Website: www.500Views.com
Location: United States
Company Age: 3 Years
Services: YouTube
Methods: Bots
Price: $5 and up

Customer Ratings

3 / 5 Stars

Editors’ Ratings

3 / 5 Stars



Decent service and pricing, but lack of responsive support is concerning


Quick Summary

500Views – Our Review in a nutshell

500 Views is an online provider of various social media services, including “Buy Views” and other YouTube services. They are a U.S. based company with a phone number listed in California.

Their “hook” is that they can deliver just 500 views for $5, which is an inexpensive way to try out their service. In fact, their prices are cheap overall, and they deliver a decent quality on a timely basis. The retention rate of views is about 50% on average, with viewers from all over the world (about 20% of viewers were from the US).

Customer service via email is fairly quick. There is also a chat window, which seems to always be “offline.” Additionally, they provide a phone number and Skype account, although we did not test those.

We couldn’t find a Terms and Conditions page, or a Privacy Policy, but they do have a fairly detailed description of their Refund Policy.

All in all, we feel OK with this company, even if there are several others on our list that we like a lot better. Recommended.
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Service Quality

Service Quality

We ordered 1,000 views from them, and within 24 hours they had delivered them all, plus an additional 50%. In many ways, quick service doesn’t necessarily mean good service. We’d much rather have the views trickle in a little slower, giving the growth a more natural appearance.

A week or so later, we checked back and most of the views were still there. We lost exactly 100 out of the original 1,500 that were delivered. On the surface, this looks pretty good—after all, we got 40% more than we ordered in the end. However, it’s obvious that YouTube detected something suspicious and deleted 100 of the views from our counter.

Perhaps if we had ordered some likes and comments to go along with the views, this might not have happened. It’s hard to know. But suffice to say that if quality is your top priority (and why wouldn’t it be?), then you should look at other companies on out list.

Tip: Always add the extra likes & comments when buying views. Even though you may receive some natural likes and comments, the “guaranteed minimum” of hundreds of likes and dozens of comments adds more credibility, likability and encourages discussion on videos.

Pricing and Discounts

Pricing and Discounts

500 Views offers ten different packages, all of which are on the cheap side of average. As their name implies, they can deliver as few as 500 views for just $5.

YouTube Views Prices

500 Views – $5
1,000 Views – $9
2,500 Views – $10
5,000 Views – $14
10,000 Views – $30
25,000 Views – $75
50,000 Views – $150
100,000 Views – $250
250,000 Views – $750
500,000 Views – $1,500

While we may recommend them for some of their smaller plans (mainly due to their lower price), we don’t necessarily recommend them for larger plans over 50,000 Views. Their views are not the best in quality and larger plan increase the risk of your video getting removed. Check our Top 5 List for safer providers.

Customer Support

Customer Support

Customer Support

500 Views provides several ways to get in touch with their Customer Support including a “Contact Us” form, a phone number (NOT toll-free, however), and a chat window.

We sent them a couple of emails to ask some follow up questions, and they were quick and mostly helpful with their responses. They tried very hard to get our business, and even offered to send us some free views as a way of testing their service. The email signature also contains a Skype handle, which for some reason is not posted on their website.

Policy Highlights

Privacy and Refund Policies


We feel that all companies in this business should clearly state their policies to their customers, as well as providing easy access to customer support. 500 Views doesn’t quite meet our standards regarding a Privacy Policy or Terms of Service.

They do provide a Refund Policy. However, it’s full of disclaimers and exceptions, to the point where it almost sounds useless. Basically, they will only consider a refund (or partial refund) in the event that they are unable to deliver your order. It makes no mention regarding retention or the quality of those services.

The Conclusion


There are some things to like about 500 views. Namely, they have good prices and seem anxious to get your business. Their customer support works, and there is some vague notion of a money-back guarantee. However, the low retention of the views and lack of policies makes us less enthusiastic.

In the end, we recommend 500 Views if you’re looking for a cheap option that delivers halfway decent quality. There are certainly better providers on our list that, for just a few dollars more, offer much higher quality and safety.

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Average rating:  
 12 reviews
by Rudy Griffin on Buy Views Review
Everything was delivered as expected

I purchased YouTube views and subscribers to help stimulate more organic growth, and everything was delivered as expected.

by Sallie perry (Manhattan NY) on Buy Views Review

I ordered 1,000 YouTube views to test out their service and it was completed in about 6 days - the views went up gradually. So far so good. I haven't had any issues and my daily organic views have actually increased from the last time I ordered.

by Erin Ochoa on Buy Views Review
Would order again

Quick and reliable delivery and over delivery. Would order again.

by Everette Morgan on Buy Views Review
Good provider

I don't care how they do it, but they do it right. This is where you go for your boosts. Perfectly safe, customer service helpful, and you can even track your order progress. Wouldn't go anywhere else.

by Trina Adams on Buy Views Review
Best 100 views

Definitely worth to order here. they are best views.

by Colleen Emanuel on Buy Views Review

They are really helpful when it comes views.

by Francis on Buy Views Review
Horrible customer service

I used to be a happy return customer of their service, spending literally hundreds of dollars on them over the course of a few months, even though they occasionally forgot to start the views and had to be reminded via chat. During my most recent order, this happened again, and instead of being helpful, support literally told me "don't order from us if you're not happy". When I asked them to hear me out, they simply logged off.

What a sham. I'll take my business elsewhere from now on.

By the way, they seem to have problems with monetisation enabled, so if you make any money on YouTube at all, don't even think about hiring them, they will be competely useless.

by Sharon on Buy Views Review
Great service! Fast Views!

Leaving some positive feedback for 500views after helping me boost the views within a hour of of ordering. The views actually helped me get real organic views. 5/5

by Mike on Buy Views Review
Not Bad!

I ordered 1000 Views from 500views.com and they delivered it on time. They also included 100 likes for free to make the views seem a bit more legit. I haven't ordered any comments yet so I am not really sure if they work. But there views and likes were delivered within an hour. 4/5

by Alien on Buy Views Review
Eh...not too happy

You get exactly what you pay for - which is the amount of followers/likes that you bought. The only problem is that the accounts used are very obviously fake looking. For example, 50% of the accounts that followed me ended in 19XX (XX being replaced with random numbers).

If they used a bit more real sounding account names without the 19XX, then it would be a bit better.

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