Buy Auto YouTube Views Reviews

The current best providers of Auto YouTube Views are listed below. We analyzed many factors, including view retention quality, how quickly the service was turned around, and consistency of delivery, along with customer support options and response times, cancellation and refund times, as well as privacy policies.

At this time, there is only one reliable provider of auto YouTube views; Buy Real Marketing. While they are not our favorite overall provider of YouTube views, their providing of auto views is noteworthy.


Wide selection, but very low quality
4.5 Star Rating
✖ Low Retention Views
✖ Limited Money-Back Guarantee
✔ Decent Services Overall
✔ Decent Customer Support
✔ Results Came In Quickly
From $37
Accepts: PayPal Only
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Choosing the best company for Auto YouTube Views

Buying auto YouTube views is not easy as it is a rare service. Having your videos automatically receive views as soon as they are published is a challenging service to implement, with many providers struggling to actually get views on videos automatically. You, however, don’t want to experiment. You just want a provider which works.

After testing a number of different options, we found the five above to meet, or exceed, our expectations. Each of the providers listed above will be able to deliver auto YouTube views, and do so in a timely manner.


Why you would want to buy auto YouTube views

Whether you’re new to YouTube, or a seasoned Veteran – there’s no denying the power of popularity. These services work best for established channels who upload videos regularly, like daily vloggers, that don’t have the time to buy packages individually for each video. Having many views automatically, as soon as your video’s uploaded, will help your videos get more views from real people. These views will also appeal to the YouTube algorithm, putting you on the YouTube Explore page for trending videos.

Commonly asked questions

If you’re looking to buy auto YouTube views, it is common to have a number of questions. We are going to attempt to answer all of the most common questions so that you can buy with confidence.

How does buying auto YouTube views work?

Each company operates slightly differently, but there are really only two ways to achieve this:

1. Bot accounts which automatically watch your videos.
2. Large networks of people which are connected to one another and get a percentage for watching your videos.

Bot views are cheaper, which makes them more popular. It involves a company creating and managing YouTube accounts which view your videos automatically when they are published. The point of them is to improve your social credibility as they are not real viewers who are enjoying your content.

Networks of real users who watch your videos automatically are better quality, but they are not likely to do much more than watch your video and then move on. Don’t expect them to interact with your channel any further.

Is it safe?

Yes, using an auto YouTube views service is 100% safe. There is no way for YouTube to know whether or not you are purchasing them. You also have no control over who watches your videos.

Why should I buy auto YouTube views?

Using one of the services increases your channel’s rate of natural growth. The point is for people who see your videos, especially right after they’re uploaded, to be impressed by how successful they are right away.

Viewers will be more prone to watch your video, come back to your channel again and again, and ultimately become subscribers when you have many views consistently. You must still create quality content, these services simply give you a better chance.

Are there scams?

You can get scammed at the grocery store by someone putting their finger on the weight scale. It’s just as easy to get scammed online as it is in the real world, and that is why you need to read reviews. There are not many providers of this service, and there are even fewer which do it at a high rate of quality, furthering the need for research.

There are scams where people will simply take your money and not provide the service, and there are scams where people will provide a very low quality service which isn’t as automatic as it should be. Our auto YouTube views reviews above are here to filter out the bad ones from the good ones so that you can buy with confidence.

Will bought auto YouTube views subscribe to me?

It is very unlikely that they will, and if they do it is only part of their programming so that they know when to ‘watch.’ If you are purchasing from a provider that has a network of real users, you will likely get some subscribers from that but it won’t be anything significant. If you need to bump up your subscribers, read our YouTube subscriber service reviews.

Can I lose views after I buy them?

There is always a chance that YouTube could later remove a few of them, but the quality providers reviewed here have very high retention rates. Most providers also have some sort of retention policy where they will review your activity and possibly replace the views that you have lost. Keep in mind that this can be difficult to ascertain as these purchased views are mixed in with real users, of course, because your videos are great! They just need a little boost…