Ranked #2 Best YouTube Provider
Location: United States
Company Age: 1 Year
Services: YouTube Views, Likes, Comments, Subscribers, Social Promotion
Methods: Website Traffic, Influencer Marketing
Price: $24 and up

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Customer Ratings

4.8 / 5 Stars

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Editors’ Ratings

5 / 5 Stars



Way beyond most competitors. Amazing services and good support.


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BuyViews – Our Review in a nutshell


BuyViews is a U.S. based company that focuses only on full-service YouTube marketing. Besides providing YouTube views & likes (called “Kickstart” on their site), they also offer various high-end services for serious YouTube marketing, such as social promotion and video SEO.

Diving into their Kickstart service – BuyViews does an amazing job at delivering high-quality views at a slow, organic pace. The absolute retention we was about 82%, at a pace of about 500 views daily. Their prices are about average (considering they includes guaranteed Likes). While they don’t mention a turnaround time, our 5,000 View order was completed in about 11 days. Their Social Promotion service worked pretty well for us too. We tried their 100k Social Reach ($100) and had about 7 different influencers on Twitter tweeting our videos to over 130,000+ active followers. This grabbed us about 450+ retweets and attributed to extra (and impressive) 14,000+ extra views. We have not tried their Video SEO service yet, but it looks promising.

Aside from their quality service, BuyViews’ support team was extremely helpful and speedy when we contacted them. They also offer a 100% money-back guarantee for customers, which we like a lot.

Overall, this is one of the best companies that we’ve ever tested (comparable to Devumi). Not only for their views (aka Kickstart) service, but also for the exceptional social promotion service. If you’re considering promoting your videos (with more than just buying views), BuyViews is highly recommended.
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Service Quality

We purchased their 5k Kickstart Plan (5,000+ Views and 100+ Likes), with their 100k Social Promotion Plan, costing us $130 (a little pricey to start, but what the hell). The checkout process was smooth, and they currently accept PayPal and BitCoin. After ordering, we received a confirmation email and a complementary Video SEO guide. After that, we sat back and waiting. The views started kicking in on the 2nd day, and increased steadily for about 10-11 days, reaching about 6,000 views (120% of our 5k order) and about 160 likes. The Absolute Retention rate throughout the period was 82% on a 4 minute video (about average compared to FastFollowerz & Devumi).

The 100k Social Promotion campaign (which we requested start after the Kickstart was completed) was probably our favorite part. BuyViews was able to get 7 influencers on Twitter (each with about 5,000 to 30,000 followers) tweet about our videos and recommend their followers watch. This brought in a whooping 14,000 views over the course of a week, and over 450 retweets. While it did end up costing more than just buying the views straight up, it gave our video great exposure on social media.

Note: BuyViews has informed us that they do not guarantee views with their Social Promotion service. Results with this service can vary widely, depending on your actual video (good videos get better results).

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Pricing and Discounts

BuyViews offers five different packages (“Kickstarts”) for buying views. Their prices are slightly above average compared to the other providers on our top ten list, offering package sizes to fit most everyone’s needs. They stick to straight-up pricing, and they don’t mess around with any gimmicks. Instead, they add real value by including a certain number of “likes” with each package. (You can also add more, if you want.)

YouTube Views Prices

5,000 Views – $30
10,000 Views – $60
20,000 Views – $100
50,000 Views – $250
100,000 Views – $500

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Customer Support

BuyViews provides a “Contact Us” form on their site where you can write to them with any questions or concerns. The presence of such a form doesn’t always guarantee that a real person on the other end will answer. Happily, this is not the case with BuyViews. We submitted two questions to their customer support: a pre-order question, and then a follow up question a week after our purchase. Both times we received in answer in less than 2 hours. They even gave us some suggestions about how to make the most of our purchase with links to some helpful online guides.

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Privacy and Refund Policies

In our opinion, it’s always important to see that a company is concerned enough about the customer experience to clearly state their business policies on their website. With BuyViews, they leave no doubt in our minds that they are serious about the concerns of their customers and conducting business in a proper way. They’ve covered every base with their Terms of Service, Refund Policy, and Privacy Policy. No worries here.

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With BuyViews, the quality of service and the level of customer support are at the top of their class. In addition to that, we really love that this company is focused on a full-service approach to YouTube marketing, yet still allowing the customer to select stand-alone services if that’s all they need.

We highly recommended trying BuyViews to promote your YouTube videos.

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Buy Views Review
Average rating:  
 21 reviews
 by Eric
Well done

What stood out for me was the very high retention rate which average 80%. Our views started arriving within hours of making the order and within 24 hours we had the full package.

 by George

I became interested in using this service after learning about their money back guarantee which assured me that my money wouldn't be lost. The customer support team helped me by answering my questions promptly.

 by Claire

I love how these guys increased views on my video within a week. Their customer service is also excellent and they respond promptly whenever contacted. I would highly recommend then to anybody.

 by Elizabeth
Great job

My views were delivered within 3 days of me making my order. The whole process of getting the views was smooth and without any hitches. The customer support team was great,quick to respond to my queries and answering them satisfactorily.

 by Mathew
Good job

Their customer support agents informed me about their customer protection policies and i felt confident about paying for the service. I got all the views in full on the same day. You basically get what you're promised.

 by Janet
Fast and efficient

They delivered exactly what they promised they would and within the agreed time. In short they kept their word. I like companies that do this. They have a great customer support team. My queries were handled quickly. Overall i can recommend their services.

 by Janice
Excellent service

I just happened to stumble upon Buyviews and I'm glad that I did. Having done a brief research on them, I decided to give them a shot. It was amazing how they grew my views, subscribers, and likes in just 24 hours. I would obviously use them again.

 by Daniel
Excellent work

The views we ordered were delivered on the very same day that we paid. The quality of the views was exactly what we had hoped for. Customer support was impressive. They were prompt and supplied us with good answers making the entire process smooth.

 by Ross
I wish I tried you earlier

I was impressed by how well your YouTube views lifted my channel and put me up for more organic views. I should have heard of this service early enough and maybe I'd be way better than where I am,

 by Stanley
Good pricing

My views were delivered promptly. The customer support team was very helpful and guided me throughout the entire process. This is a service i will use again soon.

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