me about this service was the high retention rate that i got.They provide high quality work. Their customer support is top notch.

 by Trevor

Having read lots of stuff about Devumi, I went ahead and wanted to have my YouTube views boosted. This is exactly what they did and in less than a week, I had over 10k views on my subject YouTube video. Couldn't ask for more.

 by Grace
Good job

I ordered my views at around 8pm and by the time i was going to sleep at 2am i had half my views in. I woke up having all the views i had ordered. The retention rate stood out for me. It averaged 90%. I dont think there are many services offering such quality.

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